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  1. did not see that, old eyes, slow feet and brains lol
  2. I would disagree with that part of statement, I ran 16" barrels and now run the 5.25" taccom, both at 130pf. I just run more powder with the shorter barrel and both are at 130pf. Now if running the same powder charge I would agree
  3. this, but it does suck when you close your weak side eye when shooting on your weak side. Makes it hard to find the dot and costs you a few seconds till your brain kicks in lol
  4. C-More Thoughts

    Never had a problem with the two I had mounted on the open glocks that I ran. They are both mounted on pcc's now
  5. Firing Pin.......?

    What FP works in the taccom bolt? Standard AR or ?? Also what FP in KAW bolt??
  6. C More Railway Height?

    C-more railway no spacer for me,my better half has a .75 spacer under hers and I hate it lol. Try it without a spacer and see how you like it. Can always add a spacer if it does not feel good.
  7. just got my notice that I am in WOOP WOOP.
  8. sometimes I just need it a few inches wider each way so I don't miss my reloads lol.
  9. Good PCC compensator 1/2x28?

    sweet I am in. lol
  10. Hello from oregon

    check out tri county gun club this Saturday for multi gun. I am going and its my first multi gun and it should be entertaining lol. They wlll have action pistol on sunday also.
  11. Shot Reload Shot Times

    B class shooter, my best at four aces with pcc is right at 2.2ish. Thats after about 4 live fire and quite a bit of dry fire practices. I am having a hard time getting my splits faster . .59 draw, but stock on belt .18 2nd 1.25 reload .18 last shot was hitting 2.2-2.3 pretty consistent unless I muffed the reload lol Hope to keep pushing it down but more concerned with transitions, movement and hitting steel/covered targets with first shot at this point. But it sure is a fun drill
  12. Can anyone top 9 procedurals?

    17 for me, had to lay down to shoot under a barrier and my feet were hanging out the back of the fault lines lol. Just trying to prove that you cannot go subzero for score lol. I would argue now that it was not a significant advantage and try to get it reduced to a single procedural.
  13. You have a gameplan, use it.

    yeh I have a hard time with the visualize thing after the buzzer goes off;( . Have a good plan, buzzer goes off and plan goes out the window lol,