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  1. Just an update. I broke the extractor cut edge with some 400 grit sandpaper by hand then polished it with some metal polish and a Dremel. Took it out and ran 50 rounds of cheap ammo through it without a single hang up. So far so good.
  2. The shotgun only has about 100 rounds through it. Including the mag spring. I would not think the spring is an issue but will rule nothing out.
  3. Got it. I will work on it this weekend and see what happens. I forgot to menetion the only mod I have done to it is have the life Ted welded up. So I am guesssimg it is not supporting the shell now and causing it to "wiggle" around as it moves toward the chamber and catching in the sharp edge of the chamber area.
  4. Hi Folks. I have a Versamax that has failure to feed issues. I have tried different brands of ammo thinking the crimp on some shells might be causing it. Does it with pretty much all ammo I have tried. It looks like it is catching the edge of the chamber. I am wondering if knocking the edge off the "face" of the chamber would help? It seems pretty sharp. Any other ideas are welcome.
  5. I have a JP GMR-13 upper with the PSC-11 and a .223 AR with the same upper receiver (dual charger) as well as a Gibbz upper. I highly recommend the JP. The Gibbz is different and I do like it....but....they Cerakote their uppers. And the example I have the finish is chipping off. Then I tried for weeks to contact them and was ignored. Never did get ahold of them. I am big about customer service. So I can not recommend them based on their lack of dealing with the issue.
  6. I have tried quite a few brakes....Smith Enterprise, Vais, JP, Seekins, Custom Muzzle Brakes, etc. The "best" for my use has been JP and Seekins. There are a TON of brakes out there, and some will work better then asking what is best is a very tuff question. And then add into the mix low mass or full mass BCG, adjustable gas block, light weight buffers or SCS, and it will generate all sorts of replies. good luck to you.
  7. Interested as well. I have their first gen bolt and SCS.
  8. I assume you have the silent capture spring in the rig? If so, what color spring is in it? If it is too light of spring, that can cause it.
  9. I have 4 rigs with SCS in them. All shoot EXTREAMLY well. Then again, all have JP uppers on them. So....???
  10. SLR makes some nice hand guards for DPMS pattern uppers.
  11. I have them in my 9mm AR, standard AR's with rifle length stock and carbine stock. Plus a .308 AR with carbine length stock. They all run VERY well. Then again, I have the low mass BCG's and adjustable gas blocks on all the above mentioned rigs, minus the 9mm AR.
  12. Your welcome:
  13. Awesome.
  14. I recently help a buddy of mine who had a very simular situation. Everything was fine as assembly goes...except for one small thing. He had installed the gas tube up side down! So it was getting zero gas to the BCG. Flipped the gas tube over and voila...a running AR-15! just something to check.
  15. Then no worries for sure. Have fun with you 9AR. I just shot mine in a local USPSA match for the first was a blast!