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  1. I am planning to use the safariland lowride hanger and a QLS attachment, so I can remove the holster easily.
  2. Awesome. I'll order directly from them. Thank you
  3. Speed Beez on Amazon is $73 plus tax = $78.66 (Here by Feb 24-27) Com-Tac is $78 plus shipping = $75.31 Does anyone know how long Comp-Tac takes to ship?
  4. That is good to know. I’ll call them. Thx
  5. I just checked, and their website does not show any holsters for the 627
  6. My son just started shooting my 627 in ICORE, and I he needs a good kydex holster. I saw the Speed Beez holster on Amazon, and was wondering if anyone had any experience with them? https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B01JN2NVLK/?coliid=INHNWQ8FX2PGN&colid=U4P8KSA7WLUD&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it Is there a better option? Thank you, Chris
  7. Cool. I’m going to order two sets of bits. One for the bench and one for the range bag thank you!
  8. Cool. That is perfect. Are they the right profile for the screws? One person gave a negative review that the bits were not hollow ground and would strip the screws
  9. I had to take the side plate off my revolver to replace a broken firing pin at a match the other day, and the only bit in the small Wheeler screwdriver kit in my range bag that would fit the screw bent under pressure. I had to borrow someone's bit. Does anyone know exactly which bit I should get for the side plate screws on a S&W revolver? Thank you, Chris
  10. I used the SDM on my 627 for years, but eventually I had to put a piece of tape on the fiber because it was too bright. It washes out the sharp edges of the sight for distance shooting, like on Far and Near Standards. Now I use a Dawson, and I really like it. The narrower front post gives a little more clearance for better visibility of the target, and it is bright enough for me.
  11. The only downside I can see is using that loading lever like their D60 has. It would be nice if you could use an uplula. Does anyone know what the price will be?
  12. Or, just buy the APEX Tactical hammer and springs kit ($160), and a firing pin ($16); and then put them in yourself. Its not too difficult, you don't have to wait for your gun, and it's satisfying to do your own work! I dropped an APEX hammer into my 929, took out the rebound slide and replaced the spring (with the heavier one in the kit), then slightly polished the rebound slide before I replaced it, and it was a smooth 5# trigger. You could always make the trigger heavier for non-federal primers by tightening the mainspring if needed. https://store.apextactical.com/WebDirect/Products/Category?categoryId=24
  13. One day shoot with a random prize table handed out at registration or at lunch. Short awards at the end.
  14. I put the long one on my 627, and I love it! I do, however, recommend checkering it for a little more grip.
  15. I agree, cutting down Long Colt doesn't achieve much. I know guys who get .38 special cases and cut them down to .9 because the .38 were cheap and plentiful. However, it is much easier to just buy Starline Long Colt, and load with 3.0-3.3 grains of Hodgdon Clays and a 170 grain Billy Bullet.
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