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  1. John92awd

    Cz mag lip tuning?

    My mag lips are starting to spread a bit. What technique or tool does everyone use to adjust them back to factory width?
  2. I tried polishing it just now with 2500 grit. It seems to be even worse now, pretty frustrating loading on this press right now
  3. Hello, my machine has had this problem since new but has seemed to get worse lately. About 20k on the machine, 1 in 5 times when loading at speed. When being guided from the case feeder to the shell plate, the brass will not go into the "guide" or slider piece. It either comes flying at me or sits on jambs op the press. I tried polishing the guide but possibly not enough...?
  4. Mec gar TS mags would sell like hot cakes, also in canada to replace bad half plastic junk. I would be in line for some
  5. Wow dude, 8lb down to 5lb. That's a huge difference!
  6. My numbers are very close to yours. 11.5lb main spring and everything lightly polished. I thaught that it should be lower like you do but just learned to live with it
  7. John92awd

    shadow 2 crack?

    Rob drives a scoda with a broken frame? Meh, heard worse stories about him..
  8. I literally fixed this 2 weeks ago
  9. To update. I squished it a bit similar to the way manolis showed. I started on the legs of the spring. It took a few tries but it is now similar effort required to the way my shadow 2 came factory. Success!
  10. Okay. I was thinking that something like this would be possible but wanted to see is anyone here had experience. I'm going to disassemble and do this a bit at a time. Thanks!
  11. On a TS orange. The magazine release is stiffer than my other 75 models. Is there anything that can be done to make it easier to press?
  12. A similar issue in my shadow turned out to be sear cage movement. I assume due to tolerance stacking
  13. Okay, I'll check the hardware store. I just didn't want to re- invent the wheel so checked here first, thanks!
  14. So I have a new RHT double layer holster and a boss hanger.... The screws that the holster come with are too short, what is everyone's solution to this?
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