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  1. Youngeyes

    BE Blog

    The "can I fix it filter". I like that.
  2. It's brisk this morning. What the hell does it mean that it's 18 but it feels like 8? If it feels like 8, then it bloody well is 8.
  3. Thank you to all veterans for your service. You keep all Americans safe and free, regardless of race,color,creed, national origin,religion or gender.
  4. Not again. It's that time of year again. The clocks change and the temperatures changes. To make it worse, the snide piece of junk tells you that you "might" want your coat today.
  5. Just a reminder to keep the attitudes out of this thread . Now back to your regularly scheduled thread, already in progress.
  6. Anything for sale must be listed in the Classified Forum.
  7. At 8 years of age you run no risk of harming vision by patching an eye for eye dominance training in shooting.
  8. It's been a while since we had a new MOM. It's not that there is a dearth of suitable candidates, it's that I'm just that lazy. October's MOM has been a member since 2006. An oldie but a goodie. He is a great source of information on rules and is always willing to help interpret those rules. He is quick to answer, although sometimes not fast enough. My favorite quote is when someone was a touch faster to answer. His reply was..."Dammit - you stole my answer." That is a fine example of Brian's Prime Directives of share and contribute. For all these reasons and more, please join Brian and the Moderators in congratulating the October 2019 MOM award winner, our own "Special Little Snowflake"..... StealthyBlagga.
  9. Youngeyes


    Welcome back. I don't think you needed to add "broke". If you look up broke in the dictionary it says, divorce ,move, new wife, new baby....
  10. Nice idea. Takes me less than 2 minutes to load a tube with my PAL filler. I love a good gadget but think I'll just save the money for a new gun.
  11. Geeetings to you too Mr police firearms instructor. Welcome to the Forums.
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