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  1. Have you chronoed these loads through your gun, or are you going by what the boxes say? If the latter, then it's pretty unlikely that those figures are accurate for your gun.
  2. Unless your powder measure likes it better than mine did, Unique will likely meter at +/- 0.2 and possibly even +/- 0.3 grains due to the fact that it's a fairly large flake powder. It doesn't mean it's unusable, and if somebody gave me 10 pounds of it, I'd definitely use it, but other powders are nicer to work with. I always found that it produced larger standard deviation values, so I had to load a bit hotter with it in order to be confident at the chrono at matches. The last load I remember using with Unique was 4.7 grains of Unique behind a 124 gr Montana Gold JHP at 1.08" OAL. That made ~130 PF even out of my 3.5" barrel Walther P99c, so your CZ with its longer barrel will probably get there with less. (Unique is a slower powder than the ones you've been using so far, so it takes more powder to get the same velocity, but it's also a bit more forgiving at the high end. It's nearly impossible to double charge due to its "fluffy" nature - it really fills up a case, so a double charge would spill all over your shell plate.) The VV 3N37 is not going to be useful for 9mm minor, but if you ever get into 9mm major for Open, you might have a use for it there. If you don't see yourself doing that ever, then you can safely look at trading it for something more useful to you.
  3. Indeed. When/if I get a PCC (have had the wantsies for one for a while, but haven't found the budget yet), my first thought is to use the barely touched pound of CFE Pistol I have with it. I tried it and N320 out at the same time, liked the way N320's recoil impulse felt in pistols better, and went all-in on N320 at the time, so the CFE-P, which has only been used to load about 40 rounds of 9mm, has been sitting there on the bench ever since.
  4. A friend recently told me that he was very dissatisfied with N320 in his PCC. Apparently it proved to be very dirty for him when used in a PCC. I don't have a PCC, so no personal experience there, although my baseline guess is that PCCs with 16" barrels would be better served by slower-burning powders. I often wonder what 100-grain bullets at 1300 FPS would feel like out of a PCC, presuming such a thing is possible/safe.
  5. I don't have any pics of the cases, but I swear I've seen similar flattening to the OP's picture with some factory loads shot through ordinary guns. The one that comes to mind is Hornady Critical Duty 135 gr. (Not even the +P, just the standard pressure stuff.) I'd be reluctant to push the OP's load much higher, but as somebody else in the thread said, the OP is already making Major with a significant cushion, so unless he dislikes what his dot is doing, there's no reason to go farther, and maybe even some reason to back off a little.
  6. olstyn


    Likelihood of getting caught above the limit is pretty low, yes, but a 10K limit also isn't too horrible of a hardship. At least they didn't make it 1K or 2K. :P I think the theory on primers vs loaded rounds is that primers are considered to be explosives, but ammunition is not. Weird, yes. You're absolutely right on ordering. Presuming it's within the budget, the formula would be something like order quantity = round down to nearest thousand (10K - (quantity on hand - quantity to be loaded prior to order arrival)), i.e. if you have 2.5K on hand and you're going to load 500 rounds this weekend, order 8K.
  7. olstyn


    Just wanted the person who was asking for advice to know that it's important to be aware of that stuff. I have several thousand primers and a decent amount of powder myself, but I'm careful to stay under the legal limit for my state.
  8. olstyn


    Some states and cities impose restrictions on how many primers you can store in a residence, so be aware of that before placing an order of that size. Unless things have changed since I last checked, if I placed an order for that many primers at once, I'd be in violation of state law here in MN.
  9. I found that the Acme bullet profile didn't work for my gun (had to load REALLY short, which I wasn't comfortable with), so I tried blues instead, they worked for me and are cheap, so I haven't seen a reason to switch again. I guess Acme has changed their bullet profile since, so maybe I'll try them again eventually, but I've currently got a solid supply of blues on hand, so it'll be a while before I even think about it.
  10. Yeah, it was funny, at last year's section match, there was a guy on my squad who we told not to put a partial mag back into a mag pouch, and he started arguing with us about it until like 3+ different people, me included, all said something to the effect of "seriously, please learn from our mistakes; we've all tanked stages due to making the EXACT mistake we're trying to keep you from making RIGHT NOW." He eventually listened to reason, but I'm still not sure he really believed us. :)
  11. 2015 MN Section match, stage 10 was one of my all-time favorites, because it involved a stage planning "eureka" moment for me regarding how to shoot it without forgetting to engage (or engaging extra times) certain targets which were visible from multiple locations. Another was a 27 target, 1 round per target stage at the 2017 MN Section match. It was a memory stage. Normally, I kind of hate memory stages, but a group of us worked together to determine which targets we needed to shoot from which locations in order to complete it successfully, which was really satisfying. Sadly, a friend of mine DQed on that stage (ND), but I still loved figuring it out together. Basically I like any stage where I get to/have to figure out a puzzle of some kind, or where there are multiple ways it's possible to do it, and it takes some thought to determine which way is best.
  12. Given that the photograph isn't perfectly focused, it's hard to be sure, but it looks to me as though the coating may have been cut - the ring around the bullet looks metallic to me. I agree that it would be interesting to pull a Syntech round to see what it looks like. I'd volunteer to do it except that I only ever had 200 rounds of the 115 grain stuff that I got from the prize table at a match about a year and a half ago, and it's long gone.
  13. Which Federal load was that? For the purpose of this thread (coated bullets), I think the factory load most likely to be a relevant comparison would be Federal Syntech.
  14. I'm guessing you mean 1.15, what with how 1.5 is 0.331 over SAAMI max length for 9mm?
  15. ^ This. My standard load for quite a while was a MG 124 JHP @ 1.075" - that was as long as they'd reliably plunk in my Walther P99 and P99c's barrels. 1.12 sounds almost luxuriously long to me. Of course, it's easy to understand the OP not wanting to disassemble thousands of rounds, so I guess either reaming or using the old barrel is probably the answer. Given that in an OOB detonation, the pressure gets "vented" wherever the barrel isn't supporting the brass, it probably receives considerably less mechanical stress in an OOB detonation than it does in normal firing. I'd be pretty surprised if it wasn't completely usable.
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