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  1. Well, at least it's a cheap price! (Not). So what kind of match will that be the champion of???
  2. Most open shooters would probably view it as a step down, where production, maybe metallic might view it as a step up. Some would not go there because it's not shot in the Bianchi Cup and they are practicing for that.
  3. I make custom front sights.
  4. If you want to get a fiber LPA, I would trade you the black one for it. The fiber ones might be easier to get, don't know. This would be for an L frame. I don't want to let go of the one that's on there until I have a replacement.
  5. My rear sights are fiber optic. I do have an LPA that came on a S&W Competitor from the factory. It's the best rear sight I've seen. I would highly recommend it if you can find one. I want to get a fiber LPA rear for the Competitor, but haven't been able to afford it yet.
  6. Are you wanting a fiber optic rear or black?
  7. I liked it. I thought it was well done. I wonder if there will be a sequel?
  8. Sarge. He tries. I saw it somewhere on the internet! It must be true. Sarge is a great guy from what I've seen. There are certainly a lot of others who agree.
  9. Maybe it's a fisherman who's a pinhead?
  10. What type of shooting are you wanting to do? Long range rifle? Shotgun? Handgun? Target shooting? Competition, what kind?
  11. I have found that 231/HP-38 leaves the yellow powder flakes until you get to a certain heat/pressure level, after which it burns pretty clean. So not the best for some light target loads, ok for some med. target loads, good for heavier bullet/higher velocity target loads. This is all a bit ambiguous due to the many variables involved.
  12. There are so many deserving people who have made the Enos Forum the great place that it is. One of them is SIG Lady who has been with us for many years, and was a Moderator for quite a while. I vote that she get some recognition. Maybe a lifetime achievement award would be more appropriate. By the way... someone needs to get her post count back up where it belongs.
  13. No buts about it - you like Big Butts!
  14. Thanks for a lot of great memories Tom!
  15. Good shooting Valerko!