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  1. XL650 - lifetime warranty. Dillon's customer service is hard to beat right now.
  2. Other bullet types most likely won't work at that length. Shorten it to 1.120 and try again.
  3. I'll give you my set up as it pertains to a lot of things you mentioned. I ran a Glock 35 in limited. Ended up getting that race concept holster from Bladetech. I thought the same, that it might fall out. I got some thumb screws from Stoeger along with his Boss hangar. I would loosen it when I got to the line during make ready and tighten it when I holstered. I thought it was too much. I got the P320 and did not get the same holster. I wanted to be able to go back and forth, if I wanted, from Limited to Production. So I transferred the Boss hangar over to a standard Bladetech. My future plans will be with RHT when I'm ready for something different.
  4. This is a very odd situation, to me, W231/HP38 has always been one of the best powders as far as consistency on my press. We only differ in press makes. I run a Dillon. I use w231 for 9 and 45. Steadily my best dropping powder.
  5. You're likely looking at another tool head. I've seen 2011's that run flawlessly loaded at 1.150 but I've never seen at CZ that can fit that in the mags. I could be wrong but this might be a case that may be helped by finding a happy length along with a bullet profile that may feed well with both.
  6. That makes it more interesting. For me at least. I've ordered maybe 5k of these and they've all been the other profile.
  7. I've never seen the one on the left. All my PDs look like the right side. Interesting find.
  8. The PELT trigger seems to be hit or miss with people. I got the GG trigger. Curved. Feels great and runs without issue. I guess I'd be pissed if it didn't work out when I swapped it out.
  9. I've shot with him for a few years. I'm not sure which is the robot yet. He's a natural.
  10. A P320 RX just killed Florida Open and 9th overall. #jussayin
  11. Any updates on this?
  12. IIRC, I believe your issue was expected. There were some instructions to call and get it resolved.
  13. Got my trigger in today. I ordered the curved one. I can physically feel the difference in the triggers. It does feel better. I cannot feel the lighter pull, but could you really feel a 2# difference?
  14. Now if we can do a 40 thread. That'll be great.
  15. How does the mouth of the die look?