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  1. What’s different? 1. Capacities 2. Comp 3. PF 4. Dot 5. Holster and Mags 6. Trigger 7. Equipment $$$ 8. Most open guns are far sexier than a Glock 34 What is the same is, all the divisions require practice and training to achieve the highest levels of the sport.
  2. Super easy, just spend about $750 on a new slide/barrel combo from EAA and slide it on your existing lower. Comes with one 10 round Mag. It may (but not necessarily) be less expensive to find a used one and purchase it. Honestly there aren't any "drop in" barrels for these pistols. But contact Patriot Defense and ask them what they have available, just understand there aren't any "cheap" options for these pistols.
  3. Each of us has our own preferences and ways to solve problems. I load on a 1050 and have used 1 Shot for close to 20k rounds and have zero issues with it. I believe it helps smooth out the process and leave almost zero residue behind. In fact it is so clean I do not clean the post production rounds at all; something I had to do with other case lubes I previously used. Of course each of us has worked their issues, preferences and come up system that loads reliably.
  4. Thanks for the answers. Assuming they are are new and not some strange factory rejects load and shoot once for practice probably not a bad deal. The extra hidden costs are failures, down time, resetting press for just that load and possible pistol damage if there’s a major failure. The best advice I’ve gotten on loading is to pick a bullet, powder, process, set up my press and load away. And don’t chase “good deals.” But I’m sure tempted. Over late winter I test 4 different 9 mm bullets to see if I could save some money. I found they all worked great, but ended up sticking with a my previous and more expensive load.
  5. Questions you must ask: How do you know it’s new? What are the primers? Who is the manufacture and what do they recommend? Aluminum will gall easier on dies and do they need to be sized? Cracks? Good deals may lead to higher expenditures in the future. Personally I would pass.
  6. If you want to shoot USPSA find a local club by going to their web page and then attend a match. If you are comfortable with your gun also attend the safety class and shoot a match. https://uspsa.org/find-a-club The very first thing to understand about “practical pistol shooting” is it’s a game and not some macho defensive tactical training forum. But, if you get the bug and get hooked your pistol shooting ability will become far greater than you can imagine. The top shooters in this game are probably some of the best in the world and yet they wear NASCAR style jerseys and ball caps. Look up JJ Racaza on YouTube and or do a search for USPSA to see what goes on. It s literally a blast and better than golf, IMHO.
  7. Caldwell Chrono has an app for smartphones that does it all for you. It calculates PF, SD and the good stuff.
  8. Sounds like you went one time too far. Call PD and ask them about the problem they are extremely helpful with questions.
  9. The idea was to have trigger ready when proper sight picture was available. Remember this level is based on practice, so trying something new at a match is a bad idea.
  10. HesedTech


    Go to the Dillon web sight and find the conversion kit for your press. You can check which parts are different and just order those if you don’t want the complete kit. Another option is to call them and ask what you will need because they are very helpful.
  11. Just passing on a what JJ teaches in his class, trigger prep. What that means is learning where your gun fires when the trigger is pulled and then prep to that point. Each gun is different and it does help speed up the first shot with the long DA of Tanfoglio and CZ. Just passing on what a world class competitor teaches.
  12. Good question. I used the same 4.0 grains of SP for all the bullets to compare velocities. The SnS averaged 35 FPS slower while the Acmes and Brazos were very close to the same. I bumped up the Acme after initial test to 4.1 and picked up the speed but not the accuracy. BTW at 4.0 grains of SP the PF for Acme and Brazos averaged 127 and the SnS was 124. All shot from a Stock 2. The PF was based on average weight of 5 bullets from each brand. Remember each gun gun shoots the same bullets different
  13. Brazos sent my order for 125s in less than a week. But, SnS, and ACME both got my orders of 125s and 124s (ACME) RN also in about a week. I tried all three brands and in order of preference in my Stock 2 (accuracy, ease of loading, OAL, etc.) SnS, Brazos, ACME. The accuracy of the ACME 124s was slightly less than the other two at 25 yards no matter what velocity I shot them at. SnS and Brazos grouped similar. I’ll add these figures to help you decide: SnS 125 averaged 126 grains on my scale, Brazos 125 were 125 and ACME 123.6. The bearing surface of the ACME bullets was smaller than the former two, which probably contributed to the difference in accuracy. I had to adjust my MBF a bit more for the SnS to feed properly (not upside down). Since I ran them first the other two fed perfectly through the feeder. Hope all this helps.
  14. 1.09 is a normal OAL for many pistols and considering what open shooters do with major PF 9mm it is doubtful 3.6 of CFE is over pressure. I use with 147 PD FMJ RN 1.14 3.5 grains of TG, which is “hotter” than CFE, to make minor with a Stock 2. Used to load 1.08” 147 coated with 3.2 grain of TG to make minor. I might also also add I loaded 124 FMJ HP Everglades at 4.2 grains of TG to make 130 PF same gun. Yes the case space is greater and therefore less pressure. Of course there could be a gross error in the powder measure. There’s something else going on in the process if he’s consistently blowing out primers. What I would check is the primer pocket size after decapping and switch primer seating methods.
  15. Case length isn’t or shouldn’t be an issue with modern 9 mm pistols.
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