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  1. stuey93

    TSO 40SW Rear Sight

    My TSO in .40 lives on a steady diet of buffers. The clear and the black. I’m running a 13lb recoil spring and have just accepted the fact that they are a consumable item.
  2. That’s the one Thankyou, weird how they picture it upside down
  3. Cajun or CZ Custom for Shadow 2 safety for my TSO? Thoughts, experience with either? Thanks
  4. Got a pic or possibly a part# and where to get it? Thanks Like this?
  5. What are you referring to when you say plunger?
  6. Sloppy Safety My safety has some wiggle in it allowing me to partially engage while firing. Is this a detent spring issue or the spring that rides in the detent on top of the safety? Or something else entirely? Thanks
  7. stuey93


  8. stuey93


    Anything else that could cause this delayed ignition/dead trigger situation? Very hard to test as it only seems to happen during comp conditions and never during relaxed plinking sessions. (Sear issues,trigger return spring tension or lack of,follower interference,) just brain storming. I’ve adjusted both pre and over travel utilizing all methods suggested here and wherever else I could find and hopefully I won’t have anymore wasted match fees [emoji1695]
  9. Thanks Lee your right #74 is what I’m looking for Thank you still new to the game[emoji846]
  10. This is the ejector spring I’m looking for the two little springs that go on the back of the sear. I saw one on cz custom for the po7, but not sure if it will work?
  11. Help!!! Need a part for my TSO I’m looking for those two small springs that go on the rear of the sear cage that fit in the small recesses on the back of the sear cage they apply pressure between the cage and the frame and once dropped disappear forever[emoji37] any help locating them will be greatly appreciated
  12. Look forward to your take[emoji106]
  13. Can someone please post as soon as the updated parts are available for the TSO. Mag release, grips, safety anything else I may have missed. Thanks
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