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  1. How fast are you driving your rounds?
  2. Thanks everyone. The local IDPA matches just go out to 30, but sometimes I'll shoot an outlaw match that does have stop plates at 100. Also I want to use this as a training tool so reaching out to 100 is important. So I'm thinking I'm going to need two loads, the IDPA load and the outlaw/training load.
  3. So I'm sighted in at 50 yards with my 16 inch barreled PCC. I used my go to load, 147 gr coated FP, 3.9 gr WSF, developes 1050 fps out of my PCC, just under 900 fps out of my Smith 9c, and just over 900 fps out of my 5 inch 1911. 115 Winchester FMJ factory loads clocked 1450 fps. Right now my 50 yard zero and 147 load is also zero at 25 yards BUT 6 inches low at 100. I know I can load 115 down to 1100 fps but for anyone shooting them and zeroed at 50 what kind of drop do you have at 100? Ideally I'd like to be at 130 PF and within 1.5 inches above/below line of s
  4. I've been following this because I'm gathering parts for a build. I plan to use a conversion block in a standard AR receive, largely because I have several and buying a dedicated AR9 receiver in the communist nation of California is a head ache. Anyway has anyone tried the new setup offered by Taccom? Seems they found the smily spring too. https://taccom3g.com/product/taccom-short-stroke-upgrade-kit/
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