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  1. Long Range Rifle for FREE!

    Our plans are for a little farther west than you, but no ocean view
  2. Long Range Rifle for FREE!

    A couple more years is the plan.
  3. Long Range Rifle for FREE!

    Pat, I live in the state where those are made, and cannot buy one.
  4. Stoeger M3000 Scattergun?

    In my experience, a lot of those two issues are related to ammo. Shotgun ammo over the past few years seems to have a lot more cost reduction than before. I can run Rio ammo in my M2, but not in my Super Nova. The plastic may be softer than the Herters that I get at Cabelas. The Herters runs just fine in the Super Nova and the M2. Winchester Universal that was sold at Walmart in 100 round bulk packs had very inconsistent crimps, those would ruin your day if you didn't cull the funky ones out as you were loading your shotshell caddies.
  5. Shotgun barrel clamp Affect on POI

    I use option 1, never had a problem with slugs if the extension had a slight wobble to it before tightening the clamp.
  6. 223 brass has crimp/indents on mouth of case

    Dave, My take is slightly different on the case length. I have had long cases "bottom out" in the seating die, causing the shoulder to mushroom, then, jam into the chamber. Most reamers are ground to allow some slop between the maximum length for the brass and the minimum to the end of the neck. Someone makes inserts that you trim the case back, a lot, then use the insert that is neck diameter, to find the maximum case length for the particular reamer that cut that chamber. I do run my brass through a Gracey trimmer, just to reduce the chance of malfunctions. Using quality bullets will most likely yield better results than being obsessed with trimming brass that was picked up at a range, and if it's surplus brass, maybe run through a SAW.
  7. Reliable .223 seating dies for progressive

    Redding micrometer dies have a floating sleeve to aid in alignment, although in the past they didn't recommend them for progressive presses. Another one you can try is the Hornady that use a sleeve and you can add their micrometer to the seater too.
  8. IMA Stealth divison, or Open.
  9. Enjoying the Little Person

    Cool photo! Where's Brodi for the photo, little boy, puppy and grampa.
  10. Hello from Massachusetts

    Welcome to the forums. Yes, the laws in our state are stupid, sadly. If you're willing to drive an hour or so, you can have all sorts of shooting sports to participate in.
  11. What trigger other than Hyperfire 24?

    You want a two stage? Look at La Rue's MBT or CMC's 2 stage. Geislle has so many different models it will make your head spin.
  12. Stoeger M3000 Scattergun?

    Normally, extended chokes are about 1/2" beyond the muzzle. That won't make up much of the length difference.
  13. So many shoot He Man! I guess it's not so dead afterall.
  14. Shooting slugs through a choked barrel?

    Better shooting ammo gives you a cushion.
  15. Shooting slugs through a choked barrel?

    You may find that other brands shoot much better than that.