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  1. New Atlas Open 2011

    Is Adam a gunsmith/gun builder? I thought he was the business guy.
  2. Carry Ops>Limited?

    Max isn't "destroying" bunches of Open shooters. He's winning CO pretty steadily, and that's because he's one of the best shooters we have and crosstrains with passion. Don't forget, we shoot against our own division.
  3. Carry Ops>Limited?

    , Well, yeah - CO has the advantage of a red dot sight. It's still not apples to apples. Add the major vs minor issue, and they're even more different divisions.that'swhy. That's why the divisions are scored separately. Give them both the same equipment and see where they end up. That's how the sport works.
  4. No. It's in the rule book. Clear as daylight.
  5. DQ or a WARNING

    That's pretty clear, then. Sounds like a wrap. Let's alL meet at DQ and have an Orange Julius .
  6. DQ or a WARNING

    She wasn't DQd for "unzipping a case". It was for sweeping her hand while removing the gun from the case. None of the actions mentioned above are DQs under the rules in Chapter 10. Sweeping the body is specifically a DQ if done during a course of fire (10.5.5). If done outside the COF (e.g., in a Safety Area), what rule does it come under? General violation of safety rules (10.3.1), like Cooper's rules #1 and #2? Unsafe gun handling? Myself, I believe it's inherently unsafe to sweep yourself, and it's not hard to keep from doing it. Are you going to have two (or more) different safety rules, for different occasions? Are you sure it's unloaded? No mag, but one in the chamber? Are you so confident that you'd point the gun at yourself and pull the trigger? Really?
  7. Put only full mags on your belt dummy

    He's probably done something like that himself.
  8. Can anyone top 9 procedurals?

    I only had 4. I feel so inadequate ..
  9. If Finished perceived AD, is it a DQ??

    Because any shot fired after ICHDH is given is automatically a DQ. Let's stop trying to "game" everything, shall we? (or talk it to death ...)
  10. Which 1050 Powder Bar for Open Loads?

    Nope. At least, mine doesn't. Stays right at the setting I put it on.
  11. STI Edge Gude Rod not seating...

    Oops - was this supposed to be an IM? Perhaps to a different member?
  12. CK or STI 2011?

    Pride in ownership? Bragging rights?
  13. CK or STI 2011?

    I have a CK Hardcore 9mm, runs well and is reliable.
  14. Trubor minor?

    I've been shooting 7# in my .38sc for a couple of years, 8# in my 9 major. Both 170-172 PF. Weights selected for best dot control. No problems with either.
  15. Published on the USPSA website or in Front Sight magazine (in the NROI column). Also in the Multibriefs?