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  1. ? I load them at 1.14 for CZ Shadow 2 and the P-01, and both are stock barrels. Same with multiple Tanfoglio’s (my son shoots CZ I the TF). The RN all load around 1.08 or less.
  2. I have tried all the various RN coated bullets and even the "new" more tapered profiles offered and they all did OK. But for the longest OAL this profile has always been the best. 1.14-1.16 https://precisionbullets.com/product/9mm-125-fp/
  3. Rifle reloading is a bit different than pistol. People neck size when they use the same brass shot from their personal gun, because there isn’t the need to resize the whole cartridge. When using range brass you should full length size. The same with trimming, If you trim smaller than max length you should get multiple reloads without having to trim again. But, I would check length as needed. I use the Sheridan and Hornady case gauges. I prefer the Sheridan cutaway version. Very accurate fits the tightest chambers. https://sheridanengineering.com/product/223-rem-am
  4. Dillon has instructions about how to set up the 223 die so they will case gauge. I have found range brass needs to be accurately sized for 223 due to the variance between different chambers. I also found the Dillon sizing die and the RCBS small base die are superior to the Lee die for 223. Also make sure you either swage or trim the military crimp before loading the primers, especially for the progressive press. Enjoy the process.
  5. I don’t load 10mm, but do 40sw and what appears to being going on is these just aren’t the right Bullets for 10mm. The bullet profile is perfect for the shorter 40 case, but according to your pics seems to taper too far for 10mm The only answer is this, I hope you only bought a sample amount because they aren’t the perfect bullet for 10. The good news is load em up for 40 and if you don’t own a 40 chambered gun you now have a valid excuse to buy one.
  6. If there are any fluorescent lights on even with the Caldwell indoor lights it will not read correctly. LED lights may do the same thing, but I have not tested with them.
  7. Cam I don’t shoot 9mm major, but I noticed this die in your process. Is this the Lee crimp die with the sizing ring at its base/opening? if so use another brand that only taper crimps at the case mouth and does not resize whole case. I found the Dillon, and the just plain Lee Taper Crimp dies work great. https://leeprecision.com/taper-crimp-die-9mm.html I believe it’s possible the FCD is causing your set back problems. Good luck. BTW, I successfully load out to 1.16 with zero set back issues. sizing die and crimp die Dillon
  8. Here’s what I did when faced with the same issue. Years ago I purchased 1000 rounds of 40sw for practice from a reloader who sold via the internet. It was junk, under powered and would run in a stock HK. No refunds, so I unloaded about 900 rounds, threw the powder out (actually had a grand time burning it up), reused the bullets and primered brass. My reloads worked great, was worth the hassle and inspired me to get into volume reloaded to feed the dragon. Don’t trust the loads, and maybe reload 100 at a time in case the primers are the actual issue.
  9. Good question. Since I didn’t keep count it was most likely in the thousands. I’ll admit I’m not one to preemptively replace springs before they are worn. Bad on me. For instance the hammer spring started to have an occasional light strike on the DA, I knew it was getting softer, but my trigger was so nice! When I got two LS during a practice session I knew it was time to put a new one in the gun.
  10. I have had totally the opposite experience. Here's quick review of the 147/135 FP profile in 9mm: He's fast with delivery The weight is normal variance between bullets. The coating does stay on the bullet (I tested into a trap and examined them) The lead is softer and the bullets deform slightly more than Precision Bullet, Blues, Acme... No notable increase in smoke using SP (in fact far less than the ACMES I used to use with TG). Accuracy was no different than PD, PB, ACME, Blues at 25 yards from TF Stock 2. The coating leaves a slight grey s
  11. Here's my experience with PD springs, with the exception of the trigger return spring I highly recommend them. After literally 10s of thousands of live and dry firing I've had to replace 1 hammer spring because it just got too soft. But, I have broken two trigger return springs and thankfully they happened during practice. I replaced them with the factory spring and zero problems since. The PD extended firing pin and spring combo is the best as are their hammer springs. The sear spring works fine, but to be honest I really can't tell any difference firing the gun between the f
  12. This is a very old thread, and yes I went through the Loadmaster baptism before Dillon, but this made me laugh! Good job!!
  13. Yes, and I believe it is still true you will get both powder bars, for large and small loads. The 40 shell plate is different than 9mm, though. Check the number on the Dillon site.
  14. True. I purchased the MA die for 9 MM and unless I use .357 bullets it just doesn't work well. After trying a number of brands and wasting a bunch of money I went back to the Dillon for 9mm. Works perfectly and leaves the loaded cartridges with that "sexy" coke bottle or wasp shape with zero setback! Overall, and with very rare exception, the Dillon dies just work. It's like someone else already did all the experimentation for me. BTW for bullet seating I fond the Comp Die worked okay but is way over priced. Nothing wrong with the Dillon seating die, but fo
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