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  1. Yep don’t need a 3 or 4 pound trigger. I miss Vic and “The Chicken”. Very cool guy. He kinda took me (and everyone else) under his wing when I was a newbie. I think most round gun shooters would agree with you on a solid rebound return, I sure do. Kind of funny but I’ve had this 627 setup stock with about 8lb trigger for decades. I never felt the need to bob the hammer or go in search of the holly grail of triggers. Just a revolver itch I guess. Maybe I have too much time on my hands in retirement!
  2. Here is an Excel Spread Sheet of the tests I've run.


    Rev Action Test only.xls

  3. Thanks thats what I have as well a V-Comp. Pretty sure this is the way I’m going to go. ‘’I I’m no gunsmith either but doing an action job on a Smith isn’t that difficult. The more complicated stuff I leave to the professionals.
  4. Thanks interesting stuff. I will do that too see what I come up with. As mentioned I don’t remember what I did in terms of springs for this set up. Measuring the trigger the gauge read 8 to 8.2lbs but it doesn’t feel that heavy maybe due to what you mentioned. Edit: Holding the trigger back with the hammer back and measuring hammer spring tension or the break over point, I’m getting around 48-50ozs (apron 3lbs). Thinking these may even be the stock springs. Funny I remember the 5 other revolver set ups but not this one. Thinking its time to go with competition springs and a bobbed hammer. Just do’nt want to go down an endless rabbit hole. I think 6-7 pounds would be fine. I’ll need to get some range time in and do some work from there.
  5. So will a bobbed hammer strike harder than a stock hammer if both were set at a 6 lb trigger pull? I set this 627 up over 20 years ago and don’t remember what springs I used. Too many revolvers and I’m beginning to suffer from CRS!
  6. Did a search but didn’t find what I was looking for. Has anyone played around with what the lowest trigger weight is to reliably set off Federal primers (SPP)? The reason I ask is I decided to reduce the trigger weight from 8lbs to 6lbs and I was getting about 20-30% light strikes. All I did was back out the strain screw one turn. Half a turn equaled about 1 pound. I know thats not the best thing to do but I’m thinking of installing a Apex hammer kit and re-polishing up the internals. It’s been a long time since I’ve detailed stripped, cleaned and polished up the internals. Currently running the stock hammer. Since I was at a fun steel match I didn’t have time to play with it. Just curious if anybody has some experience. I will say something in the 6-6.5lb range might be worth doing. At 8lbs since its very smooth I don't really notice it in match conditions. Last night I felt my splits were faster at 6lbs but with light strikes it was hard to tell. Not to mention since I was late to the match I stepped to the line to find my red dot battery was dead. Kentucky windage was all I had time for, lol. I then changed batteries, re-set the strain screw and cleaned the C-More glass all was good again.
  7. I like the idea of putting a red dot on it. If that doesn’t work try shooting a tighter group freestyle at 10 yards then move the distance back and make sight adjustments. You may find a 15 or 20 yard zero better. If you can’t get tighter groups at shorter distances shoot off a pistol rest. If you still have a single stage notch use it. If none of that works but a red dot on it!
  8. I have two 625s a 4” and 5”. And a Model 25 in 6 or 6.5”. I’ve shot major and minor in all these pistols and can’t really tell the difference in barrel length between the two power factors..625’s ruled the roost for awhile now its an 8 shot game, so I bought an 8 shot 627. I prefer shooting red dots. It’s a shame but most all revolver activity is gone in Southern CA. No steel challenge or ICORE to speak of. A few guys shoot USPSA regularly. Not sure what can be done to increase the popularity but what’s happened here can happen in your state. Lets keep revolver competitions alive! i just drove to AZ to compete in an ICORE match just to have fun with the round gun!
  9. It looks good. Amazing how bad the stock iron sights are. Clever use for that clamp. I didn’t even think of that as a jig. If I every drill mine I’ll be using it. I decided to put a C-More red dot on it to match my S&W627. After I get a few hundred rounds through it I’ll do an action job and clean everything up. Got everything else except the Hogue Big Butt grips are on order. Have to admit I wanted a 617 for a long time. Glad I had a friend give me the heads up when a local shop had one in stock and it was under MSRP.
  10. Okay that 15/22 is just sic! What barrel and hand guard did you use?
  11. I’ve shot them in ICORE and USPSA matches as well as practice. They are very tough clips to wear out. My experience with 625 clips when they do wear out they usually split in the half moon. I’ve never tracked how many rounds it took but it’s a lot. Bottom line is they are great for both practice and matches. Just buy some and run them through their paces. I think customer satisfaction is very high.
  12. I’ve been using RIMZ for 2+ decades. Mostly for the 625 and 25 platforms (45ACP). The 610 is the bomb just a perfect clip, lots of my friends have the 610. Wish Scott had them for the 627. I’ve moved to the magnetic carrier and use steel moons for the 8 shot. I completely agree with you as the bottom feeders will definitely step on your moons. They bounce back nicely.
  13. RIMZ moonclips are awesome. No tools are needed to load and unload and they never seem to wear out. Obviously they do not work with magnetic holders. All the post holders work well with them.
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