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  1. The Dan Wessons are a quality, accurate gun. Compared to a S&W, they are a bit klunky for double action work. Many people shot them with good success in IHMSA (Metallic Silhouette) using them in the single action mode. Your 6" L frame is a very good choice for PPC, either stock or built into a custom gun.
  2. Since I last posted, I have come up with a drop in kit that starts out at 5-1/2 to 6 lbs. and smoothly goes down to 3-1/2 to 4 before the hammer falls. The rebound spring accounts for 2 lbs of the trigger pull. This is somewhat similar in concept to how a compound bow works. These weights are for Federal primers, the action can be tuned upward for other primers. I can't give out too many specifics right now, but have 2 functional prototypes. I'm trying to see if I can make any further improvements before filing for patents. As far as I can determine, no one else has ever done this. You heard it here first! Edit - OK - I'm busted! Can't slide anything past some of youse guys! You heard it here and on the S&W forum first.
  3. Tracy and I will still be there too. There is more to the match than just the prizes. Getting to see all our friends that we only see once a year means a lot to us.
  4. I would call TK Custom. The S&W moon clips I've seen weren't very good.
  5. Can't hurt, might help. I do that to any new to me gun. Then I know it will shoot as well as it's going to. I have seen crowns and forcing cones all over the map from the factory. The worse they start out, the more good it does to recut.
  6. +1. Looks like some chambers may be off a little. Usually you will get tighter groups as you go over 1100 fps with the lighter bullet weights,125 and under. Do not try to ream the chambers. You will trash the reamer due to the coating on the titanium. BTDT. Honing is using an abrasive like a flex hone.
  7. NRA Action pistol has falling plates as one of the events. IHMSA has falling plate animal targets (long range distance). USPSA has Pepper Poppers and other falling plates. Steel Challenge has non falling plates.
  8. Tracy and I won't be able to make it either, though we would really like to. Best Wishes to all who are there, we are there in spirit.
  9. Thanks for the kind words Kurusty!
  10. PM me when you are ready. We'll get you taken care of. The rear sight looks like it's almost at the top limit, you may want a shorter front if it's sighted in now.
  11. Very nice.
  12. Yep- Blue LocTite. Clean the screw and the hole first with brake parts cleaner, put on plenty and wipe off the extra. Not cleaning first can leave dirt and oil that makes the LocTite not work as well.
  13. If you're going to wish, wish BIG in case it comes true!
  14. Don't forget about drainage or you may be building a pond!
  15. We have some is local shops, but the ones I've seen are running $40 - $45 per 1000. Too rich for me.