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  1. help me spend my money - optics

    A First Focal Plane, the reticle increased and decreases in size as the power changes. The BDC is the same regardless of power. Second Focal Plane, the reticle is constant in size and the BDC is only calibrated at maximum power.
  2. Hello from Mass.

    Welcome! You're not the only one from Mass here.
  3. AR bullet recommendations wanted

    Sierra Match King, 52 or 53 grain.
  4. To Ambi or not to Ambi? That is the question

    If you're not left handed, why put one on? As Isaac mentioned, it can hit the joint on your right hand, and put it on when you least want it to be functioning.
  5. New guy from NH

    Pioneer is busy with both IDPA and USPSA, and 3 gun starting this year. Closer to Portsmouth is Piscataqua which runs USPSA and Steel Challenge matches. Chester was USPSA and Steel Challenge, maybe IDPA too. Check the club web site on them.
  6. New guy from NH

    Do you want to compete or just shoot? If you want to compete, some driving is necessary.
  7. New guy from NH

    Welcome. Where in NH are you?
  8. STI DVC Classic - Over Weight

    It doesn't take enough weight out.
  9. Nosler 50gr ballistic tip load for AR15?

    I've not used the 50 grain Ballistic Tip, but use the 55's as one of my accuracy bullets. I would try H335 and a charge of 26.0 that should shoot pretty well.
  10. Box mag fed= Open. If match directors want to have Heavy Open for the pump shotgunners shooting .308 and .45's, that's up to them.
  11. When did you start drinking?
  12. I also have a MK3 that I use for chronographing ammo.
  13. Way back, Pact did a trade in for the original models. Mine went back and got a newer model. I still have a MK4 and it still works fine.
  14. The original had a lead acid battery. The newer ones didn't, hence the "Lighter" description. Also, when you turned on the originals, the display came up with Made For and the owners name.
  15. Frankenstein has gas issues

    Did you lube the gas rings too?