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  1. And so it begins. Shoot a little and make adjustments - shoot some more and adjust more. With more practice you will start to figure out what you need to make your gun run the way you need it to. Shoot safe and have fun.
  2. Did you use Loctite on the screws? And it doesn't hurt to check the torque on the screws every now and then, things can and do work themselves loose. Jim
  3. I had issues making weight with the G10 grips on my 1911's. I took them off and hollowed out the inside of the grip panel. I was able to make weight that way. Just be careful and don't cut to deep, stay away from the edges, the G10 panels are very strong. Jim
  4. If you stay with this game you will eventually end up using an inner and outer belt set up. Much more stable and easier to get on and off. Jim
  5. Mike, I don't think your doing anything wrong. The paddle attachment is just a looser fit because it was meant to be easier to get it on and off. I have 5 of the Comp-Tac International holsters and only use the belt loop attachment. Jim
  6. I have both a Safariland 334 belt and a DAA belt. And I like both of them equally. The Safariland belt is very stiff and handles the weight extremely well (I'm using it for Single Stack). The DAA belt is thicker and stiffer and is a little harder to mount your gear to(I'm using this belt in Limited and am using DAA pouches). Both belts are great. I would look at what your trying to mount on them, that should send you in the right direction. And yes I'm using the 030 inner belt for both outer belts. Jim
  7. I run five mag pouches starting at the point of my hip running back. First pouch is a Safariland 771, the other four are Safariland 773's. All my pouches are vertical. This allows me to bring the first mag pouch as far forward as possible and still reach my rearmost pouch. I find that angling the pouches doesn't allow my reloading hand to stay at the same angle when I reach for a magazine. That slows me down. Jim
  8. Dry fire at least twice a week, live fire weekly unless I'm coming up on a major match. Then I increase my live fire and work on my problem areas. Jim
  9. New link here: http://www.3gunrules.com/documents/multi-gun-info/multigun_stages/ Jim
  10. Just spent 40 minutes looking on Practiscore. I just finally found it. Got both the boy and I registered. Almost half filled. Jim
  11. I went with the ESS Crossbow http://www.esseyepro.com/Crossbow-2X-Kit_165_detail.html?color=5 and an insert http://www.esseyepro.com/Vice-Rx-Insert_118_detail.html . ESS was very easy to work with. Jim
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