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  1. I think the majority of people use dummy loads without primers for the weight. I would also highly recommend you practice that first DA shot and then do the dead trigger trick. It will really steady out and take the fear away and smooth out the DA shot after your draw.
  2. Strange? I have the 9, 40 and 45 MBF powder funnels and they work with .355 - .357 in 9 and the other two with .001 oversized coated bullets with zero tipping issues. My 1050 is running at 1600 rph, Ammobot, rock steady. Check the size of the expander plug part and make sure it's the correct diameter. It should be .358.
  3. Are you using the MBF powder funnel? I use it with 9mm and all brands and sizes work perfect. Dillon 1050 and in the past 650.
  4. Yep, small frame. Personal opinion, I am fully committed to my Tanfoglios, but my son shoots the CZ Shadow 2 and has the 75 as a backup gun. Right out of the box I believe the CZ Shadow series is a better competition gun. But, they (CZ) cost more and the Tanfoglios are easier to tune. In the end they both shoot very accurate and have a fair amount of support.
  5. Send the serial number to EAA and they will give you the history of the gun. Also if you have CZ75 magazines available try one in the gun. If it fits you have the small frame. I thought the S1 only sold by EAA as a large frame. Better to check with them. one last thing, follow Memphis Mechanic’s video on YouTube about how to polish Tanfoglio. It will do wonders!
  6. I don't have the poly P match, but do have the 9mm Tanfoglio Witness P Full Size and like all Tanfoglios it's tough and just runs and runs. And like most of the newer Tanfoglio's there a bunch of parts available. What TF does, which I believe makes their poly guns very durable, is make the trigger and hammer/sear assemblies of steel and pin them into the lower. The difficult part is the poly lower is a bit thicker than the steel versions so holster availability is not as great.
  7. I'm shooting the SRO in CO and mostly like it. It does have the fake dot show up in sunny conditions occasionally. I just purchased an Alpha 3 dot and will experiment with it. For the price (about 1/2) so far it's a better value than the SRO. http://fasttoys.net/ca/FTP-Optics-Alpha-3-Red-Dot-Reflex-Sight/
  8. This may sound too cavalier, but the best size dot is the one you see soonest when shooting. Since most target are less than 25 yards and normally within 10 a small MOA for accuracy isn't really a player as it is in precision rifle shooting. A small dot will not be seen as well as a larger one when moving and during follow-up shots. That will slow you down. I believe most use a 5 or 6 (which I do too) and some go to the 8.
  9. The more brass, or any metal, is worked it becomes thin and brittle. Shooting 9 major is a bit beyond factory specs and looking at the portion of unsupported brass at the feed ramp it looks like you hit the imperfect combo. Was it slightly out of battery? Maybe, but high pressures, with reused brass eventually will lead to a failure, especially when the base is not fully supported. Yes I’ve had one base failure, but it was in my Tanfoglio and shooting minor 147 load. The case split just above the groove and made a pshht sound when fired. No damage at all, it did not cycle
  10. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/253125-38-sc-bulge-buster-die/ The main problem is the rim size, it's larger than 9MM luger and Makarov .406 vs .394. Find a Lee FCD with that dimension. or give the Makarov a try.
  11. Use the LEE Bulge buster on those. https://leeprecision.com/case-conditioning-tools/lee-bulge-buster-kit/ With the 9MM MAKAROV die. https://leeprecision.com/carbide-factory-crimp-die-9mm-makarov.html Cheaper than a roll sizer and will resize only the base area.
  12. This issue has been covered multiple times, do a search of the forum. However it is always the same things: Case internal thickness. deep seated heavy bullets. Short OAL, seated deep, because of bullet misaligned bullet during seating. ‘CBC brass the worst offender For the price, in my opinion the Hornady seating die is the best for 9mm, but most work fine.
  13. two You're hitting on two different subjects. The first is your rifle, it was probably cut long because many precision shooters (i'm not one) prefer a long OAL over a short one, so I don't think it's totally about ammo compatibility. As far as the CZ goes it is foreign gun designed to be shot with typical 9MM FMJ profile, which is a long tapered round nose. I found the CZ will load out to at least 1.14 with these profiles. However, we competitors like to buy those fat nosed coated RN bullets and they need to be loaded shorter. Basically I believe the manufac
  14. As you have found out, many people load that short with very successful results. It isn’t dangerous or even close to being dangerous. Remember it all depends on the profile of the bullet and how it hits the lands of the rifling. Search for how precision rifle competitors load and and you will find the OAL is a big subject and very chamber dependent. BTW, I believe CZ has hardened their barrels these days and makes reaming the throat a bit harder.
  15. Love the PD people and have purchased a bunch of stuff from them (including guns). However, another option is J and L Gunsmithing. https://www.jandlgunsmithing.com/products Years ago he did a new barrel fit for me on a TF and milled a front sight slot.
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