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  1. HesedTech

    USPSA Division for New Shooter?

    There is a fallacy that one division is easier than another, that idea simply isn’t true. The only truth is a production or limited shooter can spend less to get started in the sport than Open. But, if a person wants to actually be competitive the same level of participation and practice is required in all the divisions. For those who think reloading is an issue, all divisions have the same requirements when it comes to classifiers and the only place it will seem easier is in the field courses. As a Production shooter I often have to reload twice for ever one reload an Open or Limited shooter might do, but the caveat is all the shooters in that division have the same requirement. So which division should a new shooter start in? The one they think is the best, however I think there’s less equipment issues with either limited or production.
  2. HesedTech

    9mm Load 124/147gr Titegroup

    Seems a bit low to make PF in a pistol. Most JHP 147s need 3.4+ while coated 3.2. 130 -135 PF. 3.0 with a JHP in a pistol probably feels real good and flat, but my experience in multiple guns would probably not make PF, ever. PD JRN 147 in TF S2 3.5 gr 130 PF, same load CZ Shadow 2 135 PF. ACME 147 FP (coated) 3.2 gr same PFs. Both 1.14 OAL
  3. HesedTech

    Witness Limited ambi safety

    https://patriotdefense.com/tanfoglio-witness-extended-ambi-safety-102117/ Here you go. Call them for help.
  4. HesedTech

    FTF issues with g22

    I’m not a Glock fan, shoot those Tanfoglio models, but it seems a common issue with all pistols that are modified is the bullet profile and OAL. My TF Limited hated certain bullets and OALs, longer and more round nosed fed the best with extended base pads and Grams followers. The stock mag springs and followers would feed shorter and a larger variety of bullets. I found the bullet and OAL combo that works perfect with the grams followers (note stock Federal HP Hydroshock did not feed well with this mag, spring and follower combo). Just my feeble attempt to help. Good luck.
  5. HesedTech

    Hodgdon Titegroup vs VV N320 for 9mm

    Could you list how N320 performs better for you than TG? Just to state its better without data really doesn't make sense. Is it: less smoke? tighter SDs? smaller 25yd groups? demonstratably cleaner? I load TG in 9mm minor and 40 major and the only thing I notice is cleanliness changes with bullet type and load size. My PD FMJ RN 147s leave more carbon than both coated and FMJ HPs (124 9mm and 180 40) because lead is exposed on the base. And it doesn't matter which powder I've tried or what brand of coated bullets the results have been the same. The older Blues would leave a blue residue at the muzzle. Always an interesting thread topic to view.
  6. I’m a huge advocate of picking one thing to be good at. I chose USPSA. Each sport has its unique features, training and equipment that works, so if you decide to be a 3-gun competitor, IDPA, USPA or whatever find out what works and put your all into those areas. I went from a CZ TS 9mm, found out about minor points, decided to shoot production, found heavy guns were easier to shoot, tried a couple and ended up with Tanfoglio S2. I think if the CZ Shadow 2 was out at the time I’d gone that route. In the end remember it’s a sport and all about achieving a level you can participate in.
  7. HesedTech

    Case crimping too tight?

    Do a search on BEF, this subject has been covered and answered many times. And often with pictures. Idescribe has nailed it.
  8. HesedTech

    OAL or depth of projectile in case?

    ^^^ This. If loaded ammo works and meets PF why worry about seating depth? Assuming you’re not near or at max. Per the CBC brass thread, depth does matter which makes bullet selection important.
  9. HesedTech

    CBC Brass - NEVER AGAIN!

    I load CBC brass with .355 FMJ bullets only, because due to the thicker case walls I get a bulges that won’t case check and tend to swage down the coated bullets a bit during seating. Additionally the CBC primer pockets are slightly tighter than the rest (except for the scourge of crimped ones showing up recently). With that stated I successfully loaded almost 2K CBC with 147 PD FMJ RN 1.14 recently (any deeper than 1.12 started to cause problems with bulges). Note: same success on 1050 and previously on 650. BTW I assume you lube the brass prior to your sizing step?
  10. Yes do it! I took three stops prior to a 1050 and if I had to do it over I’d skipped the Lee progressives, and 650 completely. Just thought I was saving money initially. Today loaded 600 rounds 9mm in 1/2 hour.
  11. HesedTech

    CFE and FMJ/Coated

    i I totally understand the idea of powder burn timing vs length of barrel, basically longer barrel slower powder to allow bullet to accelerate longer, but when we’re talking about 4” what’s there to brag about! Yep joke. My my question is really basic, if one powder takes 4 grains and another 3.5 to accelerate the bullet to the same velocity won’t the accuracy be identical? The only variable I can think of is possibly the amount of initial vs barrel exit gas pressure behind the bullet may effect the bullet flight dynamics as it leaves the barrel. Wobble, gas leaking around bullet ... but I think that would then change the flight characteristics and therefore the velocity as it approached target. Oh well, personally I think for most minor (and probably major) applications the “fixed” variables I mentioned have the greatest effect. Yep over thinking this and if someone could provide measurable and repeatable empirical data that CFE, or some other powder, was actually more accurate I’d jump on that in a heart beat. I need all the help/magic I can get with being accurate. But as Mr. Anderson says so often, I need to “get to work!”
  12. HesedTech

    CFE and FMJ/Coated

    As I read all of this and the many similar posts on powders and their effect on accuracy, I have to ask this question; Assumptions: brass, primer and bullet are 100% the same. after loading the completed cartridges, OAL, crimp, and other physical specs are 100% the same the velocity 10’ in front of the barrel is 100% the same the velocity at target impact is 100% the same basically isolating and making the only variable the powder brand why would one be any more accurate than another? I get a bit confused when I read all these posts about one powder over another and how they seem to affect accuracy.
  13. HesedTech

    Help with tuning new 9mm Witness

    I bought the same pistol a few months ago. Shoots great. Typical Tanfoglio polishing I installed: PD reduced trigger return spring. Henning reduced plunger spring. PD reduced sear spring. PD firing pin spring. The normal Tanfoglio hammer spring for the S2 is too long. So I used a PD 15.5 lb spring and cut coils off until it didn’t bind. Basically same length as stock one from the gun. DA 6.5 SA 2.3. Smooth and crisp with stock sear and hammer. Fires off primers better than my S2. Great budget pistol and uses CZ 75 mags.
  14. HesedTech

    CZ Shadow w/124 bullet. Recipe?

    It seems to me this kind of request has been covered many times over. I suggest you start with a search of BEF and see what’s been done in the past. In the end it’s a three step process; 1. Determine OAL using actual gun barrel, brass and bullet intended. 2. Build multiple loads with different powder levels, chrono them for PF and adequate/desired accuracy. 3. Go to town loading. Of of course the discussion always includes crimp techniques and die brands. I have bullet brands which will load at 1.08 and others 1.14 in a Shadow 2 stock (un-reamed) barrel. You need to experiment and find what works. Enjoy the path.
  15. HesedTech

    Primer choice looking for advice

    Ok Steve you win. But you may notice he asks for advice on both guns. Actually we really don’t know what advice he wants. He has these RPs and two different guns , one can use them the other can’t. So how about this, the OP give you the RPs and buy SPPs that work in both guns? Would that be a compromise? Don’t you love the internet and all us experts. BTW I’m trying to lighten things up a bit, this is a hobby and like other things we all have an opinion.