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  1. Lightweight boots ?

    Bellevill/ Tactical research: http://beta.galls.com/tactical-research-hot-weather-khyber-8-boots?PMWTNO=000000000002036&PMSRCH= http://www.militaryclothing.com/Belleville-Khyber-TR660-Hot-Weather-Lightweight-Mountain-Hybrid-Boots.aspx best boots like wearing trail running shoes with ankle support, the Coyote and Tan ( type 2 )( may Run 1 size big depending on your foot) are a bit stiffer than the gen 1 (Sage and Multicam) ( may Run 1/2 size big depending on your foot ).and need a bit of a break in Dailyware for the last 6 years. Will be trying this next evelotion out soon as the preorder ships: http://beta.galls.com/tactical-research-qrf-series-alpha-c9-hot-weather-assault-boot?PMWTNO=000000000002036&PMSRCH=
  2. Anyone using a laser?

    12 O'Clock.
  3. Which powder do you prefer for 38 super Comp

    Using 3N38. I think N105 is better but the nonavailability of 4LB packages kills the cost. Have used 3N37 but it has presser spikes in high heat so I don't want to deal with a special load for summer time. SP2 is as good as N105 but no longer imported.
  4. 2011 Build Parts List

    SVI: QBX Hammer Disconnector Sear Trigger STI: Grip safety EGW: Titanium main spring cap Titanium Hammer strut Misc: Wilson Bulletproof slide stop AFTEC Extractor Tuned Clark 4 finger Leaf spring Wolf #17 main spring
  5. M&P Performance Center?

    Well the the CORE Performance Center model is the only ported version that S&W manufactures, see attached email from Troy: Troy McManus [mactiger@eatel.net] Yes, the list specifies that ported models can be used, provided the barrel was not ported, and the CORE handguns are on the list. The performance center CORE models are approved. Troy On 2/1/2016 12:23 PM, Lamb, Kevin wrote: Troy I see the S&W production/ CO list was updated with All ported models of approved guns are approved for use in Production and Carry Optics, as long as the barrel is not ported. Does this cover the M&P CORE performance center ported models as being USPSA production / CO legal, provided the ported barrel is replaced? I know I asked S&W to certify them to you a few months ago just wondering if this good to go now as they (S&W) consider it a CORE. Thanks, Kevin L FY24902 -- Troy McManus Director, NROI
  6. Anyone using a laser?

    Yea.. I did mine from Midway
  7. Anyone using a laser?

    That is the one I am trying, Used it first time in a match yesterday. I think it is useful on certain targets and light levels, It is extremely small and low profile. I hit a sale price of $139 with a $50 rebate so @ $89 ea the 2 I ordered were a good deal for my 2 MPX's.
  8. MPX Triggers

    I was running a Geissele B-GRF , while cleaning I noticed some abnormal ware on the disconnect hook on the back of the hammer. Pulled it and returned it, replaced with a Geissele SD-3G.
  9. What brands 9mm 124 gr JHP's are you using?

    Yea.. that 125GR Sig JHP is the only bullet I use for the last 5 years. I like it way better than the 124GR JHP (TC) and use it in .3SC and 9MM (PPC 160 PF).
  10. Limited to open. Costa comp carry

    open and tac-optics:
  11. MPX Triggers

    I have about 7,000 rounds on a Geissele B-GRF, No issues yet.
  12. slide stop pin diameter smaller

    .198 is standard for castings. Most custom builders us a billet and or hardened .200. .197 is undersized, if the lugs were fit correctly to a .197 then you may have a tighter lock up on the bigger diameter or you may have a interference in the lock up. going to a smaller diameter from what was used for the initial lock up can cause issues with link breakage. End result is if you change from what the gun was built with the following needs to be checked: lock up on the bottom feet lock up on the top ribs link clearance rear and down barrel lug impact to the frame ramp on unlock ( I.E Timing)
  13. STI Trojan MSRP Changes

    Trojan in .40 Cal is discontinued... the ONLY .40 Cal Single Stack available now from STI is the DVC Classic... Makes no sense to me, have to wonder what is happening @ STI lately.
  14. Open Gun Pictures

    Ready for Area 2