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  1. No, I just feel like a dummy when I leave it up. Thanks pskys2
  2. I have never reloaded to shoot paper, only steel. And only to finish up if there is not an eight shot array in the next position or if there is lots of room to reload again before you hit the next array. I try to be mindful of how many rounds are in the gun but it's hard. I usually just want to keep moving. Slow down a little to get those tough hits. Like Alec said "just don't miss".
  3. Thanks so much MWP. I know that's super fast so maybe my instincts were right after all. I'll work toward faster reloads and plan ahead better. Thanks again.
  4. Roger that. Thanks, good advice. Much appreciated.
  5. Thanks for responding. So when you walk a stage beforehand you might discern when/ where in the stage you could afford to take advantage of an extra reload (if neccesary) or when it would hurt you. Or am I thinking too much?
  6. So if I would have reloaded and shot another "A" and added 2.5-3 seconds to the stage...depending on where the swinger was when I re-aquired my sights. The math would tell me if it was a good move if my HF improved. Is that right?
  7. My question is whether or not to reload when you miss (and you know you've missed) on a field stage. I always reload when I am shooting at steel. But I have tended to not reload between eight shot paper arrays, take the miss and just keep moving. Last weekend I shot a stage clean all but one miss on the swinger. And I knew I missed that shot, but I kept moving to the next array. Should I have reloaded to make up that shot??? My reloads are pretty quick but nothing to brag about. Is it better to reload to get those points? I know it depends on the stage layout etc...but I would love to hear from the more experienced shooters. Thanks
  8. I agree seanc. I think most guys don't realize they would be as good shooting a revolver as they are shooting in any other division, if they put in the time and energy.
  9. I think most guys shy away from revolver because it is perceived to be too difficult. Revolver division shoots slower than the flat gun divisions and guys want to go fast. At the match I frequent there may be as many as 125 shooters. Sometimes I am the only revo guy sometimes there are a half dozen of us. Since I started shooting my 627 in January I have received many compliments and a great deal of encouragement from all my shooting buddies and strangers alike. It has been fun and challenging. More guys will try revo when they see others dedicated to it and shooting it well. Many who shoot USPSA ask themselves "what should I shoot?" instead of "what do I want to shoot?" and end up shooting in a division, with a particular gun, for the wrong reasons. When/if they struggle they spend their energy on fixes instead of shooting and having fun. I want to have fun, shooting my revo is fun for me. Shoot your .38 super eight shot and have fun.
  10. That's good to hear Frankly thanks for checking that out. I wish I could have a bigbutt grip with the back strap covered. The thing I like about the Nill grips is that extra 3/8" of grip at the top of the back strap. But I am used to my Hogue grips now so I guess it's okay. Still I do think those Nills Master II grips are cool.
  11. Frankly... if the mainspring bears on the screw it could prevent the screw from flexing and ruin your trigger pull. If you back your strain screw out the mainspring is in a slightly different location inside the grip. I bought a Pachmayr grip and the grip screw needed to go right thru the exact spot where the mainspring was sitting. So now I'm paranoid.
  12. Wow those grips are super nice looking. I am very tempted but afraid the grip screw will make contact with my mainspring.
  13. Thank you that sounds good to me.
  14. Not sure where I got mine. It's aluminum. And I had to relieve the back of it so my empty moonclips wouldn't catch on it. I also had to reshape the underside to match the factory latch or it wouldn't slide forward enough to unlock the cylinder. Anyway it's looks like yours except it doesn't reach as high up as yours does.
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