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  1. Yeah, the nose is dipping when the slide closes. You might try 9 and 8 variable, maybe even 7 variable. Depends on how heavy the slide is and how well the comp works. Trial & error, basically. I'm using 7# in my 9 major and 38sc, works best for me.
  2. Is there something wrong with the gun? Are the mags automatically to blame? Have you tried known-good mags in the gun?
  3. I use red Loctite on the mount screws, after cleaning and degreasing the screws and holes. The screw nearest to the grip still comes loose; I may try Loctite primer there (good idea, guys?).
  4. Maaaybe ... might depend on just how much you want it back
  5. Indeed!
  6. Good to know we have that honest of a community
  7. 5.2.1 seems to imply that you can do so ... but I wouldn't want to leave my entire rig out in the open ...
  8. I've heard a good plan is to have a gun bag with you. Go to safety area, bag the gun, carry it with you to the john, carry it back to the safety area, re-holster. Works for me.
  9. Wow. That's tight!
  10. Big thanks to everybody at your end. Gonna be a great match!
  11. Production is popular this year
  12. Large, heavy meditation stone!
  13. Yep . I moved to an RTS2 ... and am paying better attention to SHAB and port boundaries.
  14. If you're shooting Major it has to be .40 (Appendix D2-5, minimum bullet caliber for Major). 9mm (or .38sc) can only be shot in minor.
  15. Yes, indeed. (Ask me how I know... )