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  1. Looks like I’m going to start from mag length and work my way to the lands and grooves and see how that goes.
  2. Thanks for the help. It’s a Berger 140 hybrid.
  3. Fire formed brass in my Bergara 6.5 Creedmoor. Looks like the throat is long. Am I going to have to little neck to bullet contact even in I seat in another .002 deeper. Marked It with a sharpie for a visual.
  4. I’m just now getting into precision shooting from 3 gunning, but I run a SDN6.
  5. Could someone point me in the right direction on what states it's legal to kill hogs from the sky in. I'm a commercial helicopter pilot and I have family members that own ranches in LA, GA and AL. I have been told it's regulated by state law but it's hard to find anything other than Texas regs.
  6. I bought a CED M2 Chronograph a few years ago and Im just now getting around to using it. Is there anything out there that makes it compatible with a Mac? Pretty sure this thing isn't even compatible with widows anymore.... but its worth a shot HA! no pun intended
  7. Haven't been on the fourm for a couple of years... but I recently moved to Cedar City Utah and I was curious if anybody knows if there are any 3 gun matches in the Cedar City/St. George Location.
  8. I wish I could buy the patience...thanks
  9. can someone point me to a place that has a solid parts list to build and fit a 1911? quick search didn't reveal anything of use. looking at a caspian frame and slide but mostly need to know the internals and little parts i would forget about
  10. no just something to shoot. she hates shooting paper and likes to shoot steel. I handled the 4.25 M&P CORE and I like it. The slide was fairly easy to manipulate and I wont have to pay extra $$$ to have the slide milled or buy and adaptor.
  11. I bought her the LCP with the Crimson Trace Laser. She likes the laser but hates the gun...I hate it too.... she wants something thats easier to aim and be able to shoot steel with me. She asked for a red dot and some ammo so Im gonna give her what she wants.
  12. no budget... thats kinda what i was hoping to build, but the RMR is pretty wide. JPoint seems to be the thinest at 1" and from what I could find the 42's slide is .836 so there would be a little overhang
  13. The issue is she isn't very strong and has small hands so manipulating the slide is the major concern. She has a Walther P22 and PK 380 and can work the slide pretty easily. She cannot work the slide on my XDM 40 or XDS 45... She also isn't very comfortable handling guns in front of people, especially a bunch of dudes in a store... im just going to have to play with a couple and see what I think she will like. Worst case, I get a new gun!
  14. Ok I'll go fondle a few. Thanks for the info
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