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  1. On a 1050, would I lose the powder check station if I installed a Mini bullet feeder?
  2. S&W627shooter

    P320 X5 Thread

    Which barrel do you have? Is yours one of the early X5s? If I were to buy a new one now, would it have the same potential problem?
  3. I had not thought about it messing with my trigger reset. I have a CMC 9mm trigger.
  4. Right now I am using a heavy pistol buffer and a .308 rifle spring in a Phase 5 Rifle Stock Assembly. I was wondering if switching to the Taccom Adjustable Recoil System would reduce felt recoil or reduce the dot movement? Does anyone have experience with this system? I would also like to know if its worth getting the extra short stroke upgrade kit.
  5. LOL. My bad. I thought he was looking for a moonclip loader. I didn't read carefully enough.
  6. You should contact Will Katz at Resurgent. I got a bad safety, and he replaced it with one that worked perfectly. I have 5 ARs set up with his grips and safeties.
  7. Does the shroud attach to the rail on the handguard? My friend runs a Ruger PC, and he would love this! Will you be selling them?
  8. +1 I also run the Strike Industries charging handle with the add-ons, and I love it!
  9. I run a 31 rd glock mag with an MBX "Mini" attached. I usually load only 40 rounds in it, and it is perfect for nearly every USPSA stage. I carry 31 rounders with MBX +6 pads for my backups. For classifiers, I like the Magpul 21 round mags. They are short enough to reload easily, and they are big enough to get a good "beer can" grip on them. my $.02
  10. If you want to make your CA compliant, you need to get the resurgent arms grip, extended 45 degree safety, and the ergonomic end plate to protect your hand from the castle nut. I put one on all my ARs including my 3-gun and my PCC . I think it works really well. As close as a pistol grip as you can get. https://resurgentarms.com
  11. https://phase5wsi.com/rifle-mini-stock-assembly-rmsa.html This is what I put on my PCC gun in red of course. lol
  12. https://www.strikeindustries.com/shop/products/ar/ar-stock/viper-pit-ar-are-t7.html
  13. I would not roll back the clock for multiple stop plate hits. It is the shooters responsibility to know when he should stop shooting. The total time is from the buzzer to the last shot fired. Rule 6.5 says "Scoring is done on a "total time" basis. The accumulated time of all runs, plus target hits, plus penalties equals total time. That will be the score." In your scenario, If the shooter missed a plate, then shot the stop plate, then took a make-up shot at the missed steel, I would score it as follows: total time would include the last make-up shot, and the shooter would be score a miss on the plate because it was shot after the stop plate. Any shots after the stop plate do not count for score, but they would count for time. Maybe that's harsh, but that is how I would score it.
  14. I would argue that the buying the 929 and putting a dot on it would be joining the dark side. LOL
  15. Sorry. I edited my post. It's the MBX PCC comp
  16. I had my 16" barrel cut down to 13.25" and added the MBX PCC comp. It's 3" long, it's , it looks good, and it works. https://mbxextreme.com/index.php?page=PCC_Comp_Mount_CTR
  17. I have an M&P 9 with a "thumb safety ready" frame and sear housing block that will not accept an APEX RAM. Which sear housing block do I need to order to be able to install a RAM? I bought a S&W sear housing block from midwayUSAthat works with the RAM, but it does NOTt work in my frame. It only works on the ILS frames, not with the thumb safety ready frames. Any suggestions? https://www.midwayusa.com/product/546264/smith-and-wesson-sear-housing-block-without-integral-lock-and-magazine-safety-s-and-w-m-and-p-m-and-p-compact-9mm-luger-357-sig-40-s-and-w?utm_medium=email&utm_source=service&utm_campaign=order-confirmation&utm_content=product-description-link
  18. I like the Costa Catalyst as well, but when I tried to get another one for my second M&P, I couldn't find it anywhere for sale. Does anyone know where can I get one?
  19. Check out the Strike Industries Rex Riser. I put my FastFire3 on one, and I love it! https://www.strikeindustries.com/shop/r-ex-riser.html
  20. I sent a DM on Instagram to @cmctriggers and they replied that the PCC trigger will be available "within the next couple weeks"
  21. Does anyone know how to fix a problem in the Contacts app? I used to be able to send group emails by typing the name of the group like ICORE 1 in the BCC line of the email, but those groups I created do not show up when I type ICORE 1 in the BCC line. It still works on my iPhone, but not on my Mac Mini. When I open contacts and click on the group ICORE 1, I can see all the names, but in the window on the right where it normally shows all the contact info for each contact I select, it says "no Cards" I'm confused Chris
  22. I have a CMC trigger that I would like to put into my New Frontier 9mm lower. I have a New frontier upper with a Kaw Valley Precision standard 9mm bolt and KVP match barrel. Will the CMC trigger work on this gun? I have heard that certain drop-in triggers don't function properly on 9mm AR PCC gun. Thank you, Chris
  23. Good point. I guess I was thinking if my primary mag crapped out right at the start, I might need another big stick. I've watched a few people have feeding issues and have to dump their big stick on the first array.
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