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  1. In my limited guns, I prefer heavy and slow. I feel a difference in the recoil impulse. A lighter bullet going faster has more muzzle flip. I use a 170 grain bullet in my 627.
  2. Definitely have a yoke screw or two handy, and replace it before it before the spring inside goes bad. I had to replace mine mid-match, because I was going to replace it before the match and forgot. A lot of unnecessary points on that stage.
  3. 627 because I tried the 929, and it was too much trouble to work up a load, and for some reason, I just didn't like the way it felt in my hand compared to my 627. Maybe it's just what I'm used to. I like having the option of .38 short colt, long colt, special, and .357.
  4. When my firing pin bushing started to erode in my 627, I had Randy Lee at Apex Tactical press in a new bushing. Better than new!
  5. Does Tai still sell the racks? I couldn't find a website.
  6. It looks like Speed Beez has the exact same rack that Tai Johnson makes (or made?). https://www.speedbeez.com/product/tek-lok-627-moon-clip-belt-rack-8-post-fits-smith-and-wesson-627-929-9mm-2/ I wonder if he sold them the rights? The belt clips are a nice feature when you want to go prone and remove the rack quickly. That's what I always do for the 50 yard line of Far and Near Standards.
  7. I use a custom kydex holster by Chris Stewart, and I have been using a Mag-na-Rack by Tai Johnson for over 10 years, and it is perfect! My son uses a Comp Tac (Speed Beez) holster. You could also use Hogue moon clip holders The Hold-All https://www.hogueinc.com/competition/ammo-holders/holdall-universal-moon-clip-holder-black-pack-of-four They are light weight, fast, and they work really well.
  8. Wow, impressive work! I love to see revolver innovations.
  9. Yes, I wanted to be able to take off my rack for one part of one stage--the 50 yard prone string of Far and Near Standards. I have a Hogue 2-post holder that I keep clipped on the back of my belt for emergencies and specifically for this one string of Far and Near. Other than that one stage, in 20 years of shooting ICORE, I do not remember having to go prone in a field course.
  10. I was thinking of ICORE competitions, not USPSA.
  11. I love my Swampfox. The glass seems as good as vortex to my eyes, and it has more features for less money. https://www.swampfoxoptics.com/arrowhead-lpvo-series I got the 1-10 Red BDC, and the ix was clear enough to use in a 3-gun match for all close-up targets. It's not as fast as a red-dot, but it's close.
  12. I just added Tech-Loks and it served two purposed: move the clips out further and make the rack easy to take off when I needed to go prone.
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