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  1. HesedTech

    Shadow 2 accuracy

    You know it could be as simple as the second round came after a first round warm up. Unless you took both guns, bench fired them with the same ammo asking about accuracy is like.... oh well some one will think of something witty to write.
  2. You should do a search first, this topic has already been covered here: I followed this to fit the prepped combo from Henning and the gun shoots perfectly.
  3. I have a limited 40sw and tried the Unica hammer but ended with the EGW prepped hammer and sear from Henning. It was slightly smoother feeling and uses standard PD hammer springs. The EGW hammer does require some fitting, so if you aren’t up to it have someone who knows TFs do the work for you. I also set it up with the straight trigger from Henning. Over all this trigger hammer combo is really nice.
  4. Here’s the gouge: FMJ .355 plated .356 coated .356 and up.
  5. Check Henning Group: https://www.henningshop.com/tanfoglio_parts_pr-9249.aspx But where you live may not allow more than 10 rounds and I believe all retailers these days will not ship to states that prohibit anything more.
  6. You’re wrong. Just kidding, but it’s the gun set up that determines reliability. I’ve seen Glocks with custom slides and barrels that ran terrible unless they had lubricants dripping off them and stock ones that anything loaded in the mag blasted down range and the gun cycled. Basically as we play with springs and all that custom stuff we can “tune” them to run the way we want. That might require not using factory ammo. I do do think if the gun won’t cycle properly with a light low PF load (less than minor) something needs to be changed. It’s a great hobby.
  7. Personally I think 12lb spring is a bit too light. I use the PD 15.5 and get a 6.5 lb DA (Stock 2) with their bolo. I also seat primers as deep as they will go with 9mm Federal, minimally twice as deep as yours. This set up have yielded zero problems, 100% reliability, with the DA. My opinion is: Heavier hammer spring and deeper set primers will solve your failure to fire issue. 100% at 6.5 DA/ 2.5 SA is far superior to knocking off 1/2 pound from the trigger weight. But it’s my preference and yours may be different. Now my limited, no DA, uses a lighter spring and also has 100% reliability, but that’s a different game plan than shooting production and CO. Hope you get it where you want.
  8. Get the average of say 10, lower it a little bit and make that number your standard for measuring PF. If you “need” the PF to be that close to minimum then your over thinking the process. Personally I think most load so that PF is at least 5 higher than min, 130, 170. What I do then is adjust powder for accuracy, which normally means bumping the average speed up some. My minor PF load averages 133. Looking at your numbers I’d use somewhere in the 146.5 range for my standard. You know at the Chrono stage the three they pull will be the lowest ones in your entire batch.
  9. Ok I too swapped the mag release on my small frame and had the same issue with factory mags, but when I purchased mec gar for the CZ75 B the problem went away. I also noticed these mags were slightly thinner and fell out of the well far easier when released. I think the issue is with the retaining hole in the mag and how it engages the retaining tab. Maybe file a bit off the top of the opening, but be careful, just a little at a time. I think the Tanfoglio extended mag release is a slightly thicker. I’d put some calipers on the two, but it’s too much trouble to take it apart so I’ll wait till a major cleaning. Just some ideas.
  10. What model pistol and whose Mags? Mag capacity, are you using extended base plate? Small frame stock mags tend to not work as well as Mec has been my experience.
  11. Do you have a local range with a larger selection of rentals? If so go and rent the models you are considering and compare them for grip and ergonomics side by side. The problem with borrowing someone’s competition gun is, like me, they have probably customized it for their shooting style. Personally for production division and smaller hands the CZ Shadow 2 can’t be beat. Tons of customization parts, it can be converted to CO, I’ve seen many people use it for Limited minor division and competition holsters are available. The only problem is it’s at least double the price of a Glock, but many think it’s worth it. Just my opinion, like so many others. You find what works for you.
  12. ^^^ This Don't switch powder, especially if you just want to use up the bullets. Everyone has an opinion about which powder, burn rate and all that stuff they prefer. It the one you're using worked with 180 it will work with 200, just use less. Remember PF is based on weight and speed. Same PF with a heavier bullet requires less of the same powder. BTW, I and many others have used TG, which I believe is faster (more dense) the N310, without a problem in 40 so why would you need to switch if you like 310? Looked up burn rates, I'm wrong N310 is faster than TG Link to burn rate chart: https://www.hodgdon.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/burn-rate-color.pdf I'm surprised you use 4.8 of N310 to make Major. Seems like it would take a bit less with 180 grain bullets. But each gun is different. While I'm really big on the precision of the loading process to get consistent ammo, I believe once we get a load that works just load it and shoot away.
  13. I have a USP and there nothing special about the pouches. For competitive use there are a whole bunch that will work, for one CR - Speed works fine and is adjustable.
  14. Not in a Shadow 2 barrel. I’ve tried at least a dozen profiles and the SNS, which you have, and ACME 147 FP load the longest. Why do you need any longer? They load and run perfect in the gun.
  15. Sorry I missed you already stated that previously. I still use a single stage for development and rifle so the only way an overcharge could happen is a failure of the powder drop and one visually fails to notice the extra powder. Which, as you know, is very obvious with pistol cartridges and even with TGs high density/low volumes. Mystery.
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