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  1. I use the pistol for other things so two slides would make it easy to use it as a dual role pistol.
  2. Thank you folks for all the input. I think I will be ordering a slide and RMR here shortly and give it a try.
  3. So I was able to look through and shoot by buddy's G34 with a RMR 3 MOA dot. It will take some practice to pick it up fast, that is for sure. I wish I could find someone locally with a 6-7 MOA dot to look at. One thing i did not care for was was he has co-witness iron sights. I found myself focusing on the front sight and not see the dot as much as I should. For those shooting CO, is this the norm they up? I thought you would want to have the dot and not the iron sights?
  4. We can not get the MOS or any gen 4 Glocks in CA. We have a ever shrinking "safe handgun roster" here and last I hear we only have a total of around 900 pistols on the roster. Colt just pulled out of CA. So again, I will be just buying a milled slide for a red dot. Good input on the dot size. I just figured it would be hard for me to pick up a 3 MOA dot. Thanks again gents.
  5. So I a, creeping up on 50 and my eyesight keeps getting worse. Just had a eye exam and the optometrist told me I should really think about LASIK. Currenty I am shooting SS minor and I am just not seeing my sights. So I am thinking about carry optics. I have a Glock 17, so I would just buy another slide with a red dot. i was thinking a 6-7 MOA dot would be best, but having no knowledge on this, I welcome the advice. Also, I am in CA so I am limited to 10 round mags come July. I get that is going to be a huge disadvantage, but it is what it is with our messed up laws in this state. Just trying to figure something out so I can keep shooting. thanks
  6. We have a few folks around here that buy 10mm single stack rigs and then install a 40 barrel. Coupled with Tripp mags they seem to run good. just another option and something we folks here in Calif have to do to get a 40 in a SS pistol as there is no (that I know of) 40 SS on the (ever shrinking) "safe handgun roster".
  7. My biggest thing was turn around time. Lots of folks are doing checkering. Some reporting close to a year turn around!?!?! I had mine back from Evo in 12 days...from date of shipping it to them until it was back in my hands.
  8. $250.00 plus shipping both ways.
  9. Just an update. I received my Kimber back from Evolution Armory and Mark and Dave did a great job on the checkering and undercut trigger guard. I went with 25 lpi and I think that was a good choice for me over the 20 lpi. I think that would have been a bit aggressive for my hands. I would recommend Evolution Armory for any checkering work. They had FAST turn around time....12 days from when I dropped it off at FedEx until it was back in my hands. And the pics:
  10. Hi folks. I recently picked up a Kimber Stainless Target II and want to get the front strap checkered. Can anyone recommend a good shop to have this done? Thanks
  11. This video seems to cover what your experiencing, but it is on a Versamax.
  12. Not sure the action spring will help. My shotgun has very low round count....currently about 150 rounds. After taking the edge off the extractor cut, I ran 50 rounds of cheapy Rio ammo through it without a single hiccup.
  13. Just an update. I broke the extractor cut edge with some 400 grit sandpaper by hand then polished it with some metal polish and a Dremel. Took it out and ran 50 rounds of cheap ammo through it without a single hang up. So far so good.
  14. The shotgun only has about 100 rounds through it. Including the mag spring. I would not think the spring is an issue but will rule nothing out.