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  1. I have used TG now in 9 and 40 for tens of thousands of rounds and not once has our fiber melted or even gave the appearance of melting. This tale is probably from some TG hater that wanted to be different than the crowd (who use TG). With that being stated here’s what I noticed about TG. For the lead exposed bases of PD FMJRN 147s the nose of my gun is covered with black after hundreds of rounds. Fully covered bases like Everglades 124 FMJHPRN and PD 180 FMJHP (40 SW) leaves a light brown residue that easily wipes off. I ran some testing of Sport Pistol and yes it does run cleaner than TG, but the powder is not quite as dense so it fills the case a bit more. As soon as my TG is gone I’m switching to SP (I purchased a bunch from Powder Valley last month). For the OP, you’re getting a bunch of great advice and a lot of opinions, so filter them out, choose a bullet and a powder you like, load away and don’t look back. It’s about the shooting and not rocket science. Have fun. Here’s what makes 130+ PF for us: Stock 2 and CZ Shadow 2 PD FMJRN 147, 3.5 gr TG 1.14 OAL ACME 147 FP, 3.2 gr TG 1.14 OAL ACME 147 FP, 3.3 gr SP 1.14 OAL (slightly higher PF this was most accurate at 25 yards with SP) Everglades 124 FMJHPRN 4.2 TG 1.13 OAL. (I really like the cycling of this load over the 147s) Range brass not sorted Chrono with Federal, WSP and CCI primers, all were comparable and SD for all loads average slightly less than 10. Accuracy goal is 25 yards, less than 3” groups from freestyle hand held and no bench rest. All these loads achieve that.
  2. Go to the first post where the OP, Patriot Defense, tells all. Then contact them for list.
  3. Just out curiosity I checked some of my 124 FMJ HP .355 (Everglades) ammo, 1.13 OAL, to see if I could cause it to set back. Answer not one. Now I am loading the bullet deeper than the OP is so that might be part of the answer. I also have quite a bit of “coke bottle” on all my cases. I use a 1050 with Dillon die for sizing, MBF powder funnel, Hornady for bullet seating (with the Micrometer added) and Dillon taper crimp die.
  4. ^^^ This. My Caldwell hates bright sun, even with the shades mounted it has to be in the shade for consistent results. I found SP to be as consistent as TG in my loads.
  5. You must be really strong. I tried that and my reloads didn’t budge and basically with almost no crimp (just enough to take bell out). I’m no help.
  6. https://www.henningshop.com/Detail.aspx?PROD=1292029&CAT=9249 If your gun is a small frame he also sells the magazine/parts for those. They are the same as CZ 75. You wrote 10-12 rounds so I'm not sure if Henning has a smaller/shorter mag for TF.
  7. Will one of these fix my flinch and make me a GM?
  8. ^^^ This Those who run CZs and Tanfoglio get it. “LOL”
  9. To answer the question about 147s difficulties goes like this: 9mm is a tapered cartridge and the brass gets thicker as it moves towards the base. 147s are longer than Standard and thus will seat deeper in the casing. depending on the OAL needed and the bullet diameter, .356 and up, will bulge the case at the shorter OALs. Additionally some brass, think CBC, will get thicker closer to the opening causing a greater bulge, which, for some chambers and gauge checkers, will cause the finished load to not chamber properly. This is why many “ream” their barrels to allow for longer OALs. Also note all this has been well documented here on BEF. There’s no “done” until all is checked and it varies with bullet profiles, diameters, and barrels. What won’t run in our fancy Italian and CZ guns runs just fine in my 9 mm Sig. BTW TG works fine with coated bullets, but it is not the best. We’ve shot close to 30k coated using it with zero ill effects. It’s been very accurate when matched with the right load for your barrel. Have fun getting the perfect load, it’s a great hobby!
  10. I load for my son's CZ (S2 and SP01) and my TF Stock 2. Because of the short rifling bullet profiles are important if you are going to load 147s .356 bullets. I have found in 147s Precision Delta FMJ RN load really well and an OAL of 1.14 works perfectly. But because they are FMJ the require a tad more powder and aren't as "soft" as the coated bullets. Out of the CZ 3.5 gr was 135 PF and the Stock 2 130 PF. In coated the Acme 147 FP, .356, also work perfect and are softer than the PD 147 at an OAL of 1.14. Using TG 3.2 gives us just over 130 PF, but I found bumping the PF up to 135 (3.3) was more accurate at 25 yds. Other coated bullets worked, but typically required a shorter OAL (about 1.08) which made loading more difficult. WSPs work fine. If you can find it, try Sport Pistol powder over TG. I'm switching to it because it is actually slightly cleaner than TG; accuracy and recoil no noticeable difference. If you have the time order a variety of different sample packs of bullets and find the one which works best for you.
  11. Everglades has a 124 RN HP, yes that's a round nose profile hollow point. Its base is fully covered in jacketed and not plated. Very nice profile.
  12. I have a couple of scales and my Dillon drops never vary as much as your example. What Memphis said is how I set the charge.
  13. I do that, but rounding up or down to the tenth is as accurate as it really gets, at least for me.
  14. Wow, I amazed you can measure that accurately. .04 difference. My scales and the drop from Dillon probably has that much variance.
  15. Check out Steve Anderson’s books and podcast. He preaches, and so do all the other GMs I’ve taken classes from, to not think about match speed or slowing down. At matches plan (Steve’s suggested stage planning is analstratmemvis or analyze, strategize, memorize and visualize) stage, then when the beeper goes off shoot the targets when I see an acceptable sight picture. If it doesn’t look like acceptable shoot another. No slowing down or adjusting speed to fix my errors. Well it works, but I love having my hair on fire and that burns up my score. As as far as drills go, there are so many you have to pick those which reflect the issue you want to work on. If you’re having a problem shooting and leaving a target then set up a couple of targets and practice varieties of that issue. Also have someone watch and critique your transition techniques.
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