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  1. I called back to dillon, Got an awesome rep on the phone, very helpful. I now have a locator and slider in the mail!
  2. The sad part is, my old lee loadmaster had better case insertion
  3. To update: I called dillon and they told me that its probably the brass I'm using. I'm using mixed brass. I guess if you use mixed brass, you have to deal with very poor case insertion...
  4. To update, I tried simply a light sanding with 120 grit. I think it has helped a bit. I may try a little rougher yet
  5. On the shadow 2 trigger, the face is very smooth. Sometimes I get the feeling that my finger is slipping off. Has anybody experimented with making it a bit rough with sand paper or anything like that?
  6. Rob, I have not fired nearly as many rounds as you yet but that is also how I clean my gun. I have also replaced 1 TRS on my old OG shadow but never one on any of my S2's yet
  7. I'm not having any reliability problems yet. The lips are .015 wider than factory, this is causing the bullet to be angled upwards in a loaded magazine
  8. My mag lips are starting to spread a bit. What technique or tool does everyone use to adjust them back to factory width?
  9. I tried polishing it just now with 2500 grit. It seems to be even worse now, pretty frustrating loading on this press right now
  10. Hello, my machine has had this problem since new but has seemed to get worse lately. About 20k on the machine, 1 in 5 times when loading at speed. When being guided from the case feeder to the shell plate, the brass will not go into the "guide" or slider piece. It either comes flying at me or sits on jambs op the press. I tried polishing the guide but possibly not enough...?
  11. Mec gar TS mags would sell like hot cakes, also in canada to replace bad half plastic junk. I would be in line for some
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