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  1. svi vs Atlas Titan

    It's deja vu, all over again...
  2. 38 sc vs 9mm open major

    The head separations may have been a freak occurrence. Maybe someone not culling out the "stepped" cases (IMT, FM, Ammoload, etc.) Haven't seen it much otherwise.
  3. 38 sc vs 9mm open major

    Not at Starline. Still $149 plus $3 shipping insurance. https://www.starlinebrass.com/order-online/cart.cfm?CID=16&Add Like foxbat likes to say, tell it straight, so people can make informed decisions.
  4. 38 sc vs 9mm open major

    Now there's a perspective we can all get in line with!
  5. 38 sc vs 9mm open major

    What say we cut the personal attacks and talk about what really matters. I stand by my numbers. Remember, they're my numbers, I buy the components and shoot them myself. You may do the math differently, but I'm definitely not buying brass and shooting it only once, either 38 or 9. 4000 38sc cases, fired 6 times each (including the match where we didn't retrieve them) is 24,000 shots fired with those cases. That's pretty good use for the money (the $600 turns into $25 per thousand shots). I really don't think many folks buy new brass and shoot them only once and leave them on the ground, but if they do it's their choice. If you're going to have a $4000 gun and thousands more in mags, belt and other equipment, spare parts (even spare gun), and pay match fees, travel costs, and the cost of loading many thousands of rounds for practice and matches, why would you be all worried about $600 a year for brass that you can fire 24k times (more, actually)? This is Open, the land of hot equipment and a devil-may-care attitude. If the brass bothers you, by all means shoot 9 major and still put out all the other costs. Again, 38 seems to work for 54% of the Open folks at Nats this year, and 9 major works for 46%. Nobody's "wrong", everyone seems to be having fun. Shoot what you want, what feels best for you, and understand that Open costs but the benefits are tons of fun, either way you go.
  6. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    You could also consider 8.7.4, interference with the scoring process. Penalty is a procedural or consideration of 10.6, depending on circumstances. But then again, pre-pasting is probably more often a mistake than deliberate. The RO's dilemma is how to tell the difference.
  7. 38 sc vs 9mm open major

    Truth is - we need actual data here. I've got some. 9 major, 124 gr PD bullets, WSR primers, 6.9 gr WAC, 4x fired range brass bought at $30/k = about $144/k. Same, with 8.6 gr 3n38 = $167/K (add'l cost is in the powder). .38 SC, same bullets & primers, 8.9 gr HS6, 5x fired brass bought new at $150/k = $170/k. Same, with 9.8 gr 3n38 = $185/k (add'l cost is in the powder). Same, with 124 MG bullets (and 9.8 3n38) = $192/k (add'l cost is in the bullet & powder). So, first, the difference between the 9 major and .38 super rounds with the same powder and bullet is about $18/k ($167 vs $185). That's "slightly less expensive", not "many times less expensive". Second, this isn't a "totally artificial case" - these are my numbers, and they apply to real-world shooting. I mean, I've bought this stuff and shot it, in some quantities. I collect my brass during practice and can pick it up at local matches, depending on my mood. The deal here, basically, is do you want to use "cheaper" brass and not feel guilty when you leave it on the ground? If so, you have the option of 9 major. Do you mind chasing brass at local matches? If not, you can shoot .38 with good conscience. Otherwise, you can go 9 major. But, if you're picking 9s off the ground, that's not so different from picking up 38s (which are actually slightly distinctive in their shape and color). If, however, you have minions who pick it up for you, more power to you (although that doesn't make it a "better caliber"). Data is great, isn't it? Helps to clarify things.
  8. 38 sc vs 9mm open major

    No such claim here. The claim being promoted out there is that 9 major is somehow vastly less expensive or easier or better, but the Nats numbers say it's close to even. Its an expensive division no matter how you cut it, and saving a little on brass won't change that. Shoot what works best for you. BTW, I own, snd shoot, both 9 and 38. If I want my best score, I go with 38. Flexible, reliable, more stable dot (again, for me). The 9 is my backup and practice gun. I've loaded .38 brass up to 12 times, and some say you can go farther than that. Worrying about giving up brass worth $25/k or less is a false economy, considering the overall cost. And I default to "expensive" VV powder for match ammo in both calibers, because it works best - for me.
  9. 38 sc vs 9mm open major

    Have fun! No regerts
  10. 38 sc vs 9mm open major

    How is it "absurd" to compare brass prices? Okay, you brag that you never bought a piece of 9mm brass. That's nice, but so what? You're spend your time scrounging brass and then sorting it to weed out the bad ones, and you don't know where any of them came from (once-fired, 8x fired, 9 major, etc.?). That's okay, if you're comfortable with that. On the other hand, time is money, and some people would like to know where their brass came from that they're shooting in a 1400 fps barrel. Again, shoot what works for you, but don't put down those who do it differently.
  11. 38 sc vs 9mm open major

    Here we go again. Do you practice? Shoot that $120/k .38 brass once in practice, and now it's worth $60 per thousand shots ($60/k; calculates as $120 for once-fired divided by 2 firings). Do it again, now it's $40/k. Again, now it's value is $30/k, if more it keeps going down. I've not seen $8/k range brass (which, BTW, you have to spend time sorting), here it's more like $20 or more so $8 isn't exactly a fair comparison. Again (for the millionth time ), do what suits you best. Don't listen to anyone who says "this is the only "right" way. After all, at Open Nationals this past March some 53% of the competitors shot .38 (Super or SC) and 46% shot 9 major. Not a tilt either way but certainly not "9mm dominates".
  12. Did I Make GM?!

    That's the idea...
  13. Time vs hits

    You might try slowing down on the first stage. I used to foul up the first stage, about every time, and.figured out that I'm pumped up for the match but not yet dialed in, so I go too fast and make errors. I slow it down a notch and get the hits but not the Ms and Ds and no-shoots (well, mostly).
  14. STI 170mm mag going full potato

    Well, that settles it, once and for all ...