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  1. Davidp1911

    Open Gun Pictures

  2. Davidp1911

    Correct Way to Use Loc-Tite Thread Locking?

    Me too, I own a box full of those hi-tech tools
  3. Davidp1911

    being an idiot

    There are two types of shooter. Those who were DQ'd and those who are about to DQ'd... know your limits starting out, speed will come as you become more experienced.
  4. Using a dot on a pistol, both eyes open came naturally to me same with irons but as I get older I've been closing one eye with irons it help me focus, open remains the same.
  5. Davidp1911

    Stipple or Talon grips?

    Been using Talons and replace them when they wear. Stippling is permanent and does wear out which means buying a new grip.
  6. Davidp1911

    Torque and carry optics

    I torque at 8# with blue loctite seems to stay but I check regularly
  7. Davidp1911

    Correct Way to Use Loc-Tite Thread Locking?

    I clean contact surfaces thoroughly with rubbing alcohol before applying loctite
  8. Davidp1911

    Springs and followers

    arredondo teflon followers and wolf springs
  9. Davidp1911

    Opinions on a new red dot

    Might try the holosun eotech-like sight but will need to get the compatible mount
  10. Davidp1911

    Firing pin bent. WTH??

    Time to change the fp spring
  11. Davidp1911

    McLearn 13-5 comp

    Seen a few crack after a few thousand rounds but were replaced by Matt no prob.
  12. Davidp1911

    Cleaning Comp on Open gun

    I just dig it put with arrendondos tool works great
  13. Davidp1911

    Let's talk muzzle brakes... Again

    Also, dig the JP and Colts comp. Not as extreme as the SJC but effective
  14. No, cuz I like messing with old posters
  15. Davidp1911

    ZEV G35 KC Limited gun

    Yup, controled by thought old guys