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  1. Isn’t OAL going to play a significant role?
  2. CZ 75B in .40. Not sure there are other choices.
  3. Something doesn’t seem right if you’re breaking that many. But as far as your carry pistol, just keep a new unused slidestop in it. Change it out when you shoot it at the range.
  4. SSP you need to manually decock. ESP you can start single action with safety on.
  5. bigdave24

    AO1 LD Review

    That’s very nice. Who did the slide milling?
  6. The CTS LSP will just fit in the box. But if you have a stage where you have to grab the gun out of the box, it’s very slow. That being said, it’s a great gun and fun to shoot.
  7. If you’re forced into ESP you can start cocked and locked. You might enjoy it more.
  8. bigdave24

    TS trigger freeze

    Have you checked your pre-travel screw? That’s what affected mine.
  9. Can you start hamner back, safety on in CO?
  10. bigdave24

    cz 75 long slide

    SA frame also has ambi safety.
  11. bigdave24

    cz 75 long slide

    Mine (and it appears yours), has the upswept beaver tail. So I thought it was the CZ 75 SA frame, not the standard frame.
  12. bigdave24

    cz 75 long slide

    Isn’t that what cz custom’s cts-lsp is?
  13. Let us know how those low profile screws work out. I had the same issue with the screw head of the 8-32 screws being too high.
  14. The standard front sight on a TS is a 7.5 mm. But if you replace it with a fiberoptic, alot depends on how you aim with a fiberoptic. If you want point of impact to be directly under the dot, you probably want an 8.0 or 8.5 mm fiber optic. If you want point of impact to be above the dot, a 7.5 might work. It also depends on how your particular gun and your eye aim with the standard front sight.
  15. It’s a great gun. Longer sight radius is nice, longer barrel lets you load with a tad less powder.
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