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  1. Bullet weights for different stages

    Make sure you use quality 55 grain bullets. Hornady V Max, Nosler Ballistic Tips or Sierra Blitz Kings will all give you good accuracy.
  2. Bullet weights for different stages

    Earlier this year, I purchased a bulk pack of Hornady 40 grain Zmax bullets to use in bay stages. Using my standard charge of 25.5 of H335, it's little more recoil than my .22LR upper. My normal load is using 55 grain Vmax or Nosler Ballistic Tips over the same load of H335. This load is used at Rocky Mountain 3 Gun with targets out to 550 or more yards.
  3. A couple of my friends that are older than I, shot their carry optics guns in Open. They were able to start with full tubes on their shotguns and mag restrictions were non existent for the rifle. My eyes are not what they used to be. I need correction for iron sights, with the astigmatism I have a dot is worse than than iron sights. Like many in my age range I also have cataracts that will need to be addressed when they are bad enough. I continue to use iron sights, with flip up readers that fit on my Decot glasses.
  4. Used Benelli m1 over a New M3K? Help me out

    Are you sponsored and will the sponsor pay for your shotgun? How much more is the used M1 over the Stoeger?
  5. Used Benelli m1 over a New M3K? Help me out

    Does the M1 have the barrel length that you want? If you have to buy a barrel, get the Stoeger, if the Benelli has the barrel you want get the Benelli.
  6. Shooting with Rifle Turned on Its Side

    If the rifle is ejection port up, hold on the right side of the target. Steel plates at the distances you indicate hold toward the top of the plate.
  7. Long Range Rifle for FREE!

    Our plans are for a little farther west than you, but no ocean view
  8. Long Range Rifle for FREE!

    A couple more years is the plan.
  9. Long Range Rifle for FREE!

    Pat, I live in the state where those are made, and cannot buy one.
  10. Stoeger M3000 Scattergun?

    In my experience, a lot of those two issues are related to ammo. Shotgun ammo over the past few years seems to have a lot more cost reduction than before. I can run Rio ammo in my M2, but not in my Super Nova. The plastic may be softer than the Herters that I get at Cabelas. The Herters runs just fine in the Super Nova and the M2. Winchester Universal that was sold at Walmart in 100 round bulk packs had very inconsistent crimps, those would ruin your day if you didn't cull the funky ones out as you were loading your shotshell caddies.
  11. Shotgun barrel clamp Affect on POI

    I use option 1, never had a problem with slugs if the extension had a slight wobble to it before tightening the clamp.
  12. 223 brass has crimp/indents on mouth of case

    Dave, My take is slightly different on the case length. I have had long cases "bottom out" in the seating die, causing the shoulder to mushroom, then, jam into the chamber. Most reamers are ground to allow some slop between the maximum length for the brass and the minimum to the end of the neck. Someone makes inserts that you trim the case back, a lot, then use the insert that is neck diameter, to find the maximum case length for the particular reamer that cut that chamber. I do run my brass through a Gracey trimmer, just to reduce the chance of malfunctions. Using quality bullets will most likely yield better results than being obsessed with trimming brass that was picked up at a range, and if it's surplus brass, maybe run through a SAW.
  13. Reliable .223 seating dies for progressive

    Redding micrometer dies have a floating sleeve to aid in alignment, although in the past they didn't recommend them for progressive presses. Another one you can try is the Hornady that use a sleeve and you can add their micrometer to the seater too.
  14. IMA Stealth divison, or Open.