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  1. i actually think you should get a stage DQ on any stage u shot wrong equipment, and the option to shoot open the rest of your stages, or to reconfigure gear to meet original division specs and finish match. Either way, stage DQ stands as your score since wrong equipment was used and a DQ for any stages shot prior to discovery of equipment violation. What might be considered an exception is the circumstance that is probably the most common reason for folks being"bumped to open" the >9 rds at start. Kinda may not fit the "wrong equipment" category. For this particular infraction an added time penalty might be sufficient. (Unless the match calls for a"gun may not excee X capacity" in the rules, which would be an equipment violation and handled as noted above)
  2. I really enjoyed this year's Pro-am. Had a great squad. Kind of reminded me of first couple years. Even Thursday night had a crowd of folks in the parking lot, Friday and Sat night were even better. Every year has a time-out trap. this year had two. Got to deal with quite a bit of mud, but the staff and shooters took it all in stride. Stages were typical with 100 sec par time. Two had slung rifles at start. Notes for next year's match. Bring more beer for Friday night so u don't have to go on a run.
  3. U know the best thing you get with the 12 round tube? Options. And options are real nice to have in this game.
  4. If you build one great. If you buy a 3-gun ready rifle, great. Just please do your best to buy either the rifle, or the parts from companies that have a history of supporting 3 gun.
  5. I used to zero irons and dots at 300 yards. I had a hard time getting away from 300 since I was familiar with those holds. Lately I have been zeroing at 200. Only shot one major with a 200 yard zero so far, but 200 is probably better for a dot.
  6. If someone gave me a stoeger 3000, I would probably keep it in my safe. The same place my m2 has been since I got my 1301.
  7. I have seen what appear to be some real deals on new pump guns similar looking to the Nova, maybe they are great alternative or have some advantage. But if not, the extra $100-150 for the nova is probably well worth it. Or go find a used one for Same$$$.
  8. I shot a 1301 for about a year with just a tube and a hi.viz front bead added. still shooting it with a few more mods, but was pretty darn good out of the box.
  9. I have shot thousands of the Walmart bulk pack federal 7.5 and 8 shot. In my SLP, nova, m2, and 1301. All 4 guns like them.
  10. I just got a Doubleatar ARC a few weeks ago and although not super-light (6.8 lbs) it is the lightest rifle I have and I like it a lot so far. Is it gonna replace my 18" gun for big open terrain matches? No. But it Might see some use here and there at locals and short course matches, for no better reason than I think it is cool. And if you really think a gun is cool, you shoot it better right?!
  11. Really all u need is enough slack to loop the sling over the mag tube and and a swivel to attach to the butstock.
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