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  1. +1 for the Gladiator. I have the 6' & 8' versions of this bench and they're super solid, easy to assemble, & good quality. I thought about making my own bench but by the time I found a good top, it pretty much cost the same as the Gladiator anyway. And the legs are solid & nice too. Charlie's shelf idea sounds good, but I just store other tools, a shopvac, coolers, etc under mine.
  2. I just bought one full price from buymylabradar. I waited for awhile looking for sales and didn't find any. But backlogs kept getting longer and longer so I finally ran out of patience and figured I'd just got on the list. Rather have it at full price than save $50 and miss our prime shooting season in the southwest.
  3. Primer availability aside, don't you need an FFL to sell re-manufactured primed brass? Anyone with a press can have a side business processing brass - I've been tempted to do low-volume processing just to write off some of my equipment expenses. But I wouldn't make enough money to justify maintaining an FFL.
  4. I tend to save up my brass and trim in one large batch, then load 1-2k rounds at a time. So hopefully the setup overhead won't be quite as bad. (FWIW, I'm using a S1050.) I totally get what you're saying though. I am hoping to not clutter up my reloading area with a bunch of toolheads but it will come down to the fact that my time is more valuable than the cost of a couple toolheads or a little clutter. My workflow will be Universal decap in 1, swage in 2, trim in 5, and debating adding an M-die on 7. Then run them through the tumbler for a short run and be ready to load.
  5. Hi, long time reader, first time poster. After a long hiatus of shooting factory ammo, I'm getting back into reloading given the current craziness and have some questions. I've tried searching but haven't seen an exact response to the question so I apologize if this has been covered previously. Assuming you're going to buy a new toolhead dedicated for case prep, is there any reason not to use a short toolhead for all case trimming? (FWIW, its primarily .223, .308, & 6.5CM, with maybe a couple less common low volume calibers thrown in the mix.) I know you need to use the short toolhead for short cases. I don't reload .300BLK but may in the future. Since the dies adjust from the shell plate, I'm thinking the short toolhead should work for all my cases. And that way I'll be good to go if I add .300BLK in the future. Or is it better to use a normal toolhead with more threads in contact with the die and only use the short one when you absolutely need it?
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