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  1. WOW that looks amazing! Is that a mid length or full length? Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, which headstamps should I avoid when reloading for 9MM major? Thanks!
  3. Quick question; can you reuse a bullet that has been previously pulled? Thanks
  4. Was my go to ammo for my CZ Czechmate for quite some time. Really accurate and passed chrono with ease (clocked in at 173.6 PF)
  5. What barrel/comp length are you guys running on your razorcats?
  6. Does the Honcho have an option for a thumb rest? Thanks
  7. Yeah I'm using 124GR MG JHP. It's for a CZ Czechmate (hence why it the OAL is a lot shorter than 2011's). Fingers crossed there's no over pressure. What should I be looking for in terms of over pressure signs?
  8. I normally load 1.142 OAL with 6.7 WAC and am making 172PF but due to the variations in brass. Some of the ammo today came out to 1.135 OAL. Would a difference of .007 cause an issue with Overpressure? Thanks!
  9. Anyone know if the newer production Czechmate barrels require fitting? And what's the life expectancy of the barrels? Thanks
  10. That's weird... maybe the Czechmate/Parrot platform has better luck? My primers look nothing like the ones on the top...
  11. Been using Everglades major 124gr and have had good luck with my parrot...
  12. ilovevtac

    Czechmate Recipes

    Wondering what everyone's recipe for their Czechmates? Figured out my length (1.142) Going to be using Montana Gold 124GR JHP or PD 124 JHP Powder is going to be AutoComp (don't know grain weight, probably start at 7GR) Primers will be Federal Small Magnum Pistol Primers
  13. or if anyone has measurements on the stock czechmate comp. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Sorry for reviving a dead thread. But @kneelingatlas do you happen to have the exact measurements of that compensator? My friend is really interested in making a new compensator for his czechmate and this is perfect for him. Thank you!
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