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    I had to close my brass processing service due to health. I really miss it and all the great customers. Some time in the future I will have the time to return to hunting and fishing.
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  1. I have messed up every time I have done it......
  2. John Chernick, Manager PO Box 1079 Intervale, NH 03845 Phone: 603-356-6580 Fax: 603-356-5292 Email: bme@bme-mounts.com
  3. Mine broke ( 3 times ) on 9mm, NO auto drive and everything adjusted right
  4. I had the same problem. My 550b is about 5 years old and the primer slide was sticking on both small and large primer bars. I tried all the tricks. None worked very well for very long. After around 4 - 5 hundred primers the bar would start to stick open or part way. I decided I was going to make it better or destroy it and start over. I took out the primer bar and went to work with a file. The inside of the primer drop where the bar runs was not even close to square.. I squared everything up and give it about 3 -4 thousands clearance (wiggle room) in the track. No more problems. I have around 15 K through it and just changed over to large primers did the normal cleaning; it was dirty but works like a charm now.
  5. I have personaly broke 3 of them. Replacing them with some made out of better material. Those are still running after well over 2 million rounds
  6. Open from the bottom. small screwdriver or like push it out from the bottom.
  7. The only thing more I could think of is what rjacobs said. The pin in the tool bar that sets the primer depth has screwed it's self down too far. I hate gremlins
  8. Resharpen your RT1200 blades. I have been doing in for a couple years and works great. Have about 250K on two blades. Here is an example ( http://www.dremel.com/en-us/Accessories/Pages/ProductDetail.aspx?pid=545 )
  9. I got a screen door spring from a local hardware store. Screwed an eye bolt in the ceiling of my shop and made a wire loop to fit on the back of the toolhead. Set the tension as needed and have not looked back, to date 150K and still just as strong as it ever was cheap fix
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