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  1. Show me skills/you tube videos

    These can be found new for around $750-800, depending on what all you get. I paid 800.00 and bought 2 more batteries and a rapid charger for another 200.00 The cheap ones won't fly in much of any wind, I've only flown in 9 mph, but there are videos of guys in 30+ , landing would be tricky in that.
  2. Show me skills/you tube videos

    Yes, Typhoon H. Just figuring it out.
  3. another dropped gun question

    By all means, you have to follow whatever ruleset you chose to shoot under. And don't argue when you get a DQ, whether blatantly obvious, a miniscule technicality, or somewhere in between. I choose differently
  4. another dropped gun question

    We don't use the,sub paragraph L section 47D rule book. As soon as the firearms are seen to be safe (clear) the "Range is Clear" command is given, Usually about .25 seconds after the "pistol, rifle, SG, Clear" is given. If it's not safe at that time, it won't be any "safer" 1 second later.
  5. Show me skills/you tube videos

    Trying something new, other than forgetting my reload. An interesting perspective.
  6. Greetings from MO

    If you ever shoot 3 gun or Run n Gun, come up to central MO. Lead Farm 3 gun Range
  7. another dropped gun question

    Course of fire is over at the USC command, and the gun is declared safe. As a MD I would overturn that DQ.
  8. EAA Customer Service - great experience

    +10 Had a customer who bought one of their shotguns. The barrel was warped from when the barrel lug was attached. He sent it in, they refused to warranty it because - he had disassembled it(field stripped) , trying to figure out what the problem was. They offered to sell him a replacement barrel, for 2/3 of what he paid for the gun.
  9. Knock Over Target design

    I designed these in 2014 started using them in all our matches in 2015, and they are the standard go to targets at many ranges now. Faster reset, don't spin, no searching for plates , many more options for target placement in jungle run stages, did I say faster reset ? ? We use squares for pistol and tombstone for shotgun Many companies are copying them now.
  10. We offer this option. Maybe 2-3 people shoot the alternate option.
  11. Hey Hey now, there's a Walmart about 6 miles from the range . . . . . what more can a guy ask for ? ? ? LOL
  12. At MO3GC we run 14-15 man squads, 75 min time per stage, have a 30 min lunch break, (if any are behind they shoot through lunch) very seldom run behind. Usually finish between 4-5:30 A couple of KEY things that many matches fail at START ON TIME ! Stage times must be fairly close in total time. A 120 avg time and a 40 avg time will screw everybody. Keep walk through at the 5 min. regardless. Use a countdown timer with alarm. it's so easy to burn an extra 5-10 per squad jacking around before/after stage brief. We run a 2 day, 10 stage , ~180 shooters, and do prize table about 3-4pm on 2nd day. Our biggest holdup has been RO's entering scores on the wrong stage. That was actually our fault as RM/MD we missed it , until tallying the finals and everything was jacked.
  13. Yep, coming soon to a range near you. Don't get me wrong PCC could be a good division, unfortunately I see the majority (at least the vocal majority) calling for bigger targets and closer distances, and special concessions to include it in 3 gun. The way many matches are now, it belongs in USPSA with pistol stages. I hope it doesn't go that way, but pistol is also losing favor as "it's too hard to master".
  14. When practicing for my first pcc match we shot skinny sammies at 100 yds with the Eotech XPS, wasn't that hard to hit at least 3/5. I sure don't understand why so many PPC'ers think 100 yds is near impossible ? ? ?
  15. My opinion, we have let the tacops rules get out of line. SG tubes that hold 13+, shell placement that is, in the loading port but not "in" the port, drums in rifles, muzzle supporting devices that are not "bipods", triple/quad coupled mags that are "monopods", wings on base pads, etc. Racing is racing, and if you aren't pushing the envelope, you probably aren't winning. But you also have to have a rule set that delineates the divisions or you end up with essentially one. The guys who can afford to throw down the $$ (may not win) but will discourage beginners who can't/wont, drop the big bucks just to try out a new hobbie. When they see many with $10K+ of stuff, compared to their $2k.