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  1. a friend switched from SS to limited after shooting SS for years. we were teasing him about shooting 8 them reloading. and almost fell over laughing when he did it on the first string
  2. been using a competition shooters IDPA belt, mag pouches stay attached, easily threads thru belt loops and holster attaches by tec-loc , no belt twist, and so far it past every test
  3. I use my CT green laser for hard leans too but it is sighted for 7yds so when I look thru the optic I see 2 dots 1 red sighted at 17yds and the green below it so at close targets I don't have to think about the offset just shoot. Tried the shooting from the hip start thing and thought it was slower than just shooting from the shoulder, maybe with practice but not worth it to me.
  4. If you want to read what happened you can go to bens web site and read what the individual in question says what went down
  5. he will also be in East Grandforks MN in June 26-27
  6. I have been noticing a couple of people at the local club leaving the safety off on a loaded firearm and holstering the gun after the make ready command (this saves about a 1/10th of a sec on the draw), I do believe this is against the rules and dumb thing to do, one of the persons in question holstered his 1911 and put a 45 round into his boot heel, and was not DQed (SO was his father) . have talked to MD but it fell on deff ears.
  7. it's just part of being retired and nothing else to do but go to the range and reload ammo
  8. I usually just set them in the back seat of my truck along with my range box and the stay there all season or till I run out,
  9. at 66 years and just completed my 1st full year as a super senior, and with all these 80 plus shooters I'm looking forward to 15 to 20 more years in this sport
  10. 3 no threat penalties, 1 for each hit, ( not that I have ever hit one myself)
  11. I think he was talking about running around in your in your undies, and only Cliff can get away with that
  12. I'll use my CT206 for hard leans, or for 1st target when I can, but the biggest use is hold over on close targets. main red dot is sighted in at 20 yards, laser is set at 5 yards so when I look through the sight I see a red and a green dot,
  13. here we have several shooters from Canada, most have bought HiCaps and leave them friends or the club, a couple of open guys carry a rivet gun and a small drill, and drill out the limit rivets here and them replace them when the go home.
  14. I was always told growing up, if you are not in bed by midnight, come home
  15. Thank You. I now have a name for it, "The tactical Turtle " perfect
  16. I've watched a lot of people when they first start using a dot , if you pay close attention they all drop their chin as they draw. so just keep your head more upright .
  17. yes double check the X5 mags I checked some this weekend because mine wont pass, to long. but the ones i checked a few from others that did,
  18. The best thing I did after coming back to the sport after an extended period was take a RO class. And the remember that I wasn't the same person I was 15 years earlier
  19. I had to change the extractor spring every 1k or so to keep it running, that's the main reason it has a new home
  20. I have an ad on a local site a 12 pack of 2 ply and a large sanitizer . Willing to trade for a barett m107
  21. at just shy of 48 oz the 92X would become legal,
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