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  1. This is correct, but it was during practice. After a string, prior to holstering. You have an idea?
  2. I think you are correct. This is the only 1911 I have ever seen where they fit the sear to the thumb safety. There are very close together and I think the edges may be catching and lifting the sear. I'm thinking a very small radius at the edge of each part may solve the problem. The trigger is around 2.5 lbs, so not particularly light.
  3. Having looked it over very well, and just speculating at the moment.... What if the thumb safety (part A above), were to contact the sear (part B ) during activation. Could A catch on the corner of B and lift it enough to fire the gun? Having loosely assembled mine and tested various ways of making the sear fall while activating the safety, this is the only thing that I can see that would make sense.
  4. I have recently had two brand new 1911's fire when I engaged the thumb safety. Not disengaged, but engaged. I finished a string, applied upward pressure to the thumb safety, and the gun discharged. During both episodes, my finger was alongside the slide, not even the frame, so I know I did not touch the trigger when engaging the safety. Since I know someone will claim I did, I have been shooting competitively for a decade, and have never had this happen until these two guns (same manufacturer). I shoot one to three matches a week, and have never been DQ'd for an AD, and I don't recall ever even receiving a warning for finger, so..... What could be causing this issue? I don't want to travel to a major match and have my gun discharge when I am engaging the safety, that would be costly, not to mention VERY unsafe. I sent the first one back to the builder, and he blamed me. Surprise, surprise. So now I am hoping to get some unbiased information on possible causes before I remove all the fire control components and replace them. I know I can fix it this way, but I really want to understand what is happening before I just throw in the towel and replace parts. Thanks for any guidance you can provide.
  5. It's a bit more expensive, but Guncrafter Industries makes an amazing .40.
  6. Tripp 9MM mags are known for not dropping free, especially when partially loaded. Get Dawson's and you will not have this issue again. I love my Tripps in .45, not so much in 9mm...
  7. Hmmm, hard to believe since it is very difficult to unload a loaded Dawson mag, at lest for the first two or three rounds. I've put at least 30k rounds through my PM-9 with the Dawson's and they have not once hung up.
  8. Tripp 9mm mags generally work well, with two notable exceptions: 1) Since they tend to push the round up and out, a mostly full mag can fail to drop free as the top round is pushed out and contacts frame as the mag drops, 2) I have on several occasions during a reload hit the mag on the magwell in such a way as to cause the top round to come out, or mostly out of the mag. Upon attempting to seat the mag, all heck breaks loose inside as there is usually a loose round that won't chamber. The mag has to be dropped and a new mag inserted. These little problems tend to kill match scores... Neither of these issues occur with the Dawson's. In fact, they have been nearly flawless in almost three full years of use! Now if we are talking .45 mags, Tripps rock.
  9. Yep, had the same issue. Solved it by getting Dawson Mags, no more issues of any kind.
  10. " 9mm 1911s are finicky; I would know, as I shoot mine regularly" And the earth is flat, the moon is made of cheese, an Aliens are visiting us. I would say it's the gun, not the round - but I don't shoot mine enough to be sure (sarc off).
  11. The spec sheet for the RO Operator says it's 41oz.
  12. Dave - Get the Dawson's for competition. You'll be glad you did.
  13. Or ever! The SACS will build one in around 12 months and for around $3,500.
  14. I would recommend you stay away from Baer - the quality is not there. They remind me of a higher end Kimber - good reputation among those who rarely shoot but want to pretend they do. It you want something that is in the same league as Wilson/Nighhawk/etc. at a lower cost, check out Guncrafter Industries. Very nice guns at a reasonable price - and they have lifetime warranties. The best deals I have found are at 1911 heaven: http://cj1911heaven.com/
  15. You people are funny; quit dreaming and go have a custom .40 built. SA will NOT make one outside of the custom shop - ever!
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