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  1. I was running 115grn blues and had constant fte issues. I had a gm pcc shooter tell me to give up on the coated as they will cause feed issues. After 2 months of continuing to try to get the blues to work I gave up and went with berry plated bullets. The problem went away after changing over. The only time I have issues now is if I fail to keep the gas system clean and the bolt well lubed. Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk
  2. Sarge, where did you get that pcc cannot turn a pcc dot on or off anytime you want. If you go to a safe area or when on the line you can turn it on or off.
  3. I know from running a Glock mag pcc that I had several mags be made unusable due to damage the metal mag catch in the gun did to the glock factory mag catch notches. I often wanted a metal mag body to use in the pcc, would have saved me money in the long run due to not having to replace mags due to damage.
  4. The double springs are there to make the hammer fall with more force to assure a firmer firing pin strike. I have charged timney and hyperfire triggers. The only felt difference was due to the buffer spring. If you learn about the hiperfires you will learn that they are designed to reset easily. The poster who started this back up stated that he thought a lighter TRIGGER PULL would result in a charging handle that was easier to pull and that is FALSE. Sent from my LG-H872 using Tapatalk
  5. Again, like I said in the previous reply. trigger PULL has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the amount of effort it takes to pull the the bolt back OR the cycling of the bolt. THE ONLY thing the trigger has to do with the entire operation of an AR it to fall on the firing pin and ignite the primer to fire the round. The gas developed in the firing of the cartridge is what drives the bolt back and the speed of travel of the bolt is determined by the recoil buffer spring. The buffer on its rearward movement resets the hammer on the trigger. THIS is the same operation as in a pistol. There are dozens of threads in the PCC section of this forum about getting a proper balance between cycle time and buffer spring and buffer. Do a search and you will learn tons. There are lots of opinions on the subject. You will just have to pick a starting point and experiment for what works for you.
  6. I'm not aware of any way to reduce the hiperfire 24c. Hyperfire just introduced a new drop in trigger named PHANTOM but those are advertised at 2 pounds. There is a GM I know who uses a 24c and kicks butt. I don't think it will help to go lighter. As far as hard to pull the charging handle, that is an issue with your buffer tube spring and buffer. The trigger pull weight has nothing to do with charging the gun. If you want to lighten the charging pull you will have to change out the buffer spring. I realize I started this thread and after 2 years of shooting nothing but PCC I can tell you that there is NOT a reliable way to lighten the trigger pull on a hiperfire trigger.
  7. you are pulling your strong hand into your waist which is causing the holster to tip at an odd angle. Dry fire more to pull STRAIGHT up out of the holster. It won't matter where the hanger is or if you use one or not if you are not drawing STRAIGHT UP out of the holster first.
  8. Yes. That spring Sent from my LG-H872 using Tapatalk
  9. I was having a similar issue. I changed out the spring that advances the wheel that the primers move from the tube to the priming station and have not had that happen again Sent from my LG-H872 using Tapatalk
  10. I can not answer that. I am still using the stock ambi safety that came with the gun
  11. That is why in RO school they stress to READ the web's verbatim AND have it posted. Actually I believe it is a uspsa rule Sent from my LG-H872 using Tapatalk
  12. Please reread your first paragraph Sent from my LG-H872 using Tapatalk
  13. Did the wsb you quoted talk about pcc start position? If it did not then you were using an older outdated wsb. Again, the wsb in the current uspsa listing of classifiers and on their application states a different set of verbiage. Any use of other wsb is grounds to toss a classifier from a match or at least have it only be a stage for score and not classification Sent from my LG-H872 using Tapatalk
  14. You quoted "then engage". If you look up the wsb on the uspsa app it says t1 and pp1-4. It does not say "then". Reason I say this that your club should have used the most current wsb and this discussion would not have taken place. Using outdated materials caused this. Sent from my LG-H872 using Tapatalk
  15. I never heard about a raffle. Not sure what that was about. Where did you move to in Georgia? I am the club president for GPSL in Atlanta. I know just about every club match in the metro area, indoor and outdoor. Hit me up in a PM if your in ATL and I'll fill you in. All the local clubs here love to have new shooters, experienced or newbies! Overall I liked the stages. They could have flowed a bit better. I heard a rumor that river bend gun club is being eyed as the next location for the 2020 state match. If you have ever shot there you already know that they shoot 9 stages once a month already so getting to 10 is easy. On top of that Randy and the other stage designers there do a great job and put on challenging stages. Sent from my LG-H872 using Tapatalk
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