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  1. Since P80 is now offering a serialized version now, it should qualify easliy for production/co since they're so popular and if they submit the paperwork.
  2. I was able to cram 2.5 ounces of fishing split shot on the backstrap. To me it balances out the gun a bit, still needs more weight. I'm only at 29.7oz now.
  3. I have a Spearcat in 38sc and it's a sweet ride!
  4. A little off topic... I shot a Kriss Vector CRB for about a whole season in PCC and was somewhat competitive against the AR9s excvept doing speed reloads I was at a disadvantage because of the left side mag release. It was actually more flat shooting than all my AR9s.
  5. Thanks dudes! I now have many options to try.
  6. What a beauty! How does it shoot??
  7. I would start with replacing the ejector and test fire, see how it ejects.
  8. Oh, didn't know they're the same action
  9. Shouldn't a Rem 700 be on your list?
  10. I agree, I've tried a few and settled on a GoGun racer cut. I even use a GoGun on my Origin 12 shotgun for 3gun and will droo.one on my Veprcat.
  11. Switched from Salomon Speedcross to Merrell Moab 2, better fit and traction all around.
  12. I modify my open pistol drills for PCC since I mostly shoot pistol stages.
  13. Q-tips and Windex glass cleaner then I apply some Rain-X.
  14. Loaded 600rds for CO. 200rds for open. Next will load 45s...
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