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  1. Post 9 I believe.
  2. A little on the expensive side...I've never used it.
  3. It does look like a dot.
  4. Look again....the bdc is different.
  5. by far one of the best IWB I've ever used. And if you order by 10am tomorrow (2/28/17) you get a free IWB mag pouch with code THANKSAMILLION. Add a holster and mag pouch to your cart and enter code at checkout.
  6. I also run a RIA for 3 gun, and while the 1st one never fired a round, the replacement they sent me has never had a problem. I just like seeing companies add things to the market.
  7. Why? It fills a gap between glocks, m&p's and STI's. As long as they work I think it will do great.
  8. Thats what it says^^
  9. This is the email I received this morning. Ill again state there is no FN match this year. Anyone who has inquired has received the same response. I don’t know who would post info about an FN match but Ill confirm it did NOT come from me. Thanks, Dave Sevigny
  10. I sent a email to FN...I'll update when I hear back.
  11. Any info would be great. If they have moved it people need to make travel plans.
  12. Those are last years dates. Not sure where they got it from.
  13. I believe its the usps, ups, or FedEx problem if it takes 5 days to travel 24 miles. Brownells puts it in a box. Its never taken more than 4 days to get to me.
  14. Is that really Brownells fault?
  15. I'm not going home because my handgun fell out of my holster just because I wanted to save a few seconds.