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  1. A simple way around #3 is to go first every stage.
  2. Engaged is not the same as hit or activated. While the intent is clear the wording left a loophole.
  3. Click on Edit Squads. Click on show squads. Click the Edit icon (pencil). Set Reserved to 1-16 (or whatever your max is). Click the Save icon (diskette). Confirm by going back to the main page, click Manage Squads, the squad you locked should be all reserved slots
  4. That stage design attitude sucks all around.
  5. Testing stuff out at a match is a good way to waste your day.
  6. Will likely damage the steel in use at a pistol competition. Don't be that moron.
  7. Vibra Prime will work almost perfectly once you do the tweaks.
  8. When I don't feel the grab it's a good sign of a split case.
  9. I have bullets get stuck to the area just to the right of your circle when I place 'too many' bullets into the feeder. A bullet will ride on top of another and slip into the gap (in my case preventing bullets from flipping correctly). I taped a piece of cardboard across the top to push any riders off and haven't had issues since.
  10. Hundo into MTM boxes. Skipping case gauging is an error for match ammo.
  11. Yes, in an OR junction, one, the other, or both can be true to satisfy the condition. What you're thinking of is XOR where it has to be only one or the other. There would have to be some language like "At least X, or Y, but not both."
  12. The requirement needs to be removed/reworded. There are stages that require you to shoot one handed with extreme leans, around walls, hanging on ropes, etc. There's no physical way PCC could do the same while shouldering without exiting the shooting area.
  13. Can you post a tutorial or a link to one so that we can see what to do to get the thing to do what it is supposed to do, out of the box?G
  14. It requires manual fixing (sanding, filing, etc) to work properly. Once it works it's great. 20k+ rounds and counting.
  15. Once you adjust it the round nose bullets should be practically perfect. Flat nose requires some very fine tweaking and can still result in an upside down one every few hundred. You may need to tape some plastic or cardboard to the top of the case to prevent bullets from lodging in the groove where the bullets are supposed to fall and re-upright themselves. If you have issues with multiple bullets feeding you may need to strap the feeding slinky to something to keep it straight. I taped some extra lead weights to balance it out. The wire going to the stop sensor broke on mine (maybe 10k rounds in), soldered it back together myself and it works fine again.