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  1. Dual Caliber 9mm/.38SC Considerations

    I have been shooting open for years with 38 super comp as the caliber of choice. 2 guns identical. This past month I have had them both fitted with 9mm barrels and comps. Now I can just switch barrels whenever I feel the urge. Mags work with both
  2. Lots of poppet holes

    Im betting he doesn't now what "major" is
  3. Who can the throat a barrel for lead

    I just did mine myself $40.00 for the reamer and a little time. Also the pride of knowing you did it yourself
  4. 9mm in a 38 super barrel

    Update, I did it fired a 9mm in my Super barrel. I'm glad to say it was uneventful but I don't think I will be doing it ever again.
  5. 140mm vs 170mm

    Run as fast as you can as far as you can away from that builder. 170 on the whole belt. I can miss faster and have plenty of rounds at hand
  6. 9mm in a 38 super barrel

    Ok so if this works why would you change barrels or have a firearm with 2 top ends? I just don't get it, I have a hard time doing it just because (so-and-so) "insert whatever name you want" does and its not a problem. There has to be more to it. Sorry and you can call me stupid/dumb if you want. I'm wearing my big boy panties.
  7. 9mm in a 38 super barrel

    After reading the link info, lets just act like I never asked about it. If you do it and it works great if not no worries.
  8. 9mm in a 38 super barrel

    Ok now Im really confused
  9. 9mm in a 38 super barrel

    Well I heard this for the first time yesterday and it has me wondering. I was reading that you can shoot a 9mm round out of the 38 super barrel. I get it they are the same size bullet, but I also thought that they headspaced off the case mouth. I would say super loaded to 1.240 and 9 to 1.165 it wont chamber properly not long enough to reach the end of the chamber forget abut the whole 9mm case being tapered and such, are you are relying on the extractor to hold the case to the breechface for the firing pin to do its work? Wont it just push it forward and not go off? Have a extractor that's tight as hell to hold it? What say you? Thanks for any insight
  10. Confirmation for nationals.

    I received 2 emails ..........1 for Limited and 1 for Open wooohoooooooo
  11. Re-lube during a long range day?

    Wow Im on the other end of the spectrum. Wipe the gunk out add oil and keep shooting. I think the little extra gunk make the recoil feel better, maybe slows the slide down a bit, never had a dirty gun malfunction, bad ammo "high primers bad case " type stuff but never a dirt relater problem, I Agree with MarkCO "Clean the mags and stop using froglube"
  12. Not hip to the terms

    So true, I viewed on slow motion video all guns recoil up and down they look flat when shot but video doesn't lie "it how much makeup you put on the freckle" that will change the feeling. I had just never heard of "Stoked" lengthening the movement, I always was shorting the stroke to change the feel.
  13. Not hip to the terms

    Again, I would be interested in the "training" glk21c was at and what manufacture made that statement. To step on a limb I'm going to call "BS"
  14. Not hip to the terms

    Well you statement is snake oil. Shooters us them and like the way they change the FEEL of the gun under recoil. So they do something just not what you want. I guess I'm a do nothing guy, I have 2 a Wilson first then a dawson alum and it really changes the feel of recoil. Hence the interest of wanting longer slide movement when I have shortened mine. I will settle for a "to each their own" Thanks for you clarification of your statement. I would be curious to know who made that statement.
  15. Not hip to the terms

    I agree with you statement, I just wonder why the snake oil comment. Glk21C watching the topic but doesn't answer must just like stirring the pot rather then make a intelligent comment, or clarification of it.