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  1. I received the Les Baer CC with magwell, single sided safety, fiber optic front sight on friday that I had ordered from CJ at 1911Heaven. Took it out on the maiden voyage yesterday morning. Wiped it down on the outside, shot a bunch of lube into it after bumping the muzzle to get the action open (since its a Baer). I put 500 round of 230gr S&B, Winchester white box, and a hundred or so of my 200gr LSWC reloads through it. I expected multiple malfunctions due to break in. I didn't experience a single malfunction. the thing ran flawlessly. At 2000 bucks I think this thing is a winner.
  2. Thanks for this info. I just contacted him and ordered another Les Baer. Dang good prices and a super nice guy. Be ready to talk.......
  3. Gotcha Sarge. Have a good weekend.
  4. Well if you are talking about me I actually have 4 loading manuals. But thanks for your comment.
  5. I have my loads set to 1.135 and they plunk perfectly in my barrel. As well as my aftermarket Glock barrels. Crimp is .377 and slide in and out of my barrel as well as a case gauge nice and smooth. I pulled the crimped bullets and only a slight crimp ring and no gouging or damage to the copper plaiting. So far, so good.
  6. I will agree, I have been buying Blazer Brass for 8.49 a box. Just under 17 cents a round. Again, I am loading 9mm because I want to. Also, I think I can load it for around 100-120 per 1000 when I get my load developed and buy in bulk.
  7. Excellent information. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the replys. Yes, I will use a manual to verify all information but sometimes finding out real world info from guys actually doing it can be very valuable. Titegroup it is for right now as I have about 6 pounds of it. I do understand that there is not much in savings on loading 9mm right now. I just want to.
  9. I am looking to start loading 9mm for IDPA. I have only loaded .45acp and 12 and 28ga shotshells in the past. But I have loaded .45acp for many years. Being pretty new to competition I would appreciate a little advise in where to start in my load development. I will be shooting a Dan Wesson 9mm 1911 single stack for IDPA ESP. Items on hand to start are: Berrys 115gr plaited bullets Berrys 147Gr plaited bullets Titegroup powder CCI 500 Small Pistol Primers Once fired brass Everything I read says "load em long" so would a starting be like 1.13 or like 1.16 and then plunk to determine correct length? I just don't know where to start. Obviously I would then need to check that they fit in my Mags (Wilson, Tripp, and Dawson). I will probably try different bullets later but the Berrys is what I have on hand right now. I am not too sure on the Major/Minor power factor as I don't shoot USPSA yet. So I am looking for a nice medium load to work up from. Something good for local IDPA matches. Any advise or help would be appreciated as the threads I get when I search specifically talk about Major or Minor and I am not sure which I should go with. I wouldn't think I would need MAJOR loads. Loading on a Dillon 550. Thank You, KJ
  10. I love the Gen 5 G34. I had both a Gen 3 and Gen 4 34 but got rid of both of them in favor of buying 2 Gen 5's.
  11. Phoenix Rod and Gun as well. We were in squad 3. We already registered in squad 3 for next Saturday. It would be nice to meet you.
  12. Hello, I have been member here since 2002. Never posted as you all are so much more experienced than me. Learned a lot from your posts over the years and thought I should just say THANKS. Finally shot my first match (IDPA) on Saturday. Didn't come in last haha. Best thing is my son shot with me, his first match as well. He placed 8 spots ahead of me. And I couldn't be more happy. Just thought I would say Hi, and Thanks. KJ
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