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  1. I believe the Valkeries advantage will be durability. The Grendel’s weakness is its bolt and extractor. Just not enough meat in the bolt face. I’ve shot mine for the last couple of years at local and regional matches. and have broken extractors twice. Both times during matches Last match was 3 Gun nation team match, 2 out of three Grendel’s went down with broken extractors. Mine was an AA the other was a JP. Both rifles had a lot of rounds down the tube. The Valkeries 6.8 bolt has a good bit more steel in the face and should have more longevity. A broken rifle when your doing well in a m
  2. Second on the Gamechanger. The guy that designed and built those is a friend and top notch shooter.
  3. For a trainer, get a 223. Much cheaper. I practice my positional shooting with a 223 to avoid using up barrel life in my Creedmoor. Ive been shooting a Grendel for the last year and a half in local and regional long range matches. Beyond 600 it outpaces the 223 quickly. Energy on target is no comparison, and I have no trouble getting hits called out to 1K. The Grendel's Achilles heel is bolt wear. I've broken two extractors and it seems this is a common problem that shows up about 1 K rounds.
  4. It's time plus penalties rather than points. Separate divisions for gassers and bolts. 6-8 targets per stage, unlimited round count. Gas guns out to 800. Bolt guns out to 1K . 2-3 MOA targets.
  5. TAC is what I use for long range 223 loads under a 75 Hornady or 77 SMK. It works equally well with the 68 -69 grain bullets. I tried CFE 223 and got decent speeds, but never found a load that that was really accurate out of my rifle. We push the 223 heavies out pretty far in some local DM and Precision matches. 7-800 is pretty easy once you have good dope and wind holds. This is out of 18" 1-8 twist AR's. The pic is a 600 yd group out of an AR built by Apache Machine. 20" Kreiger 1-7.7" twist, 77 SMK over TAC in LC brass lit by a BR4.
  6. Armalite Naional Match A2 base and a .040 post from White Oak Armory.
  7. Krieger makes a gas gun barrel in 6.5 CM. There is an awesome rifle builder, Apache Machine, close to you that will profile/ shorten and chamber it. If he does the work, I guarantee it will be a shooter. He built my PRS rifle. I have and Armalite AR10 that does double duty. 20" 308 barrel for HM and a Kreiger barreled 6.5 upper in the works for DM and local precision matches. Krieger and Bartlein are the only two blanks I would even consider. Every one I've had shot lights out. I've had Shilen, Lilja, and BHWs that where hit or miss. Some shot great. Some were average, some less than a
  8. The concern over Hornady brass is much ado about nothing. I've shot lots of groups in the twos and threes with Hornady 6.5 brass and had good finishes in some very competitive matches. A friend won rookie of the year and finished 11th in the PRS series shooting Hornady brass. The Hornady brass and ammo is good stuff.
  9. Great info. I would add that PRI makes a same plane clamp on gas block for both Armalite and DPMS rifles. I use this in conjunction with a Troy clamp on front and DPMS rear on my AR-10. Its rugged and works really well.
  10. I like them for a shotgun target. They make shooters slow down and think. When I put one out at our local match , I grease it, then set it up about 15 yds from the fault line and shoot it with an IC choke and Federal bulk 7.5's because that's what 95% of our locals will be using. I can always spin them in 3 shots, occasionally 2. If a shooter whines too loud I'll shoot it to prove it can be done. It's a nice change from poppers, plates, and clays. I don't like them for a rifle or pistol target. Hit the top paddle as it going away from you an who knows where that round just went? Definite
  11. LGS had 2 24" We gave one away at The Coastal Carolina Tactical Shotgun match, the other went home with me . 900 + tax.
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