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  1. The PELT trigger seems to be hit or miss with people. I got the GG trigger. Curved. Feels great and runs without issue. I guess I'd be pissed if it didn't work out when I swapped it out.
  2. I've shot with him for a few years. I'm not sure which is the robot yet. He's a natural.
  3. A P320 RX just killed Florida Open and 9th overall. #jussayin
  4. Any updates on this?
  5. IIRC, I believe your issue was expected. There were some instructions to call and get it resolved.
  6. Got my trigger in today. I ordered the curved one. I can physically feel the difference in the triggers. It does feel better. I cannot feel the lighter pull, but could you really feel a 2# difference?
  7. Now if we can do a 40 thread. That'll be great.
  8. How does the mouth of the die look?
  9. I don't play the IDPA thing anymore because I like to shoot. All those rules say to me is; when the Vtac is approved, flat face triggers will be legal in SSP. Too many Glocks with aftermarket triggers that look identical get by in SSP all the time. I did it when I shot SWIN a few years back. If it's an obvious replacement, then you just flip over to ESP. Not my rules, it's how the game is played.
  10. Curved face version. Not the flat face.
  11. Ordered mine.
  12. I've shot PD. Both FMJ and JHP. I haven't used any MG bullets yet but my other option is Zero bullets. They are great.
  13. EGW U sizing die. Redding Comp seating die. Lee FCD
  14. I change nothing but the bullet. I use coated lead for practice and local matches and FMJ for majors.
  15. My 650 runs with the EGW sizing die, Redding comp seating die and Lee FCD. For all my 40 and 10mm loads.