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  1. S&W627shooter

    Which Sear Housing Block?

    I have an M&P 9 with a "thumb safety ready" frame and sear housing block that will not accept an APEX RAM. Which sear housing block do I need to order to be able to install a RAM? I bought a S&W sear housing block from midwayUSAthat works with the RAM, but it does NOTt work in my frame. It only works on the ILS frames, not with the thumb safety ready frames. Any suggestions? https://www.midwayusa.com/product/546264/smith-and-wesson-sear-housing-block-without-integral-lock-and-magazine-safety-s-and-w-m-and-p-m-and-p-compact-9mm-luger-357-sig-40-s-and-w?utm_medium=email&utm_source=service&utm_campaign=order-confirmation&utm_content=product-description-link
  2. S&W627shooter

    anyone Try one of these in their M&P?

    I like the Costa Catalyst as well, but when I tried to get another one for my second M&P, I couldn't find it anywhere for sale. Does anyone know where can I get one?
  3. S&W627shooter

    Razor red dot riser

    Check out the Strike Industries Rex Riser. I put my FastFire3 on one, and I love it! https://www.strikeindustries.com/shop/r-ex-riser.html
  4. S&W627shooter

    CMC Trigger for AR-9 PCC?

    I sent a DM on Instagram to @cmctriggers and they replied that the PCC trigger will be available "within the next couple weeks"
  5. Does anyone know how to fix a problem in the Contacts app? I used to be able to send group emails by typing the name of the group like ICORE 1 in the BCC line of the email, but those groups I created do not show up when I type ICORE 1 in the BCC line. It still works on my iPhone, but not on my Mac Mini. When I open contacts and click on the group ICORE 1, I can see all the names, but in the window on the right where it normally shows all the contact info for each contact I select, it says "no Cards" I'm confused Chris
  6. S&W627shooter

    CMC Trigger for AR-9 PCC?

    Cool thanks
  7. S&W627shooter

    CMC Trigger for AR-9 PCC?

    I have a CMC trigger that I would like to put into my New Frontier 9mm lower. I have a New frontier upper with a Kaw Valley Precision standard 9mm bolt and KVP match barrel. Will the CMC trigger work on this gun? I have heard that certain drop-in triggers don't function properly on 9mm AR PCC gun. Thank you, Chris
  8. Good point. I guess I was thinking if my primary mag crapped out right at the start, I might need another big stick. I've watched a few people have feeding issues and have to dump their big stick on the first array.
  9. Full disclosure: I havent finished building my PCC gun so I'm asking noob questions: Has anyone tried carrying them base pad down in a pouch so you don't have to flip a really long mag around to load? I'm planning to use a MBX mini on a glock big stick. Is that a good way to carry the mags? If so, what kind of pouch would hold an MBX mini?
  10. S&W627shooter

    Pcc stock on belt start question

    Is there an official answer to whether or not the Fang is considered part of the buttstock? I was thinking of installing one.
  11. S&W627shooter

    Pcc stock on belt start question

    That makes sense! thx
  12. S&W627shooter

    Pcc stock on belt start question

    Do the USPSA rules allow for a "port arms" start?
  13. S&W627shooter

    Which magazine insert for the 33 round mags?

    OK, that is the one I have. I am a Glock dummy. I thought that the insert would have a stud since the base pad has a hole. Thank you very much. The picture helped!
  14. S&W627shooter

    Which magazine insert for the 33 round mags?

    I lost the magazine insert for my 33 round 9mm block magazine and I need to order another, but I do not know which one to order. I have an old magazine insert in my parts box, but the post that locks into the hole in the base pad doesn't line up with the hole. Can someone point me in the right direction or explain what I'm doing wrong? Thank you, Chris
  15. S&W627shooter

    CA Legal AR

    Does anyone know the details of the new AR laws in CA? If I have a featureless rifle without using a bullet button, is it still legal? Does every rifle regardless of its configuration have to registered as an "Assault Rifle"?