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  1. If you need the extra like the powder check then the extra stations are definitely a reason to buy it. I really like this! The financial part that is.
  2. The plated bullets made me wonder what kind of twist rate you have in the PCC? Also have you trapped the bullets to see the condition of the plating? I suspect it's not the diameter as much as the plating is possibly coming apart. It is my understanding a high/fast twist rate can tear up poorly plated bullets. It's good that you found comb which works.
  3. As someone very dear to me would ask me (when it showed up in my work shop), "so what was wrong with the one(s) you already have?" Really, my personal question is, other than a new press what advantages will you get over two 1050s, one already automated? If they are real benefits get it.
  4. Yes, you can buy just the backer die and rod from Dillon. The rod is also made by others F&F https://fastandfriendlybrass.com/shop/item.aspx?itemid=61
  5. 223/5.56 brass, yes it has different challenges. Even using a 1050 with a properly adjusted swager the pockets will occasionally snag the primer because of the “crimp” and what seems like a harder alloy. I process the brass first, decap, size, swage, trim, and then load. Because I’m a bit of a perfectionist about my loads running in my guns I now sort the head stamps of 223/5.56 and use a RCBS decrimping reamer on the offending ones. The primers all seat perfectly. BTW, there are some 9mm with the very same style crimp. Typically about 1% of the range brass I collect.
  6. because PCCs for the most part are "blowback" it is my experience and understanding they run dirtier than a full lock. I load for my son's PCC and I found it also depends on the bullet. Coated ACMEs were a whole lot dirtier than FMJ RMRs.
  7. Okay I loaded two sets of subsonic rounds with two different Bullets and powders. Shot out of PSA 16” AR platform all stock PSA parts except for lower, which was a personal build. .308 FMJ 148 grain BT (I use for my M1) Shooters World Black 12.0 grains 2.19” 1050 FPS, 25 yards (indoor test) 1” accuracy. Ten out of ten cycled and ran gun fine. I used a Magpul magazine. .309 158 grain FN coated (SNS bullet used for 30-30 Winchester 94) Trail Boss powder 6 grains (max filled BTW). The powder load was amount recommended for 300 Black Out, but truthfully this is a terrible c
  8. Are you trying to match recoil of your previous rounds? Jacketed take a bit more powder than coated or lead. Other than that plunk test for chamber is the same.
  9. No, but they are compatible with the small frame Tanfos.
  10. My point is it takes experimentation and there are people actually doing this. The fact you may have had some issues is not a blanket statement no one should attempt or use 150 grain sub loads. As far the cycling goes, it's all about tuning the gun to match what I'm shooting. The real answer is, it is easier to develop loads for heavier bullet. Here's a load from another site developed and working in an AR platform (8" Wilson Combat barrel, standard gas port size and gas block, pistol length gas system, 1-7" twist):https://www.sniperforums.com/threads/150g
  11. Yes it is and many are doing it. However, what is your definition of a "sub load?" Normally it's solely based on velocity and there are factory sub loads. As far as cycling goes, considering PCCs shoot some very "sub loads" (yes they are bow back, except for the CMG which has a true locking bolt) and have no problems cycling I'm not sure why some are having difficulties. Change the buffer spring and weight to tune the bolt cycling, polish parts of the bolt, use a good grease on the bolt, make sure the bolt group functions smoothly (as in the rotation for loc
  12. No. Like any load, as long as it is somewhere between min and max it will shoot fine. If you have a Chrono, try the loads at different levels and check for accuracy at your desired distance and what kind of SD you get. Here's a good site discussing using 748: https://www.thehighroad.org/index.php?threads/30-30-loads-with-748.785781/ I load 30-30 for my Model 94 and shoot it for fun and not hunting. I've been exploring subsonic loads with coated bullets, which is why I have used WST and Trail Boss.
  13. Yes there are powders with greater volume per grain, but I've used a variety of powders with 10s of thousands of rounds and really don't understand why you may be afraid of a double charge. Take your time and develop a process which is consistent and you will have zero issues. BTW Clean Shot, Sport Pistol and TG are all very close to the same volume in the case. Try WST if you want a "fluffier" powder. The only problem is a 147 bullet loads deep and you may bot have enough room for WST. But others will have more knowledge using it with 9MM, I've only used it in 40 and 4
  14. Win 748 is a great all round powder for 30-30. I use it with 150 grains jacketed. If you want a subsonic load the issue is case volume. I have used WST at 9 grains and it shot well with coated 150 grain. I purchased some Trail Boss for my subsonic loads because it is the “fluffiest” powder, more volume per weight and loads in multiple traditional cowboy cartridges.
  15. I have multiple Tanfoglios and owned the Jericho which is very similar to the Tanfos. My first question is this, what was the floating pin supposed to do for your gun? I have a fair amount of experience with the Tanfos, small and large frames. The trigger bar has to come back the right amount of distance with the plunger pushing it up before the sear is pushed and the hammer is released. Again I have no experience with a "Floating pin" but I know this, the distance for sear movement or not is fairly small, so if the pin allows too much play the reliability will be compromised.
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