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  1. I've used Winchester spp for years with zero issues
  2. I have the same gun I have a Taylor Freelance and a HCG for it. Both make one specifically for your pistol
  3. I would be looking at the Taylor Freelance Goliath base pads for Glock. I have several and they work fantastic
  4. I have the FCD on my 650 for 9mm And yes my nut on the bottom
  5. RIA hickory 9mm. Love mine There’s a thread dedicated to them on Enos
  6. But have you made a head to head comparison?
  7. Just had one done last spring by Hayes Custom Guns 3gun (some USPSA) pistol and has held up great carried in a Kydex holster and not showing wear marks (yet)
  8. Email Odin works. They are pretty good about getting back to you. I believe they do offer one for your PSA lower but I think it’s different than the NFA mag release
  9. On a barrel that long your muzzle pressure will be almost nothing by the time it reaches your comp. especially if it is a blowback system. Of course it’s just an opinion but I’d buy a cheap comp and spend the savings on something more worthwhile
  10. I had a hard time finding buyers for the 6 boxes of 44mag talon rounds. I basically got hollow point money for them So I’m guessing not as much as you think
  11. Hayes Custom Gun did mine . There’s really a long list of them
  12. Never an issue with Winchester primers use them all in pistol and rifle Load your “culled “ ones. You will NOT notice any difference
  13. HP-38/231 is great 9mm powder. My next choice if you wanted a smooth shooter also is WSF.
  14. Before we answer anymore are you looking specifically for one of those powders to load with or are you asking for other options?
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