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  1. Ok, I am going to suggest a solution- no offense to anyone - I saw similar results when I first got my trimmer used - and was just figuring out how to set it up. Is the carbide cutter on the trimmer shaft on backwards ? I was trying to figure out why I was getting the results I was in trimming some 30-06 - and it dawned on me to look at the cutter. when I turned it around, it worked as it should. the guy before me must have installed it backwards, and I did not know any better. I am trimming down 30-06 to 7.7 x58 right now and that is trimming a LOT of brass,no issues. ( I use a 308 trim die and adjust it to get min case length in the 7.7.)
  2. what parts do you need ? I have alot of spares. I could probably loan you until you get parts from dillon -
  3. I just finished up a big run of 223 on the super 1050. I ran into two different headstamps of brass that were berdan. I only broke one pin. It was some military stuff, weird number / symbol headstamp. Range pick up brass, so no idea where it was from . Mostly just stopped the press short so I was able to remove the brass. But there is berdan out there.
  4. I have done my first caliber change on the 1050 - made a metric boatload of 223 - switching over to load 7.62/308 . It took a while and I had to adjust pretty much everything. I have spare tool head, 308 conversion large primer conversion, plenty of brass and bullets. anyone have words of wisdom and things to look out for ? I am up and running at this point, but was wondering if there was stuff I needed to look at or watch out for ?
  5. where did you find enough boxer brass ? I have been saving it for years, and have maybe a thousand cases. And I have fired probably 200,000 rds of 8mm through various MGs....
  6. I use the Dillon mounts on the 550s and 650s, and got the shorter inline mount for the 1050S. It is as noted more a working height issue that "sturdy" issue, although I think the wider base to bench when using the inline mount vs the base of the Super 1050 makes it more stable. I reload standing and have all the machines on taller commercial benches.
  7. I have not tried 8mm, but 303 British and 8mm Lebel- yes on a 550. I have not gotten around to needing to reload 8mm yet, but have a crate of boxer brass saved. As far as parts, measure the base of the 8mm, But I would guess the 30-06 shell plate and pins would work, and the powder funnel may work, if not find another 8mm'ish case type and use that size . If the funnel is too small you could open it up a little too. You could call and ask Dillon - that is where I got the info for the 8mm Lebel parts on my 550. My guess is this would not be the first time they got asked that. Do you have enough brass to make it worth the trouble ?
  8. So I am in need of a large rifle plate, have plenty of everything else - Dillon is back ordered. While searching the interweb, I noted that the hornady plates "appear" to be the same, just different color. Anyone have any information on whether they will interchange ?
  9. the low primer alarm is a quick and easy fix for your problem. primer tubes are handy, but watching the little black rod is also an option- build it into your methodology. you can load primers BEFORE you run out- there is room for a full p/u tube when you have several primers left yet.
  10. I ran into this as well- you hit on the solutions I tried and that worked for me. Inner primer tube tip replacement. Readjust the swaging rod, and check your brass. The swaging rod should deal with crimped primers, but I needed to adjust . Clean is good, and I replaced the primer slide with the new dillon part . Expensive but it really fixed my priming issues.
  11. I found the oiled bronze bushing worked better in my loaders than the bearing kits. Just my perception. I have 5 -550s and 3 -650s, so it is a big deal for me. I will point out that the oiled bronze washer / bushing is available at ACE hardware in the cool little parts boxes department for like a buck fifty each. cheap test if you want to try it. Brian
  12. I had some of the federal primers, and no issues with my S1050 or 650.
  13. In this market you may be able to get 110% of the value, depending on caliber. I have gotten some killer deals on used loaders, but prices these days are near 100% of retail Put it on ebay- figure a good shipping amount. You can try to aim high and put it out on Craigs list, but then you get flagged a lot
  14. This was my first thought. Clean the press and focus on the shell plate. And use lube. I found sizing infinitely easier when it is used and less brass issues with lube.
  15. Lots of good info in this string - Hope it helps others. I wanted to update where I was at and answer some questions. Yes, running manually. This thing almost makes ammo faster than I can shoot it, even with hiccups. Set up in 223, and I have tried most of the suggestions presented here. The machine is pretty much new, very low round count. I am getting better at adjusting it. I did set the swaging rod a little deeper, and that seemed to help. I tried replacing the rubber roller on the Primer slide ( old style), and while that helped a little ( increased the mean time to failure some) it did not solve the problem. I called dillon, and ended up ordering the new slide part ( not cheap). I also tried different primers - shifted from Winchester to Federal match. It seems that the new primer slide with brass roller solved the problem. Everything else made incremental improvements and I tried to only change one thing at a time to evaluate the change. when I replaced the slide, the error rate has gone to zero so far, with about 1500 rds run on the new slide. I even went back to the winchester primers since I am making blaster ammo right now ( saving the match primers for my varmint loads coming up.) I removed the ratchet assembly a well, since I was running into a particular brass case in 223 /5.56 that was berdan, which jimmied me up on the depriming station. Now that I know what to look for, I am sorting those out anyway. I was a bit surprised since I did not think anyone made berdan.... Anyway, pretty happy with the loader now, I keep thinking I should set up another caliber but I just don't need it. I was thinking 308, but I don't have enough brass to make it worth the trouble and expense of getting a 308 conversion. I have two tool heads, 9mm and 45 acp conversions and dies, powder measures, but can't really justify those setups since I have 650s to load those.
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