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  1. I have not fired the SD but I have held both SD and LD side by side. I went in thinking the SD was for me but liked the LD way better. I would do the LD Optic ready.
  2. I have the same gun and I had to go 1.11 with mine.
  3. I can tell you that I just couldn't get 147gr Blues to shoot out of my Legion. I had to go back to 125s.
  4. Sorry that happened man. That's an expensive frame to replace.
  5. I have a bunch of of recoil springs on order for multiple guns. I picked up some 9 and 8 pound ones just to try. Worst case is I am out a few buck for springs I don't need.But my next round of loads I will be bumping up the charge a bit. I won't change the OAL as I have them at the max length I can and still work in all my 9mm guns.
  6. Definitely not ahead of the extractor. I did check that I will look at the other suggestions next range visit. I have not chronoed them. I will do that next time.
  7. I have been using BBI .45 230gr for a while now. Probably about 5000 so far. Been very happy with them.
  8. Yeah, I am running it wet. Especially with DW and Baer I like them spraying when firing at least for the first 1000-2000. Definitely think I will run 500 more through of factory ammo with it wet and then try the reloads again.
  9. Thanks Sarge. I have about 3000 of these loaded as they both work in my other guns. I guess I will bump the charge up a bit my next loadings.
  10. I picked up a DW Pointman 9 just for fun. May shoot it in ESP. I plunked my current 147gr and 124gr Blues reloads and they plunk and spin great. Both are on the lighter side as far as powder charge goes. But not too light. Bothe work in my DW SSC 9mm 1911. At the range both of them chamber off the mag perfectly. When firing almost every one of them the slide stops about an 1/8th of an inch from being fully in battery. A little touch of the thumb on the rear of the slide is all it needs. On 3 brands of factory ammo I have ZERO malfunctions. Is it possible the recoil spring in this gun is wrong for my reloads, to light or to heavy, or should I look elsewhere? Thanks
  11. My experiences in using Sig's customer service has been stellar each time. But I'm still not a fan of their optics.
  12. I see, my self included a lot of 9mm 1911s in ESP here. SSP mostly Glock and M&P by a large margin.
  13. I will be shooting tomorrow in 108 degrees here. A few weeks from now it will be hotter. We kind of just get used to it in AZ. It's not like we are going to not shoot!
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