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  1. I'll send the photo to dillon to see what they can help with. The bench is bolted to the wall. My 650 did not do this with the brass in the case feeder. Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk
  2. It's in the original post. 9mm small pistol plate Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk
  3. 9mm cases. Keeps doing this in the picture . How can I fix this? Tried calling dillon and they sent me the part for the round funnel (16617). I also have cases dropping upside down. Anyone have an explanation for this as well? Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk
  4. Just to update everyone. I want to thank you all for your assistance. With some help from my friends on FB as well we determined that Dillon packed the wrong primer slide. I got a large primer slide packed in a small primer package. I called Dillon today and they issued an RMA and are shipping me the new one along with a mailer label to send the wrong one back to them. I hope to have the new part within a few days.
  5. the primer hole DEFINITELY does not let the primer sit on the "ledge". Guess I will be calling Dillon in the morning to have them ship me a new one. They had one job to do, just pack the right parts in the right bag marked small primer. SMH
  6. I ordered the small primer kit. The pin to seat the primers is the same diameter as the small primers and just fits inside the smaller opening of the slide. the slide for the large primer was black and this one is silver. not sure how else to check. How deep should the primers go in the hole in the slide? Should they be flush with the top of the slide? Maybe Dillon machined the hole to large? Unfortunately I just sold and shipped out the old parts to a guy in FL. so I do not have them to compare against.
  7. this is the primer slider. When I put a primer in the round hole and move it forward the primer is dropping out the bottom hole in the press when I move the slide towards the shell plate. Pretty sure that is not supposed to happen. this is the new slide that Dillon sent me.
  8. I have a s1050 that I recently bought from a fellow shooter. The press is about 10 years old and had been setup for 45acp. I converted everything over to small pistol and I have everything working fine except for the priming system. I load a tube of primers, and when I start to run the machine, for every one primer I get to actually feed properly 2 to 3 more drop out of the hole on the bottom of the primer system. I have sanded and polished the primer slide (20317) and the channel where that part moves. It moves freely without being bound. I have made sure that the p
  9. I find that I use my offset dot more than my laser. I too have the 206 and am seriously looking at selling it as I do not remember the last time I used it in a match.
  10. I use them for both my PCC and open gun loads. I like that I can seat a bit deeper with the hollow base and still have the "pocket" to develop gas for the round. Now, if i can only find more. I am down to about 3500 freedom seeds and need more.
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