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  1. Do the lenses have to be purchased within the normal warranty period? Do you need a purchase receipt? I can't find it but do they make a rebuild kit for Rydons anymore? I wear mine at work everyday and they need fixing up. Thanks
  2. I learned this lesson the hard way. Keep an eye on it. During a match I notice something flying forward (my comp) and my next shot was considerably different. This was around the 18k mark.
  3. What I think would be interesting would be to use a ransom rest or something similar that would take the human out of the equation.
  4. I've got an email to Dan and am patiently waiting to hear back
  5. I am looking for reasoning either way. I have always had my STI's highly stippled but notice what seems like a majority use grip tape. I will be sending my pro off to Burwell for a trigger and could have him do the stippling at the same time. Another question on the Burwell stippling, why wouldn't you cover the entire grip area like grip tape would? I will set this gun up for production but use it for 3gun also.
  6. Love it! Is that your pic? How much of a pizza box target does the chevron cover up at 25 yards? Is it as bright as the Vortex? Thanks
  7. Good review...I wish it had through scope pics to go along with the write up
  8. Any through scope pics? I think this could be a winner
  9. Do you have any pics of it installed on your m2?
  10. CJW Did you test it out with a hot barrel? Got any pics or a link?
  11. Nice work. I was thinking of modding a chameleon belt. Do you have any pics of how you mounted them?
  12. I think plaques are great for class winners. But I hate to watch lower classes walk the prize tables before me when overall I beat them. It is ridiculous. The prize table should be order of finish.
  13. It seems that we have a few AD's in this discussion. I am the match director of the Oregon club that lost its sanctioning due to the club's new rule of no muzzles above the berm. I agree that USPSA needed to pull from our club as that is what the rules state. Did I like it, NO, but I understand. My question is how does the census feel about IDPA's new rule sets that include the range to impose their own safety rules as they deem necessary? Will you stand up and stop shooting IDPA because of the rule? I can see both sides of the coin with the muzzle above the been rule. Our club is situated in an urban are and by all means, if a round left the range, it could hit property or worse a person. From a clubs perspective, it would be their lawsuit and not the person who fired the round. In our case a well know master shooter had launched 3 rounds in less than six months and was even found on YouTube to not be the slightest remorseful just after doing it. In fact he laughed and joked about it. My SC and I took a stand and banned him from any event at our club for six months, including the USPSA points series for slots. Would have liked to ban him from the section but it was not in our bylaws. This was not enough for our clubs board as they now saw all USPSA shooters as a bunch of inconsiderate a-holes.
  14. I think that raising prices in an effort to limit the amount of people to shoot the match is silly. I do support a price increase if the money goes into the match. I really appreciate spending my vacation time at a match that builds NEW props/targets ect. I also think that the RO's should be compensated well. Just shooting the match for free is not considered well. If price increases go to these two areas I am in total support. Prize tables are great and some entrance fees should go into the pot, but realistically, the majority of customers who would pay the price increase are not likely to take advantage of a couple extra rifles on the table. Back on topic: In my opinion the best way is to host it as a lottery similar to hunting. You can put in as a party or singular and if you don't get in that year you earn a preference point for next year. You could also set it up to buy a preference point (like hunting) if you know you can't go this year but would like a better shot next year. Charge a $25 processing fee. I am not a computer guru, but that system has been in place for a long time and it seems to work well. Give an open enrollment time of a week so systems don't crash, then give out the results a couple days later. I also see the amount of competitors outpacing the amount of matches. I know that it is alot more demanding of MD's and staff, but I really like what Travis and the MGM crew did. I think this is a better option vs making the match a 6 day match for all. In this case I would limit competitors to one of the two matches unless there are left over slots.
  15. Mark, I would agree most of the time but I have been on long field courses where my breathing was less than optimal and a braced position was best. Ironman was one of those matches.
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