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  1. okorpheus


    Brings up another interesting question. If you are the RO/SO and suspect a squib on what you would expect to be the last shot, do you say stop or if you are finished. Does the answer change if it’s limited? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. okorpheus


    Couldn’t find anything in the rule book. Didn’t realize that was the case in USPSA until you mentioned it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. okorpheus


    If the squib happened on the 10th shot, it's a miss no matter what. No PE. He fired the required number of shots, the last one just didn't make it out of the barrel. If the SO stops him and there is no squib, it's a reshoot. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. I know this is an old thread, just curious if you ever got any load data for the lower loads of WSF with a 125gr bullet.
  5. Am I reading the new production rules correctly - is the Apex forward set flat trigger for the M&P now production legal? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  6. You could shoot the IDPA classifier with something like a Glock 30 and count it for SSP, ESP, CCP, and CDP. Only reason I can think of for wanting to is someone that likes to hop divisions and needs to satisfy the rule requiring a classified in the last year to shoot a major match. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  7. Are the gun manufacturers being reasonable about licensing or highway robbery?
  8. The match has to be conducted in a way to evaluate them equally. That doesn't every individual stage does.
  9. The relevant rules have already been listed: Appendix D8 #12 All references to “handgun” are deemed to apply to PCC as well, except where the terms “holstering”, “drawing”, or “re-holstering” are referenced. PCC handling is specifically referenced in the PCC rules addendum. 5.1.11 Handguns offering “burst” and/or fully automatic operation are prohibited. The combination of those rules seem to clearly rule out the use of an automatic PCC.
  10. That's interesting. I shot a local match this weekend that started with the unloaded gun and mags on a table. After shooting a few targets while seated, you grabbed mag(s) and moved on to one other shooting position. Only one more mag was needed to complete the CoF, but most folks just put their three mags on the table, and left one behind. I prepared to shoot I asked the SO about leaving a mag behind. He thought for a second and said I couldn't. So I didn't. Nor did I argue for all the previous shooters to get PEs. Move along. FWIW, I found much more range lawyering going on at local USPSA
  11. I think the "per target" rules it out. Probably a silly idea anyway.
  12. Would that have to be Virginia, or just a requirement in the WSB? (And would that be legal - targets (other than disappearing targets) that don't have to be engaged?) Yes Virginia, and like I said, not sure even I like it. All targets would have to be engaged, just not engaged equally.
  13. It actually put a thought in my head - does the number of shots allowed in Virginia count have to match the number of shots scored. I've been tossing that idea in my head to see if any applications come to mind. Something like 10 shots allowed, score best 6 on each target and have a closer target with two tight no-shoots and an open but much longer range target, shooter gets the choice of how to use the 10 allowed shots. Not sure if it's legal, less sure I like it, but it's a stage idea rolling in my noggin.
  14. Just a note - NROI has issued a clarification for that changes "insufficiently" to "incorrectly" engaged in the string or stage (just so we don't get into arguing semantics around that as we move along here... ). Gary owes you a cookie. There was only one target engaged insufficiently per string. There were 2 targets engaged incorrectly. You're right, I was forgetting T2 was actually done right. if the word is insufficiently - 2 procedurals, incorrectly it's 4.
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