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  1. Normal yes, but as @ryan45kim said just do a little smoothing out and it will look way better.
  2. Yes I saw. It has nothing to do with fitting in a box. It is not listed for approved modifications, unless it becomes like the new *thumb rest [generic]* thingy it is a no go and he would be put in open. @SteelCityShooter if that is what you are using it for I say go for it. It makes life super easy if you are worried about smudging up the lens.
  3. The only problem is you cannot use this in most competitions without being bumped to open with a dot. I had it for my Limited gun for a while, really great quality.
  4. The SJC smashes my fingers together too much, it is not really shaped as the one pictured for the Glock. The carver is not the biggest of the bunch but enough for it to work. I also have a SSS and my only issue with that one is the mag doesnt really stick out of the bottom all that much. I will take pics when I get home to show the difference with the magwells on the guns and in my hands so it can explain it a little better.
  5. @Hiroshi Here is the bottom of an SJC
  6. Ill try and grab some pics when I get home. I just recently took mine off for a Carver and am trying a SSS with my back up gun.
  7. If this comes across as blunt I do not mean it too. As long as you are comfortable with the gun you can be competitive with it. Shooting is shooting. My M&P is plenty accurate with A zones at 20+ yards and I split my stock 1.0 Production gun faster than some GMs with their 2011s, while yes I have an naturally pretty quick trigger finger that further gets to my point. Indian not arrow. I also currently shoot a M&P40 in Limited and it is working great. This is also my first Apex kit and I kinda get why people love them.
  8. Congrats man! That was some straight
  9. KKM barrels are awesome! And yes, your Apex kit will still work with the new barrel in it.
  10. Picked up a Racer holster to use in Limited next year with my M&P and I may add the SJC or Toni frame weight on to it. I know people modify the Ghost holsters but has anyone tried with the Racer? Thanks.
  11. I shoot one in Production and it is one of the few gen 1s that is accurate. I bought it out of the rental case at a gun store and it is bone stock. I ran one a few times in CO it ran fine. It is definitely not as popular as the other plastic guns out there. Now that I am going to shoot one in Limited and THIS is where I hear the "Why would you do that?" a lot. It is a fine gun and if you get an older one with accuracy problems just get an Apex barrel for it.
  12. Ouch @kneelingatlas I just sold mine lol! Is this a replacement for the standard barrel the GTs come with or do you have to get a 6" and thread it?
  13. Just when I was ok with getting rid of my GT this pops up! ? Looks great!
  14. This is an awesome build. Seeing stuff like this makes me want to learn metal work. Beautiful gun!
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