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  1. Rod and I miss this match!! We are thinking of all of you and wish we were there Post pics and video...maybe next year Cheryl
  2. ccur

    RIP Rocco

    I am so sorry..they are our friends, our babies...I hope it gets better soon. Its OK to cry Cheryl
  3. I am not attending, but I want to add my thanks to all the generous sponsors that give so much!! Cheryl
  4. ccur

    My Mom

    Prayers for both of you Cheryl
  5. It is with sorrow that I post here that Paul Bensons wife, Sue, has lost her valient battle with cancer. Sue was an awesome mother and wife and she will be missed. I know Paul has some great friends out there and I thought you would like to know and offer him some solace in his grief... Cheryl Current
  6. Many of you knew and shot with Jim Fairhurst of Alamogordo, NM. I am sad to say that he passed away Wednesday, June 2, 2011. He was 61 years old and was a Life member of USPSA #969! He had enjoyed our sport for a long time. He will be missed Thoughts and preayer for his family... Cheryl
  7. After knowing all you Army guys, I would have enlisted!! (Well, I AM slightly old Thanks for all the hard work..It was the best!! I will miss all of you! Cheryl
  8. My shotgun is a 20ga...only #3 bucksot is available..that works, right Cheryl
  9. Apps went out today...me and Rod for rimfire...what fun!! Cheryl
  10. I hate it that Blaine is incarcerated...He was an awesome guy and an awesome shooter. I miss him Cheryl
  11. "This is the first Ft. Benning match I've missed and I'm here to tell you, this really sucks..." I understand fully Rod has a torn ACL (which swelled up like he had a clot in his leg) so we gave up our slots a week ago...This is the 1st one we have missed since the 2nd year they had it...Hopefully we get in next year. I love watching the videos, please keep posting them Best of Luck to all of you, have fun!! Stages look awesome!! Cheryl
  12. ccur


    I am so sorry...I just lost Maddie and it is devastating...Our dogs are our friends, companions, children of a sort and are so loved..My heartfelt prayers and thoughts are with you Benny RIP Hank..you were loved Cheryl
  13. ccur

    RIP Maddie

    I just got home from having our precious little Maddie put to sleep. She really suffered the last few days with a Super Strep infection in her lungs. The vets did everything to save her, but we finally had to let her go and stop her misery. She only missed one Shooting match ever, and that was due to being sick with this bug...She was my best friend (next to Rod) and I will have an empty space in my heart for a long time..Our pets become our family and letting go is so hard I don't know how yet... Cheryl
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