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  1. uhh….ok….maybe a little! Helps to have a friend who is a commercial reloader.
  2. 1.165 for MG 115g or 124g JHP’s. MBX mags.
  3. I have two belts setup for my open guns. Currently I have four mag pouches on each of them. I rarely utilize all four of the pouches and and thinking of just using three. I do have magnets on each belt as will. One I have on the front of my mag pouch that is closest to the holster and the other is a belt mounted one that is off of my left hip. Any input on how and way would be appreciated.
  4. Like Jeff said...the new Cheely mounts are made to accept the XL.
  5. So with the current primer shortage going on, I thought having a list of what folks have used for primers for open would be helpful to others. Please add to the list and include any preferences or issues you may had have with any particular brand. I reload on a 1050 and have exclusively only used small rifle primers, and here are ones I have personally used. No issues with any of the below. I prefer Fed GM, but “just because”. All have shot well in my open guns an no discernible difference in accuracy between any of them: Federal Gold Match SRP (GM205) Federal Gold Match AR SRP (GM205AR) was worried these might be too hard to set off but no issues CCI 400 Winchester SRP Wolf SRP
  6. He is EXTREMELY busy right now, but he does respond quickly via Facebook.
  7. No sir...I have run the 10/22 trigger parts in mine for quite awhile now. Have never had any issues.
  8. Huh....ran my 38SC that way. Guy I sold it runs it that way. He even set his other SC rig up that way. yes, it is a bit harder to rack with the hammer down, buy unless you are girly, it is not an issue. Again, this is not a new thing and has been around awhile....in fact you yourself wrote about it here some time ago. Cheers
  9. If you want to make your rig shoot “flatter” and not use the heavier main spring...try a flat base firing pin stop. This will slow the unlocking and slide movement and make the gun flatter. This has been around a long time, so you can do a bit of searching and find lots of info on it. Have fun.
  10. Tool less guid rods and zig rackers on both my open rigs. Makes for easy take down.
  11. I have a Taccom mag splice (colt pattern) and want to use the roll pin technique to join the springs. Just wondering what size roll pin to get? Also, do folks solder the pin, crimp it, etc.? Thank you.
  12. Most WSB I see say something like, “seated in chair, back touching back of chair, etc.”. I am not trying to cause trouble, the wording above is from the WSB. Just wondering how many are going to sit ON the chair back and jump to the starting position. The wording really is pretty vague IMO.
  13. Ok, say a stage has a chair start. And the stage briefing says: “Sitting on chair, loaded gun on table, muzzle pointed down range with trigger guard centered over "X". Now to me....I am taking that as one can literally “sit on” the chair....not in the chair. What say the crowd?
  14. Looks like a nice rig. Welcome to open! For me open has been the funnest devision to shoot in bar none.
  15. I did not build the gun so...no, “I” did not.
  16. Don did it again. I have a good friend who is always helping everyone else out and asks nothing in return. So a bunch of us from our club came together and with the help of Don and were able to get him an open gun setup. Here are the before and after pics. A true testament to Don's work.
  17. Congrats on the new rig. You will have lots of fun with it. Don builds fantastic pistols.
  18. For those without FB. Don posted these up.
  19. Rumor has it the the Razor and RTS2 are the same optic, just different names and button placement. They both have the same foot print. I have a Razor on my Ruger PCC and it is mounted on the barrel so it gets HOT and a bit mor beat up then being receiver mounted. Lots of rounds through it and so far no issues. I would run it till it quits. Have fun with the new rig.
  20. Always exciting getting a new gun. Hope you get lots of use out of it.
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