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  1. Thanks for the replies guys! Glad I didn't have to try melting it off! Although I was seriously considering it if I couldn't get it out. After a couple of beers and a lot of swearing. Hooked's method worked!
  2. Anyone have any tips or tricks to remove the magwell insert? Per the manufacturer, you have to push the insert inwards towards the center but mine is not budging at all. Thanks!
  3. Thanks! Do you think I should change out the ejector or should enough clearance be enough?
  4. Hey guys, Noticed my ejector is rounding out a little after installing the Cheely grip which utilizes their own magazine catch. Also noticed the mag and round sits pretty close to the ejector. Think this will be an issue later down the road? thanks!
  5. Thanks for the reply guys! I was able to solve the issue. The spring just needed to be broken in, it was a slightly stiffer than normal. Thanks!
  6. What magazine release button are you guys running on your Cheely Grips? Also noticed I have to jam the button down pretty down there to get the magazine to drop...Any remedies?
  7. That is really short for a 2011.... You are right around the CZ length (notorious for short chambers). I would confirm with Shay before proceeding.
  8. I have had good luck with Starline and Blazer.
  9. That looks amazing! Is that the Cheely E2 extra aggressive?
  10. Love my 015, forgot to check to see if it will work with the Cheely E2 Aggressive before I sent it off to be fitted to my gun...
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