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  1. You sir, are an outlier. I would imagine (< 50-100) of 3,000+ will chime in whom received a viable DVC Open Gun that did not have significant issues necessitating a trip back to STI to fix teething issues that should have been resolved after the first 5 round test fire in STI's factory.
  2. The conversation and ubiquitous threads about a factory DVC Open chambered in either 9mm or .38 reliably running any type of ammo is redundant. Major PF, minor PF, commercial or reloads will all yield similar results with few exceptions without significant tuning from a competent 'smith. I understand that many were/ are duped by DVC's (myself included) into believing you have come across a bargain open gun that is competition ready out of the box. Do your self a favor and send it to someone whom has an iota of knowledge about getting a gun to run and your problems will be solved.

    CFE and WAC are identical.

    The difference in gas volume between 9mm and .38 is small, especially in respect to the DVC's comp.. Try 10.5gr of AA#7 with a 115gr and let me know if you feel the 9mm cannot produce enough gas for the DVC comp .
  5. Trubor DP PRO mount

    I can't say enough good things about the Limcat mounts (Both RTS2 and DPP). One must call to order and they don't advertise them, probably why you don't see them often. I have (3) all have been flawless. Centered, blast shield and as low to the bore as possible.
  6. STI DVC open in 9 major

    Mine runs great... after removing the massive burrs on the frame rails that would not allow the pistol to even be racked/ cycle, replacing the extractor and tuning the ejector. The odds that a DVC will run out of the box are slim.
  7. MBX Mags Sticking in PT EVO Grip

    No issues with MBX or even STI mags sticking in my Evo grip. Have you made sure your mags/ bullets aren't hitting your ejector and causing issues?
  8. My FGW Open build shipped with a sheet that said to run 1 spring in the Aftec for the 1st 5,000 rounds. I went about 6,000 and then started experiencing a somewhat erratic ejection pattern (no failures, but the brass was being kicked all over the place with no consistency). Moved the original spring to the front and put a fresh spring in the rear and it's 100%.
  9. 9mm Major Unburned Autocomp

    I've noticed the yellow kernels from Silhouette (formerly WAP) but never from Autocomp (WAC).
  10. 9mm minor for practice?

    I would definitely only use one load. Your gun will behave and most likely your POI will be completely different between minor and major.
  11. Cleaning compensator

    Kroil to loosen the build up (allow a day or so to soak) then, use Boretech C4 Carbon remover and scrape with Arredondo comp scraper. Best way I have found yet without having to remove the comp etc.
  12. Shielded ambi safety which one?

    I just purchased (3) PT's, they are fantastic. I have not personally tried the Double Taps, but I like the PT shields significantly more than the Swensons.
  13. New DVC Issues

    Very well put. I bought the gun as a back up and certainly wasn't expecting too much as I'm well aware DVC's are a mass produced factory gun (I figured I would have to tune the extractor, trigger work etc.- the usual). But, after 50 rounds and the slide completely locking up due to massive burrs on the frame rails...that is just comical. Also, STI states that they don't use MIM parts. Does STI use any MIM parts? A: In the Past STI has used high quality MIM parts. We no longer use MIM parts on our firearms, we use the highest quality machined parts available. My DVC Open's grip safety tells a different story...
  14. New DVC Issues

    I had a similar issue with a DVC Open 9mm, went through all the usual suspects such as the disco binding, extractor tension etc. As it were, I found massive burrs on the frame rails, STI warrantied the issue. Pretty hard to believe that this could have passed QC.
  15. SV IMM barrel

    KKM also sells 5" Barrels, but they are special order. Atlas sometimes has them in stock if you call. Hack off .400" from your slide and you are in business.