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  1. Anyone run into loose bearings on their S1050? I just sent my Mark 7 off to be upgraded, so figured now would be as good a time as any to do a deep dive into maintenance. The machine has what I would guess between 100-150k cycles on it. After lubing up the main bearings (#11008) and tightening up the bolt (#13685), I noticed a couple possible issues. The bolt doesn’t pull the carrier cap (#11010) tight. The crankshaft (#11061) has some slop in it, not only in and out, but back and forth also. Then Before putting the swage assembly back on, I noted that the bearing itself is rotating in the frame on the right side due to the slop. This doesn’t seem ideal to me and am wondering if anyone has any insights on of this is an issue, or just roll with it? I am planning on calling Dillon tomorrow, but figured I would start with heavy competition users first to get your thoughts. Thanks!
  2. I usually wear my peltor tac sports with one foam plug in my strongside ear for three gun. When the muffs get jostled it’s usually only the strong side that loses the seal with my head so the foamy protects that ear canal. Weak side I leave open so I can still hear range commands (this could be the hearing aid side for you). I also wear the tac sports backwards while actually shooting so the microphones are facing the RO/timer rather than downrange.
  3. I just recently tried out the HP SS SCS, noticed a little flatter shooting but nothing game changing. My loads are around 135pf though, so maybe the difference would be more pronounced if I loaded them a little lighter.
  4. I don't understand shoot throughs. If you cannot devote the time for a match, then that match is not one that you should sign up for. I have only seen one shoot through at a major match. Guy shows up at the end of the day (super hot and humid), hops out of his air conditioned ride, watches a couple runs, shoots, then scoots on to impose on another squad at another stage. The rest of us had been resetting for each other all day long so we were all competing on an evenly worn out field. Maybe the rule should be "Shoot though competitors must pay each member of the squad they are shooting through $10 or 10 pushups, not to exceed 200 pushups, done consecutively with a standby command given 10 seconds following completion."
  5. Please remember your colorblind friends and ditch the orange long range target paint. White would work much better, and backers would be most welcome!
  6. I had a scenario come up recently at a match that runs under the 3 Gun Nation rule set. Shooting a course of fire with some shotgun clays mixed in. One of the shots hits the stand for the clay and it drops off onto the ground. After the course of fire is complete, the RO goes up and picks the clay up off of the ground, inspects the clay, and declares that it was not hit (it did not have any holes in it) and assessed the penalty for it. I am ok with the ruling for this match as it was apparently consistently ruled that way throughout the match. I would however like to know everyone's thoughts on the ruling as I am of the mind that any target that is knocked off of its stand has been neutralized, and that shooting the target on the ground (as was suggested by the RO and MD) is not a good shooting practice. Thanks!
  7. Will there be opportunities to donate directly to the match if you won a free entry into it last year? With Gen III Gun's intent to raise funds for the next generations shooters it would be nice to have another avenue to give support for junior shooters and bump up the amount you have available for scholarships. I know the highlight for me last year at the match was watching the winners of the raffle guns giving them to junior competitors, I didn't think the standing ovation would end!
  8. I have watched several of the videos from 3GN Pro event, and it looked like a TON of fun, and SUPER soupy/muddy. Are the Proam stages going to be in the same mud holes as the 3GN Stages? In the same thread, I know for last year some of the stages were accessible by unimproved trails, is that the same case this year? How bad are those trails right now after all of this weekends traffic? Thanks!
  9. The site in range is Doe Valley and is not 200 yds. When will you be arriving? We will be getting to the range on the 21st around noon.
  10. Will there be a site in range at the match? Any chance it will be 200 yards? Thanks!
  11. Received the new Edge the other day, and what a fantastic pistol! I took it out to the range and put 350 rounds through it without a hiccup the other day, and today I shot it in it's first local USPSA match. I did have one failure to go into battery at the match, but I am pretty sure that was because I was riding the slide with my thumb as I am not used to having my thumb on top of a safety. It is going to take a little while to get used to this gun. A couple things I have noticed so far: The grams followers lock the slide back with one round left in the magazine every time. I will have to get courageous and do some grinding! This thing is SHARP! Lots of edges that will rub you the wrong way on the slide if you are not careful, and the grip is definitely grippy! Going from my XDm to the Edge makes my 9mm minor loads feel like I am shooting a 22 pistol. It definitely absorbs the recoil and muzzle flip.
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