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  1. bigeric

    P320 X5 Thread

    what load are you using?
  2. Thanks for the tip about .01 hazmat and shipping!! I usually find out too late.
  3. I got mine back last week. They had them a while, probably just over a month. After they reworked them, they are just like I expected. I polished the sear to trigger bar surface before I put them in. I have an X5 and an RX full-size so I have one FCU with the PELT 2 trigger plus kit and one with the X5 flat and the trigger kit. They are within 1/2 pound of each other.
  4. I received and installed two (standard P320 and X5) today. When pulling slowly have a first click / false break, followed by a slightly gritty pull to the break. Guess my strikers will have to go back too. By the way, each kit came with 4 sear springs.
  5. bigeric

    P320 X5 Thread

    I had this both when it was brand new and after sending it in for the upgrade. When it was new, the ramp on the bottom of the barrel was where the friction was. After some grease and a few hundred rounds, it eased up. After I got it back from the upgrade, it was worse than it was new. Luckily, I had an RX and another 320 and could do some comparisons of FCU, slide, striker etc. Turns out that the new X5 striker (even though they said it wouldn't need one) was binding as the slide came back into battery and cocked the striker. It smoothed out after a couple hundred rounds. If it hadn't, i was going to call customer service. If you can swap out the striker / slide with another to test, you might find the same thing. That striker still doesn't cock as smoothly as the others but it's fine under slide movement from full slide lock.
  6. a bit of grease on the ramp on the bottom of the barrel lock seemed to help when mine was new.
  7. Can't wait to hear how this shoots. Can you take a picture of the ramp/chamber of the barsto barrel? I'm curious how it looks compared to the stock one. Thanks in advance.
  8. bigeric

    Grip module

    If you want beefier, perhaps you could try the new Hogue P320 grip sleeve on the medium X5 grip module.
  9. bigeric

    P320 X5 Thread

    If the grittiness comes during take-up, it's likely the safety lever and striker safety interactions. Several months ago, on one of the forums, there was some info on where to polish to smooth that up but not sure how effective it was or if it covered all the necessary friction points. If you do experiment and find how to improve things, it would be great to hear the details.
  10. bigeric

    P320 X5 Thread

    I have a P320 X5 and P320 RX full size. when swapping the FCUs, the lock-up is identical. The FCU rails and the slide's grooves are identical. The lockup difference seems to come from the bottom of the barrel block (ramp?) which results in less vertical play when locked up.
  11. bigeric

    P320RX vs the X5

    The full size allows you to use an aftermarket guide rod and 1911 recoil springs to tune to your load.
  12. I sent in 3 pistols for the upgrade: one 9mm full size, one 9mm RX full size, and one X5. One of them came back somewhat difficult to go back into battery. After swapping slides between them, then swapping strikers back and forth, I found that one striker was binding up / dragging as it was cocked going into battery if I just pulled the slide back partially rather than from full slide lock. Turns out it loosened up after firing a couple of magazines. (I checked that it was in battery before firing each round for the first couple of magazines.) I'd suggest checking if the striker is in wrong or has some foreign material on it before calling customer service.
  13. I just bought a brand new 650 (after using a Square Deal B for a year.) Sport Pistol leaked until I polished the powder and spacer bars and added cellophane tape to the spacer bar. It didn't leak from the older SDB powder measure.
  14. I just got a brand new 650 and am using Sport Pistol. I had powder seeping around the bar. Had to polish the powder measure bars and add cellophane tape to the spacer bar to get rid of the little bit of play that let the fine powder seep out. A quick google showed that it's not uncommon but the fix is quite easy.
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