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  1. Is this real? If they make a reliable XDM 10mm I will buy one.
  2. Wow! That primer switch looks cool. If I had known about it I probably would have kept my 650 in addition to upgrading to the 1050. The primer system on the 650 drove me nuts. The SBD, 550, and 1050 all have a better priming system in my opinion. I wonder why Dillon went to that silly disk system on the 650. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  3. Where can I find a link to these products you guys are talking about? Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  4. I bought the SDB in the mid 1990s. I sold the SDB, and bought an XL650 in 2012. The 650 was okay, but I didn't like the priming system and had wanted a 1050 for 20+ years, so I bought a 1050 and sold the 650. I do not miss the 650, but I sometimes miss the SDB which was a fantastic machine! If the SDB did rifle I probably would have bought a new SDB (or probably would never had sold it). The Super 1050 is great for large runs of ammo, and just for giggles too. However, the 1050 caliber changes are labor intensive and not worth the time for small runs of ammo. The 550B is very flexible and caliber changes are very fast, so a small run of ammo is easy. I had been using a Lee single stage for 50 - 100 rounds, but it was too slow. With the 550 100 rounds is about 15 minutes (I am using different toolheads with powder measures for each caliber). With the single stage 100 rounds was usually costing me 60 minutes or more. The only extra thing I would like to have on the 550B is the option to switch back and forth between manual indexing and auto indexing.
  5. I've made a few hundred rounds with my 550B since buying it a couple of weeks ago. i am beginning to get used to it, but after 25 years of progressive presses SDB, XL650, S1050 I still sometimes am expecting it to auto-index. I'm still experimenting with the last two step you mentioned above (bullet then brass). Yesterday I was doing (brass then bullet), but I think your (bullet then brass) might be better.
  6. Yeah I'm in no rush and am going slowly with the 550B. When I want to make lots of ammo fast my s1050 makes me smile.
  7. My first press 25 years ago was a used Square Deal B, my next press a few years ago was a new XL650, and most recently I upgraded to a new Super 1050. (I also have an inexpensive Lee single stage press) A few days ago I bought a used 550B. I used it today for the first time. I works great, but it is really strange getting used to it not auto-indexing. My brain isn't used to it yet, and is expecting it to auto-index on the handle upstroke.
  8. While I have you guy's attention..... I'm going to need 2 or 3 extra toolheads for my 550B. There are billet toolheads on ebay for about the price of Dillon's or slightly less. Are there any good reasons not to buy them? I love Dillon, but I'm not a fanatic who needs to only buy Dillon.
  9. I hadn't thought of that, but it makes sense. Will try. Thanks! This used 550B I bought is in beautiful shape with very little wear, but is the older type without the grease fittings. Someone at Dillon told me the older machines had more toolhead play than the new ones, because of older machining technologies. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. This machine wasn't made in 1900. Do the newer 550Bs toolheads fit tighter?
  10. Yeah I think you're right. Drilling and tapping for small set screws (3mm) like you mentioned might be the most simple, effective, and inexpensive option since I have tons of tools. I can set the screws to reduce the play while still allowing the toolhead to move a bit sideways, or tighten them down to eliminate any movement. Thanks!
  11. I'm not new to Dillon. Used to have a SDB. Now have an XL650 bought new 5 years ago, and an s1050 purchased new a year ago. I purchased a used 550B recently (my first 550). The machine is in great shape even though it is probably an older model (does not have grease fittings). The toolhead has a bit more play than I like and am asking for good/simple ideas to shim the toolhead. I'm not trying to eliminate all play so I don't want to bolt it into the frame. TIA
  13. I'm making a wet tumbler this week. 5 gallon bucket with a large screw on lid. I've seen a bunch of YouTube videos and plan to skip pins. Jerry Miculek uses a cement mixer. I'm making something similar, but on a smaller scale and should know the results soon. Here is Jerry's brass cleaning....
  14. I know. I'm so ashamed. I know I can kick this Dillon monkey on my back. Maybe a 12 step program would help. Anyone want to be my sponsor? Oh! Wait! Screw it. I see a shiny Dillon SL900 over yonder with my name on it tempting me like some sorceress... with big American breasts........
  15. I ended up buying the Dillon, because I got a deal on it for $27 shipped. It works great. The Lee is less expensive, but I drank the Dillon Koolaid 25 years ago and occaisionally need a Dillon fix for the monkey on my back.
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