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  1. Mark 7 has 2 mechanical powder measures that I've seen. Once with a machined body (2 actuating arms on the powder barrel) and one with a cast body (1 actuating arm on the powder barrel). I only have experience with the machined body one with 2 actuating arms. I've had constant issues with the screws on the barrel coming loose even after hand tightening multiple times. I also use one body for 2 drums (pistol & rifle) and have had those custom screws snap right where the thread ends during loosening. Mark 7 replaced one of my drums once and the second time that has happened they told me to p
  2. Happy new years to you too @Sigarmsp226 as well as everyone on this forum! I was in MS for work training several years ago! Biloxi if I remembered correctly, beautiful shoreline. Although it can be assumed that the press and it's components were machined properly, tuning might be needed during the assembly process. It took me about a month just to get 9mm right but the results were amazing compared to my previous setups (much less defects, more accurate loads, less wastage and downtime). 223 is quite a bit more of a challenge that I am still working hard on getting right. Another
  3. thank you @TRPOperator for sharing your experience. I was wondering if there was a possibility of parts being out of spec. Aside from the tool head was the primer shuttle/slide/bar out of spec too?
  4. No problem at all @Sigarmsp226! I'm a visual learner so pictures is always helpful when there's so many terminologies involved. You should not need to over-tighten the shell plate as that may cause other issues. The indexing pawl which is a little arm that moves the shell plate to the next position at the end of the Upwards stroke is very small and over tightening the shell plate may cause premature wear on that part as well as the shell plate in my guess. Without shells on the shell plate try and see if it lines up properly with primers and what other effects happen t
  5. Per the Mark 7 manual 2.0: There are only really 2 adjustment points that we can do which is #1 and #3, #2 is set right (on my press) from factory. @MountainMan is correct, the shuttle during priming in it's forward position is aligned through the primer slide/shuttle alignment rod that is built into the toolhead (circled in red below). When the alignment rod is not in the shuttle/slide it will not be aligned to the primer punch.
  6. @MountainMan's advise on the priming system setup is spot on. I too removed the plastic triangle tip cover that covers the priming shuttle "slide" as it travels from the bottom of the primer tube to the bottom of the shell plate. It was causing hang-ups for me there as well whenever the press was experiencing shakes or vibrations. Having a sturdy reloading platform is crucial to every complex reloading system in my experience. Adjusting the shuttle stop position when it's retracted under the primer tube also eliminated some failures for me as well as @MountainMan suggests. I also adjusted the
  7. Hey @Sigarmsp226, When my evolution gets dirty from reloading the priming system starts to jam up (sideway primers, jammed/rough primer shuttle movement, priming pin gets dirty and can cause hiccups too). I typically do a cleanup during caliber changes and follow the maintenance manual for greases/oils. But since you just started on yours I doubt that's the case. My Evolution was shipped with the small primer shuttle installed which looks like yours. Works with both SPP and SRP. I used the same priming pin for both but calibrated seating depth differently for various primers and ca
  8. Hey thanks for getting back to us if anything. It's always good to have more information on how Mark 7's customer service works which in my opinion creates transparency for not only current customers but new customers alike. I have no doubt the new powder measure is just as accurate as the older iteration. We all have our own perceived value on things. But I agree they should update their advertising to current inventory as it would be false and misleading.
  9. Sorry to hear bud, same experience as you with their CS right now. They both used to be really good but I guess they're swamped with inquiry right now and trying to take care of 'newer' customers first. Like I said your best bet is hold onto the "cheaper" powder measure and don't open it until they respond back while in the meantime finding yourself a powder measure that you like. Aside from the hardware issues I've had with their powder measure it's been really accurate to use with both ball and flake powders. Give Mark 7 a call, I don't think they're so good with emails.
  10. WOW, sounds like a downgrade more than an upgrade. Planned or unplanned automation shouldn't mean getting a "crappier" powder measure. I personally went with the EVO vs a Dillon because of planned automation. I know Mark VII was bought out by Lyman and ever since then many aspects of the company and their products has changed. Ask them for a refund on the powder measure and get yourself another brand of powder measure from other companies. If you paid the same for a lesser of-a-quality product than expected without any notice that is what I would do.
  11. You're possibly correct. It could also be them simplifying the design to eliminate weak points too. Until we get a straight answer from them I would not assume until then. I also forgot to mention when I first received my Mark VII it was missing a lot of the caliber conversion parts too (I ordered it in 9mm, 223 and 308). They took care of that quite promptly but any quality or functionality issues they try to sweep it under the rug or play it off.
  12. Here's her email Misty Kapke <misty@markvii-loading.com>. She's.......sometimes helpful. I've also gotten help from their other CS Michael Landrum <mlandrum@markvii-loading.com> whom I think he may have forgotten about my support ticket by now... (Been trying to send my rifle rotary drum to them for repairs because of a snapped factory screw: hence why I suggested upgrading to the Lowe's grade 8's; problem solved)
  13. Yup, this is the same as mine. 2 linkage arms on each side. @Sigarmsp226 is right they have a new design. I'm surprised they didn't contact the previous owners with the last gen for a recall. I wondered what was their reasoning on changing the design....
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