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  1. That’s okay mine from 1993 has the older bowl without a plate. Looks like I’m back in style again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I've got one of their original ones it has developed a black spot on the display. You can still see the weight and it's still accurate. it it just annoying to look at. I thought the first ones out had the lifetime warranty but I've never called and the employees today probably were not there when the backed the original tumblers and scales.
  3. Paint them blue and they look like a million bucks. Well maybe $39.50 each.
  4. We have a ultra sonic cleaner at work. I through some filthy used dies in it and they came out like new. If you have access to one they are great.
  5. Grafs has a lot of Dillon stuff in stock, when you order it says they are so busy your order will ship in three weeks. I just got a tracking number my order will come this friday about three weeks since I ordered. I figured it was easier knowing it would come than wait maybe longer. Seems crazy they couldn't ship faster but it was worth the wait.
  6. I just ordered one, it said in stock thanks for the heads up. I've been trying to get one for years.
  7. left pic shows primer arm being activated, right pic shows it not, with it "opened" (right pic) the primers do not advance. When you want to prime again you swing the angled part back into the "closed" position. Wow nice work any chance you'd make some up to sell? I'd take 2 of those! Dave, we met at Harvard I would like to buy one when your ready to ship. Jay P.
  8. Have you lubed it lately? Under FAQ there are sections on proper lube points. I had a 550B do this and all it needed was lube aand grease.
  9. I empty mine if you leave powder in them they will discolor, just my preference. Also if you use multiple powders it is easier to have a mishap if you don't put it back in the original container. I only put one powder on my bench at a time and a post it note on the powder funnel, if I leave powder in it to return later.
  10. Pat, what is the advantage of the old one?
  11. I bought a used XL 650 with four older powder measures. Can they be upgraded to the fail safe style? Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Hello, Happy Fourth of July from Massachusetts. Been lurking here for a while thought it was time to get on board. I have found the forums to be a great resource for information. This has become one of my favorite gun forums for reference. Jay P.
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