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  1. mstamper

    PSA PCC extrator issue

    Thanks. I kept thinking I was using the wrong word but my feeble brain just could not get to the right word. Lol Sent from my LG-H872 using Tapatalk
  2. Not sure if this is allowed but I'll try. I posted this in the gunsmithing section of this forum. figured I would ask you guys here as well. here is the link
  3. mstamper

    PSA pcc... Does this look normal?

    Just to be on the safe side, I did go ahead and changed out both of my FP with new ones from Wilson. I will be going to the range Sat to test both guns. should the extractor be at 90 degrees to the plane of the lower receiver? The extractor is tight in the channel. Not sure how the extractor would have gotten bent. Would swapping out bolts from the diamondback pcc (which looks almost like an exact copy of the psa bolt) cause that issue?
  4. mstamper

    PSA pcc... Does this look normal?

    I have not adjusted the ejector. I had swapped the bolt from my diamondback to the psa while I was waiting for firing pin springs to be delivered after I broke the FP spring. When I was cleaning the guns, I took FP out of the bolts on both guns. Both of the pins caps were mushroomed. I went a head and changed them both out with new wilson FP and springs.
  5. Was cleaning my pc's and discovered the gouge in the extractor. Any ideas on what might have caused this? The gun was acting up. Load a mag, pull the trigger, it goes bang then next shot no bang. Rack the slide and the gun works great rest of the stage. Odd thing is my diamondback pcc which has been running flawlessly started doing the same thing. I cleaned it from top to bottom and it shows no odd wear. In the past when this gun fubars it need a good cleaning and all is well. The psa is a newer gun used as my backup. Anyway. Looking forward to reading responses and questions. Sent from my LG-H872 using Tapatalk
  6. mstamper

    TTI VS. TF 10 round extensions

    here is the TF video for the follower Here is the video for the glock tube clean up from MBX I did both of these modifications and my mags have run fine. The only issue I have had is one of the tubes got torqued out of square and the follower would not work properly. Replaced the tube and all was fine
  7. mstamper

    TTI VS. TF 10 round extensions

    TF pads do not have to be altered. The inconsistency in glock mag products is what has to be addressed. Taran tactical says to clean up the bottom of glock mags. So does mbx. So do several other companies who make extensions for glock mags. You specifically said that you posted questions on a forum about TF products. Not sure it was here or somewhere else that you posted your questions. You implied that because TF never responded to you that somehow they had an inferior product. Stating that pretty much is throwing TF under the bus. You can say whatever you want to try to justify yourself to yourself. The proof is in the words you posted. Sent from my LG-H872 using Tapatalk
  8. mstamper

    TTI VS. TF 10 round extensions

    He states that oal for all his glock mag extenders. BTW. if you are not wanting to use the Goliath I would be interested in buying from you.
  9. mstamper

    TTI VS. TF 10 round extensions

    I do not believe that Robin monitors these pages. I had some issues earlier this year. left a phone message for him. He took time out from his vacation to call me and to then call the office to have them ship me springs. Don't throw TF under the bus just because Robin did not read a comment hear or somewhere. Calling them works wonders. They are very nice and truly want shooters to enjoy their product. BTW. I use 3 of the +10 pads. 2 on my 33 round mags and 1 on my 17 round mag. After following the video's instructions to clean up the bottom of the glock mags and some small work on the followers mine work 100 percent. I am actually thinking of converting one of my mags over to the new big extension TF just released.
  10. mstamper

    Weight of TF Delrin vs Aluminum basepads

    not sure of the weight but I use the TF 40+1 pads on my glock mags and they take a licking and keep on ticking. I am actually looking at ordering one of the TF Goliath 51+1 pads due to the change in the attachment and assembly / cleaning ease.
  11. mstamper

    Need to get a firing pin ASAP - HELP

    Update. It wasn't the pin. Though I still need back ups. It was the spring. So now I need to know is where to find fp springs Sent from my LG-H872 using Tapatalk
  12. Well it finally happened. I broke my firing pin on my pcc. Need to order a replacement ASAP! SO, the question to all my PCC shooting buddies is this, TACCOM ? WILSON COMBAT ? CMMG ? OTHER (list in your response) ? I am NOT shooting a JP, so from what I understand, the JP pin will not work in my BCG. If anyone knows where I can get one (or 3) locally that would be even better. (Atlanta Metro Area)
  13. I recently bought a PSA PCC as a backup gun to my main Diamondback pcc. the throat on the barrel is short and my 1.12 OAL loads hit the LANS and I cannot pull the charging handle to eject the last round. I have a choice, either reduce my loads to 1.10 or less and adjust my powder load to account for the shorter OAL (the cheaper soluition) OR, send the gun to my gunsmith and have him throat the barrel to allow me to use my 1.12 loads. WHAT would you do?
  14. My case feeder keeps moving and is dropping extra brass into the funnel. The only thing I see that is loose is the screw that attaches the feeder to the mounting tube. Upon inspection I discovered that the whole assembly is stripped out of the plastic. Not sure how to fix this or what to tell Dillon on what I need to fix this. Pics attached. The first pic shows the hole where the metal thread insert goes and the 2nd is the screw and the metal insert. Any ideas on how to fix / repair or what to tell Dillon I need to repair would be greatly welcomed. Sent from my LG-H872 using Tapatalk
  15. mstamper

    PCC laser on target at start

    As til tok said there is no ruling on that. The RO just doesn't like pcc so he makes up rules. Now, that being said, level 1 clubs that are not 100% affiliated and are running outlaw matches can make up rules as they see fit. Sent from my LG-H872 using Tapatalk