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  1. Yes, I wanted to be able to take off my rack for one part of one stage--the 50 yard prone string of Far and Near Standards. I have a Hogue 2-post holder that I keep clipped on the back of my belt for emergencies and specifically for this one string of Far and Near. Other than that one stage, in 20 years of shooting ICORE, I do not remember having to go prone in a field course.
  2. I was thinking of ICORE competitions, not USPSA.
  3. I love my Swampfox. The glass seems as good as vortex to my eyes, and it has more features for less money. https://www.swampfoxoptics.com/arrowhead-lpvo-series I got the 1-10 Red BDC, and the ix was clear enough to use in a 3-gun match for all close-up targets. It's not as fast as a red-dot, but it's close.
  4. I just added Tech-Loks and it served two purposed: move the clips out further and make the rack easy to take off when I needed to go prone.
  5. My complaint about the plunger style screw is that when they get loose and back out a little, it is easy to push the yoke past the screw, but not nearly as easy to push back into place without backing the screw out several more turns. When you are on the clock, it is not intuitive to loosen the screw more in order to get the cylinder back in place before then tightening it again enough that it won't come out in your hand at the next reload. I've had to do this with my thumbnail on the clock. NOT COOL!
  6. In twenty years of shooting S&W revolvers in competition, I have never had to index the cylinder when I closed it. I have seen people spin the cylinder as they were closing it like it was the Price is Right, but it just sounds like its wearing out the gun unnecessarily.
  7. That sounds like a work around a problem that should not exist. I would try EDM cut clips!
  8. Have you tried TG with the 147 xtreme? I was wondering if my current 9mm load for my other pistols would be good. 147 xtreme, 3.3 TG, Fed Small Pistol, 1.155
  9. I really like the looks of a tapered underlug like on the 627. I used to have a 625 with a 4" barrel in the mountain gun profile which was an underlug that went only part way down the barrel. It had a perfect balance, and it was very "fast" to transition. I didn't think that it adversely affected the recoil impulse. Conversely, my 686s with a full underlug on a 6" barrel have always felt barrel heavy to me. I would definitely cut back or taper the underlug if it were me, and I could find someone to do it correctly.
  10. Beautiful gun! Does cutting down the cylinder reduce the trigger pull since there is less mass to move?
  11. I have been running my 627 since 2006, and I love it. However, I also had to add a fiber optic front sight and a Ti cylinder. I then bought a 929 a while ago, but I was too lazy to convert to 9mm, and there wasn't enough of an improvement in my shooting to warrant a change. So, I sold it to a friend. However, if I were buying my first n-frame competition gun, I would go with the 929 from the start. It comes stock with the FO front sight, a Ti cylinder, and a longer sight radius! My $.02
  12. I just got my Swampfox Arrowhead 1-10 yesterday, and it is nice. The horseshoe part of the reticle is about twice as large as the 65 moa donut of a Holosun. The clicks of the turrets are positive and audible, and they lock down securely. I mounted it on an AR, and on 1X, keeping both eyes open is easy, and the outline of the scope tube seems to disappear. At 10x, the eye box is smaller, but it's not bad. Starting with the buttstock on my belt and the scope on 10x, I was able to shoulder the rifle and find my "target" quickly. I haven't gotten to the range yet, but my initial impressions a
  13. I am looking for a new scope for my 3-gun rifle. I would like something 1-8 or 1-10x in the $600 or less range. For the reticle, I like the "circle dot" reticle combined with BDC lines or chevrons. I have narrowed down my choices to: Primary Arms 1-8 w/ACSS Swampfox Arrowhead 1-10 Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8 Bushnell 1-8 AR Optics w/BTR-1 reticle Does anyone have any experience comparing these for optical quality, and whether they are a real 1X? Thank you, Chris
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