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  1. that's what the boys asked for, with more room than any available units had for mounting more stuff
  2. yeah, I heard that guy used to modify a handguard or two long ago before the dawn of CNC in every shop.. Whats the questions jeff
  3. I'll be dragging my butt through the hills again! Hope its not too cold this year!
  4. Pat, I figured you would be doing the load 6 by now, you cutting edge machine!!
  5. Dang how did I miss this post so long, too much work not enough play. You can get very aggresive on removing material, or at least I did on both of mine. I would say the vinci is lighter than an M2 and shoots flatter. I think this is due to the fact that the recoil sping is horizontal in the reciever rather than running at an angle down in the stock like an M2, or at least partly. I shot a regular bolt on my original gun and now a speed bolt, I really didn't feel a difference in recoil but as advertised it will probably let you run lower power shells and therefore reduce recoil. I have run 2 3/4 dram 1 1/8 loads in both guns in tons of practice and many matches. As Pat said it is an easy gun to get up and going in 3 gun, open port add mag tube, go shoot. I did also add rifle sights on mine for more accurate slug placement and I had C-Rums extend both my lifters. As always if anyone wants to give one a try mine is always available to give a go at any match I am at, its been shots by lots of people. Both mine have been extremely reliable, only at the Rockcastle Shotgun this year has one of them let me down, my fault, I shot it a lot in practice and didn't give it any cleaning at all before the match and it started coughing on the crap I had let build up over the past weeks. Once fully cleaned and lubed, its run flawlessly. So as a data point, they may need cleaned after a 1000 rounds or 2 before you go to a major match. Let's call that an endurance test anc chalk it up to history lesson:) The load port is tall, or at least it seems that way due to the sides of the reciever dropping down further, giving it its distinguishing Vinci look. I signigficantly reduced that on mine by removing material. I will post pics for data point. I assume you could takeout too much material but the lower plastic reciever really only support a light amount of weight you can remove a bunch of material, just don't get crazy and funnel so much that the shell rim has room to get past te shell stop when it is in the mag tube, oops, chalk that one up to a history lesson too, good thing plastic is easy to work with. More later, good shooting jc
  6. I can only count shells one at a time, and no way I can hold 4 and do anything but drop a couple so we'll see what I have to do to keep up loading, Bryan- great shooting, not sure how uyou guys run those trombones so fast, well done
  7. Planning on being their Ken, look forward to hearing Larry and the "Rifle Raffle" again this year, Merry Christmas all!!
  8. I left my favorite folding chair on stage 4, but I'm sure Zac or Billy is still sitting in it resting from prepping Rockcastle for the match so its being put to good use, enjoy
  9. Thanks to Gary, Kurt, Trapr, all the RO's and Rockcastle staff for a great match and making us all feel at home at Rockcastle The jam session with Mark Wills, Tom fuller, the Spooners and the crowd til 1 am in the TV lounge was worth more than the price of admission Thoughts and prayers out to you Linda in losing your mother, thanks for all you have done for so many years for the shooting sports Thanks to Ms. Kitty, KSB, and their helpers working behind the stats doors for being there as they always are and making Stats a subjuect the shooters never have to worry about, great job as always
  10. Truck is getting heavier by the day as I load up and get ready, damn liquer is as heavy as ammo Can't wait to just be there and shoot, relax and tell lies!! jc
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